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Posted By: Alec

Posted On: 11 days ago
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Jamaicans still believing the first story they were told. They build on it and can’t deal with cremation bc of their religious darkness.

Posted By: sassy

Posted On: 12 days ago
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lol i dont want no goat **** on my grave at least my ashes will get to travel

Posted By: Marsha

Posted On: 13 days ago
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When will the poll be taken down? It's been up for close to a year. Is that intentional? To get as much votes in? Or is it laziness? Or they forgot that it's still up?

Posted By: Rudy Robinson

Posted On: March 15th
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Burying the dead

Traditionally and historically Jamaicans bury their dead.
Cremation though popular in Europe and north America has never appealed to us.

There is no shortage of land to bury the dead, we just need to be more efficient in how we do it.

Posted By: Riri

Posted On: March 13th
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That's good

Let's play five nights at freddy’s horror game. That's good.

Posted By: Ellie Grayson

Posted On: March 10th
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Posted On: February 22nd
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Posted By: kaleanna

Posted On: February 16th
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Posted By: kyraa ydv

Posted On: February 14th
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Posted On: January 17th
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Posted By: Afzal Sheikh

Posted On: January 16th
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Posted By: jasmine

Posted On: January 2nd
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Posted By: Choloe Anne

Posted On: December 30th
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Posted By: Lynda William

Posted On: December 23rd
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