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Posted By: Smitha

Posted On: Oct 13, 2003
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kairali is good

The ten year old asianet is now following new channels.

Posted By: rajesh

Posted On: Sep 19, 2003
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SURYA-Malayalee's HBO,BBC,STAR PLUS etc........


SURYA tv programes are imitated by others.
no one can give such a quality in picture and sound.
Best programmes like aniyara,news bulletins,block buster movies etc.

About other channels,
Asianet-trying to imitate all other chnnels for their existance.Not aiming at all type of viewers.

Kairali-working hard to exel.

Jeevan-wait and see,it may become the best .

Posted By: tanya

Posted On: Aug 26, 2003
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as far i'm concerned kairali has a bright future..because their programms are unique and they give the viewers always something new!

Posted By: Kumar

Posted On: Jul 26, 2003
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Which one is the Best

I can see that most of the viewers who expressed their choice goes to Kairali TV but on the poll result Asianet is on TOP. Did you ever think Why??? I will give you the reason.... It is just because Jeevan TV is not there to select and the viewers just click any of them. To my opinion Jeevan TV is the best. It does not show stupid non-ending serials like other TV channels and also shows programm which devlop our knowledge and educational programms. Channels like Kairali had started copying Jeevan to catch the eyes of viewers. I would say Jeevan in a very short period has improved a lot and will do so as they love MOTHER KERALA......

Good luck...

Posted By: G SANTOSH

Posted On: Jun 11, 2003
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ideal malayalam channel

It is disgusting to note that asianet and surya, both of whichare filled with poisonous so called "serials" are rated high. If you cannot control yourself from seeing these uttrly foolish things at don't allow your growing children ever come across them. I will reccommend tuning out these channels from your TV sets till they come clean with such slow poisons.
I wonder what makes the 'prabudha keralites' to just exploite a little of their common sense.
May Kairali,Jeevan, MET etc help them out of this jinx.


Posted On: Apr 12, 2003
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1) The most important thing to like Kairali channel is that its programs are entirely different from other channelsÂ’ programs.
2) Kairali is not only an entertainment channel but also helping everybody through some of its programs for example Pravasilokam, Medi talk etc.
3) Its programs are far better than that of other channels for example Asianet is telecasting ugly programs such as Valkannadi and No comments please etc.
4) One of the most important reasons to like Kairali Channel is that there is not much serials in Kairali channel.
5) We cannot even compare some of Kairali ChannelÂ’s programs with that of other channels like Ashwamedham, Pravasilokam etc. It gives more reputation to Kairali Channel.


Posted On: Apr 12, 2003
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kairali is the best

Kairali is the best channel, as it is telecasting the programs, which are entirely from other channel's programs.

Posted By: Suraj

Posted On: Apr 10, 2003
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asianet <=> stupid serial
surya <=> " /but less advts
kairali <=> more advts
dd <=> less entertainment
jeevan <=> some changes/but......

want to debate.....?

Posted By: kavitha rajan

Posted On: Feb 13, 2003
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rating of kairali

hii...i'm kavitha..from Riyadh.i rate Kairali and the best..because they show..really nice programmes..that are informative too...and the best thing that i've noticed is they dont bore the viewers by showing stupid serials..and songs..
i really think that kirali ranks much more than Asianet....


Posted By: Padma

Posted On: Feb 12, 2003
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Channel Rating....Kairali is the best!.

I am from Riyadh.. I was a regular viewer of Asianet.. And only very late we got kairali.. And after watching it for one week I came to understand that how could i miss this nice channel?? All most all of its programmes are of a standard value.. Not like some cheap programmes shown in Asianet..( esp Valkannady..)In Kairali they are not giving much importance to Serials which is a very good thing.. then Some programmes like Sakshy, Madhymavicharam,then kumbasaram etc are excellent. Keep going....
Only some times their news are of CPM favour.. that is o.k when comparing with all other good programmes..
All the best Kairali...

Posted By: abi

Posted On: Oct 29, 2002
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No Doubtsssssssssssss

DD is the best...........

Posted By: Manisharma

Posted On: Sep 28, 2002
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No Doubt, SURYA gives best entertainment !!

There is no doubt, only Surya gives better Picture,Programme, Sound quality in Malayalam.
Superhit films, Serials, Truth telling news bullettins, Famous programmes like Aniyara,Vicharana, Tharikida, Ooraakkudukku, Comedy Time and a lot of Varieties.
Well Done.

Posted By: Sneha

Posted On: Sep 19, 2002
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Kairali is the best

Dear Viewers,

Asianet was my best channel before few months, but nowadya they are showing only Soap serials and boared programs. But Kairali is showing different types of programs. Also the news presentation of Kairali is very best, eventhough they are giving first preference to CPM.

Hence, I request all to watch Kairali TV.

Also my best regards to Surya TV for their Saturday night Adult Movie. Keep it up Surya


Posted By: Babu Raj,Safat,kuwait

Posted On: Aug 10, 2002
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Best Malayalam channel

If you are regular viewer of all Malayalam Channels, you can easily find out which is the best channel in Malayalam.
One channel with best digital picture & sound(stereo) quality..better than DVD sometimes ..Which always telecast latest copy right movies..mostly "2" copyright movies in a Week ! Quality serials directed by professionals..Powerful current affairs programmes..Truth telling news bullettins..without
re-re-re-telecasts..Pure entertainment..No programmes in languages other than Malayalam..

Just think about Asianet, first channel in Malayalam, gives what? Poor picture quality even in Digital telecast.10 times telecasted old movies. No programme quality. Simply copying of Surya and sometimes Kairali too ! See howmany times they changed their news timing recently ! Recently started Comedy show is a imitation of Surya's Comedy Time and Kairali's star War.
Why Asianet & Kairali telecasting English, Hindi & Tamil Songs?? For whom? We have lot of channels for those language songs.Only problem Surya facing is the availablity in Gulf region. Asianet never say truth, I beleive. Kairaly only support left movement. But Only Surya fights against Corruption. WELL DONE SURYA !!All other Mal.Channels will come behind Surya only.

Posted By: alex

Posted On: Jul 15, 2002
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Kairali is the best

those who love asianet will love kairali more than that if they watch it. sorry for those who do not get Kairali
And Surya I like the midnight masalas and weekly adult movie

But Kairali is the best of all as a decent one

Liben Alex

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