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Posted By: madeleine summers

Posted On: 2 days ago
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Posted By: Garry

Posted On: 3 days ago
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Mandatory Cremation

I am strongly against mandatory cremation. With some things, there should some middle ground, choice is very important. What can be done is to promote cremation; more persons may opt to do so overtime. Also, promote burial methods that conserve land space, such as recycling plots.

Posted By: Dr Austin VERNON, SR

Posted On: 7 days ago
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Indeed, it is a noble, sacred, and satisfying gesture to be able to visit the final resting place of your loved one/s whenever you so desire.

Posted By: joan davidson

Posted On: September 21st
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The government do not decide what we do with our love one's when they past away period.

Posted By: michael cormier

Posted On: September 18th
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Posted By: Jung

Posted On: September 8th
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Posted By: Shamar Thompson

Posted On: August 28th
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jobs for young people

I do believe that its high time that many of our young people enter into to fields which is in very high demand now.


Posted On: August 14th
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Burial method

I came to vote by I couldn't chose either. I know there is no enough landscape.

And I am afraid of cremation, not sure why......

Posted By: kraft

Posted On: August 6th
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use the space we have wisely. Recycle.

Posted By: Alicia

Posted On: July 4th
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Mandatory Cremation

The Government does not get to decide what we do with our loved ones. Period!

Posted By: Anthea

Posted On: June 17th
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Mandatory cremation supported

Pray tell where is there enough land to bury all? Have you been to the largest cemeteries in Ksac and surrounding urban areas recently? Using the same plot couple of times is a short term solution. In Peru in some places they are buried above ground. caskets stacked on top of each other like in a cabinet drawer and family pay a fee to keep it there. I don’t see the politicians supporting it if most Jamaicans are not for it..
I already told my family cremation. They can bury the urn or do whatever. It doesn’t matter to me. I am no longer on the earth plain...

Posted By: Cletan

Posted On: June 10th
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This is a democratic country

The insurance companies should be against this too.

Posted By: Ruth-Ann

Posted On: May 1st
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Only murders, rapists, child molesters should be cremated

Posted By: Dawnett M Walker

Posted On: April 28th
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Mandatory Cremation

I believe that that should be a matter of choice! There is enough land in Jamaica to bury people. However, they can look at the practice in Bermuda and USA too where the same grave is used several times and they add a headstone each time!

Posted By: andre brown

Posted On: April 26th
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criminals should be cremated