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Posted By: Kent

Posted On: Sep 9, 2003
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Fake, Real, Fantasy, etc.

Though I say that I like 'real' fights, in truth I like fights that are 'sold' well. I'm more interested in a sexy, even struggle than an intense fistfight or out of control catfight. Recent posts on boards I read have alluded to wrestlers who have a skill in wrestling for 'real' but keeping the action moving, even, and interesting. If Academy's videos were a little more on parity price-wise with the rest of the market, I think that's where I'd be putting most of my money. That's kind of a bad intro to my actual point, but the thought kind of just popped into my head.

BTW, if you are of my taste in fighting, I encourage you to try out Modelfight. Their vid catalog is growing and has increasingly varied types of fighting. They divide their content into various categories beyond just 'wrestling' and 'catfighting', such as 'mildly competitive', 'aggressive'...that kind of thing. They are quite helpful in answering your questions on whether or not a video meets your preferences and do not put a false face on a video...and all the girls are very attractive. The Heather and Caroline matchups are good ones, though they aren't as aggressive as some. OK, now I'm really on a rabbit trail, because this isn't what I intended to post on at all. CONCENTRATE...CONCENTRATE.

OK, here we go. Despite my appetite for 'real' action,I do, find a strong appeal in some of the posed photos from glamour type sites such as Jenz, Hollywood, and Fighting Felines. Often these member sites have a fairly hefty monthly fee, however. While I doubt I would ever want to see any of these girls in motion, as I think that awkward action would spoil the fantasy (with the exception of Hollywood who I have seen on video), some of the posed fighting pics are QUITE sexy and I'm toying around with trying a one of these sites out.

I know that there are groups of this type that I haven't mentioned...does anyone here have recommendations of ones that they find especially well done and that presents a good value? I'm particularly interested in a contribution from Dio, if possible, who has made remarks to indicate that he subscribes to some of these types of sites.

This concludes my most rambling and hard to read post of recent memory.

Posted By: DrChin

Posted On: Sep 9, 2003
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RE: for what its worth . . .

I'm kind of partial to Ozone 8 myself. If you join their member area, they have vidcaps of all their videos naturally. But they also do promotional stills for each video. These are very nicely done, hi-res with make-up and so on. While their genre is more fistfight and such, the pics are still good. In that vein, JM Rolen would also be a good site to try.

I'm still getting into the original stuff myself, but I have a free area with some boxing and wrestling pics (even some in colour, just for you Dio old pal!). It won't cost you anything to check it out.

Good hunting!

Posted By: legion

Posted On: Sep 10, 2003
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RE: Fake, Real, Fantasy, etc.

Im generally partial to glamour model types who aren't quite gorgeous enough to make the big time so they raskle and wait tables to make ends meet while waiting for their big break that will never come because after all, they look damn good, better than most of us will ever score without paying a grand to some Vegas call girl, but let's face facts ladies, YOU are NOT Salma Hayek.

That being said, I must tell you that I recently saw a REAL rasklin match on VSL DVD between Amy and Nadege that was absolutely FANTASTIC, better than THC and cheaper, and I don't really even like real rasklin matches or small titted girls. But this was unbelievable, Ive never seen anything quite like it, it was super erotic and the hardest of real hard rasklin for NEARLY AN HOUR! Talk about being in great shape! Have you ever watched the UFC? Those muscle bound monsters are all tuckered out after five minutes on the mat - but not these two girls, no, no, I've never seen two human beings go so hard at each other in a clean but really rough rasklin match for this long - I didn't think it was possible. These two clearly LOVE wrestling, which is why they're both so good at it, and they LOVED wrestling each other...if you know what I mean. They are both at the perfect "skill" level...any more and they will be boring.

No dirty stuff like hairpulling and punching or slapping, sorry Chinster, you sick puppy, but this is still the best real match I've ever seen between two well matched and very skilled, beautiful ladies. They give it all their gorgeous bodies have got, all for you. We appreciate that - buy this DVD, you won't regret it. There are some other matches, and they are okay, but nothing like this one. Well worth the high end price, like Czech brewed absinthe. (http://www.maximonline.com/grit/articles/article_5372.html)

Jeebus, what a match. Do it again, Marty, and I got a better ending for you. Full glowing review to come later.

Posted By: DrChin

Posted On: Sep 10, 2003
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RE: RE: Czech brewed?

Jeez Leege, how can you drink that stuff? If you are going to dance with the green fairy, as least drink Pernod (from France). Decent taste and solid effect, I give it four hallucinogenic dwarfs.

Posted By: Rough

Posted On: Sep 10, 2003
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RE: Fake, Real, Fantasy, etc.

La Fee Absinthe isn't bad (same kind Marilyn Manson swigs half a bottle of before taking the stage). I did some pretty cool writing and sketching after downing a few shots.

CalWild and VSL still lead the way in so many ways. Just saw "When Dreams Collide". Hot, HOT...another classic! And I'm committed to owning each and every encounter Nadege and Amy put on film. Those two are unbelievable. Their hour long Sapphic lovefest in "Wild Things" and their lengthy, friggin' awesome "Summer Sweat" encounter are two of the absolute hottest tapes ever produced by anyone. And for those (like yours truly) who want everything they do together..don't let their "Live from Budapest" match slip past your radar. Short bout, when compared to their others, but arguably just as hot. It's erotic wrestling, so it kind of combines the best of their hot girl/girl passion with their second to none wrestling skills. In short, they wrestle competently as they make out heavily! Great stuff!

Academy does indeed still kick booty as well. Two I've sampled recently are Aca 150 and 157...both have beautiful, skilled girls who definitely LOVE to wrestle and make it look hot. Modelfight seems to be coming along nicely. I got "Vicious Vixens" and am absolutely crazy about it...in many ways the epitome of what I love in a catfight. The girls are good and catty. ECNWC has a great little niche, I just wish they could put out stuff more often! This waiting six months for a new release is for the birds! DWW still doing their thing, although I haven't gotten anything from them lately. I think my favorite single catfight from them (at the moment) is the sexy, topless outdoor battle between Luzia and Jana in #236. Love that one! Bet I've watched it 50 times!

The "scenario catfights" can be incredible if they're done right and the girls involved are really into it passionately. DWW has a great "method approach" that has produced such epics as "One Spark is Enough". And Joan Wise has done a few that are among my all time favorites...like JWPL2 "Rag Doll" and PC35. Insofar as the "glamour shoots", I'll take Shandy's "Fighting Felines" over Jenz because, through all her galleries, Shandy and the Felines just seem to have more of an intrinsic understanding of the eroticism of catfighting.

Posted By: legion

Posted On: Sep 11, 2003
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RE: Cleo...

Good job on the pictures. Glad to see you're still cranking out good quality pics for us to choose from. That is totally critical.

I dunno how half those morons expect us to buy a 50 plus buck video based on postage stamp sized pictures. Jeesh, Im surrounded by idiots.

Here's another thing I'll bet most of us do, or have done from time to time - Select videos because one or both of the girls kinda sorta looks like an ex-girlfriend or ten, the ones we always wanted to wrestle each other but of course they never did. That makes faces important too, to a degree, but I realize most girls would want to retain a degree of anonymity, just in case. Imagine if it came out ten years later that Angie Jolie raskled for Steel Kittens before she was famous, or Hale Berry, or somebody, that would be worse than posing nude for some clown to sell the pics to the Enquirer.

I imagine they don't want their faces splattered all over the internet.

Posted By: Shandy

Posted On: Sep 24, 2003
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RE: Fake, Real, Fantasy, etc.

...Thank you, Rough! Purrrr...;)