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Posted By: Big Chris

Posted On: Dec 30, 2003
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Girls who do it for you

Seeing as I had some success with my last question, I'll offer another.

Which girls in fem fights videos do it for you? Which ones would you buy a tape just because they are in it?

I dont mean technical skill/wrestling ability. I mean the spark/unknown quality that makes them watchable.

For me, and Im sure there will be plenty of criticism, off the top of my head:

Shannon Leigh (Double Trouble), she has some ability, shes attractive and gives the impression of being more aggresive than the other girls in the company.

Candice (MWO). I just dont know why. She hasnt got that much wrestling skill, but theres just something about her.

Zora (Tanyakicks). Has her good days and her bad days but still puts the effort in even when shes outmatched.

Im sure Ive left some out, and will probably add some (Yes I am a Hollywood mark, yes I like the free pictures we get from this board) at a later date.

Posted By: JSK

Posted On: Dec 30, 2003
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RE: Women who do it for you

Ethal Murmin , Rosie O'Donnel , Queen Elizabeth , (pre)Carnie Wilson ......

Tehehehe I'll have to get back on this question Big Chris.
Theres so many that "do it for me" and well shouldn't you be asking


Posted By: wiseguyly69

Posted On: Dec 30, 2003
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RE: Girls who do it for you

Andi and Michelle from Crystal tapes 13-15, Mindy from Crystal 15, Kenzie/Melody from ECNWC, Kitty from Hellfire 4 and 5. If only Renee would go nude, she would be my all time favorite :-( Antonia from DWW and Timea C from DWW Yikes, if I think anymore, this list is gonna get out of control. If I had to pick one, it's Kenzie/Melody. Damn if she fought Renee, I think that would rank really high on the alltime list...

Yours in catfighting,


Posted By: Big Chris

Posted On: Dec 30, 2003
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RE: Girls who do it for you

Rosie O'Donnell?

Well thats helped me see my lunch sooner than I planned :P

Posted By: JSK

Posted On: Dec 30, 2003
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RE: Girls who do it for you


Naw Big Chris ...
I was in a bit of a hurry and with so many lovely ladies I couldn't list them so instead I turned to my comical yet dark disgusting side : )

I'll agree with WG . I love that chick with the big hooters from the crystal films movies. Its even hotter knowing they go a little more to the extreme.

Come to think of it basically any ENCWC lady is tops with me. Bob sure knows how to pick them .

For some reason I love that Renee gal from the 90's Joan Wise films . She reminds me of some nutty chick I useta date/use many years back ; ) but thats not really why I like her.

I love to see women with HUGE tits going at it . Skinny ones really don't do it for me or atleast wouldn't fair in my top list .

Nudity isn't required but a little skill and
emotion is .

DWW has a lot of great looking women also. But , I couldn't name any of them if you paid me . Well , if you did pay me i'd go to the site and find out but at the moment with a knowing the names basis I dunno most of them.

Mostly its not what they look like its what they do , how they do it and who they do it to .

Ok, once again gotta leave wayyyy too soon to finish a good post. (what else is new)
I still wanna find out what moves and holds people like the best. I'll post that one later . Chris you can get me back then buddy : )


Posted By: alfonsothefan

Posted On: Dec 30, 2003
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RE: Girls who do it for you

Yeah, another good question, BC.
o.k., from the60's-70's any of us would probably go with Sherri Whitlow.
From the 80's I would think that the blonde with the big hooters from Joan Wise (something 'Steele'???) or possibly some of Dvorkin's CalSupreme would be at the top, along with the blonde model from Judell DuLongs group (help me, guys).
From the early 90's I gotta go with Jan MacKenzie (Lisa) from Sweethearts, Christine D or Hollywood. From the mid-90's I'd go with Evaline from DWW. Now, there's HH, Trish Stratus from McMoron's tripe or so many DWW gals I've lost track.
These are the one's who have captured my heart & attention. For my 'slimmer' thought moments I'd go with Cheri Pie from Mincz Girlz, but if I want meat on the bones I'm with you guys on Andi & Michelle.

have a Great New Year

Posted By: DrChin

Posted On: Dec 30, 2003
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RE: Girls who do it for you

Well let's see:

Candi (Kelli Thomas) from any company she has worked for.

Michelle from Sweethearts and Triumph Studios

Toni from MWO


Zora from that extinct company at digitalads.femwrest or something similar, someone keeps posting pics at the Valkyrie site

Stephanie Rage from Napali (yeah, I know)

The WWE girls - I've got a soft spot for Molly but my god, could someone get J-Lo to give her some tips on how girls with big booties can dress sexy! Jeez!

And Dio my friend, check it out, they all appear in colour on a regular basis. See, I'm not so bad. hehe

Happy New Year! Peace and Good Will to all.

Posted By: Rough

Posted On: Dec 30, 2003
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RE: Girls who do it for you

In no particular order of preference:

Vira from ECNWC...Jill Monroe from Black Falcon Flamingo and Women's World...Charlene Rink from Premier...Luzia and Eve from DWW...Nadege and Amy from CalWild...Karen Collins, Nikki Knowles, and Hannah Jansen from Academy...as well as Suzie Johnson, Nikki Steele and Eve Ellis.

Posted By: wiseguyly69

Posted On: Dec 31, 2003
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JSK, Big shout out!!

Hope biness is good and you're getting ready to rip it out large tonite! Looks like the Pats are going all the way. Bradymania is gonna run wild on all sorry ass AFC d's and the Pats' Big D ain't letting nobody score. Enjoy it all, my man.


Posted By: alfonsothefan

Posted On: Dec 31, 2003
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RE: Girls who do it for you

Don't forget that Brady is a Meeechigan man, WG69!
Pats in Super Bowl again. Sox going all the way next summer.
You, Spence and Killer will be insufferable, hehehehe...
Have a nice New Year.

Posted By: Kent

Posted On: Dec 31, 2003
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RE: Girls who do it for you

Rough's list seems to approximate mine quite closely, though there are some that he list's that I don't know that well.

Jill Monroe, though, deserves top honors.

Luzia from DWW as well as Eva. (It's funny, though, as Eva's skills have increased, I've enjoyed her fighting less.) Antonia on the other hand.... wooh. Another standout is Edina.

From Modelfight: Caroline and Heather. Both are quite beautiful and have killer bodies.

Posted By: Rough

Posted On: Dec 31, 2003
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My bad

That's Eva...I said Eve, didn't I? But I guess everyone knew who I was talking about. Eva has got to be about the most beautiful girl ever with DWW. Two other DWW girls come to mind.. Jana, with her long, lithe dancers body and fierce fighting style..and a girl named Pettula, who only did about two tapes. I've only got one of these tapes...her fight with Edita in #282, that is one of the sexiest I've seen.

Posted By: Bear

Posted On: Jan 1, 2004
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RE: Girls who do it for you

Since you asked, I'll be glad to weigh in (LOL) on this one.

Michelle and Andi from Crystal?? You betcha! I just wish their fight in VM#13 had been topless. The only time they didn't fight topless in a Crystal vid was against each other!! Geesh.

Maylay, Teresa, and Deb from Crystal.

Brandi Hawke, Dawn Marie and Lola Montreceau from Ladyhawke.

Pam Ward and Cindy Yrigollen from everywhere in the 80's. BTW, does anyone know if they ever wrestled against each other?

Pros: Verne Bottoms, Bernice LaRue, Leilani Kai, Diane Von Hoffman.

Glad you asked.

Posted By: Zip the Tiny Wonder

Posted On: Jan 1, 2004
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RE: Girls who do it for you

The one and only wondrously big breasted Hollywood lady! She is a fine woman! She is "marvelously endowed" beyond reason and I hope and pray that somehow, someday she will KICK MY SORRY DWARF ASS! If there's a God in heaven and he has a soft place for hard dwarves, then I know my dream of being thoroughly dominated and humiliated by the very tall, extremely magnificent Hollywood will come to fruition!

I would surely go MAD trying to decide what form of punishment Hollywood would dish out! Smothering me with her glorious breasteses? Sitting on my little knothead?? Whacking me on my tushy with a french tickler???

Lord have mercy!!

Posted By: Steve

Posted On: Jan 4, 2004
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RE: Girls who do it for you

The Dulong blonde you're thinking about is probably Liz Meles. You can find several pics of her at the Sheri Whitlow Yahoo group.

Yes, Pam Ward did wrestle Cindy Y . . . what's her name. It was one of Triumph Studios' last 8mm film efforts. By the way, Pam si now posting on some Yahoo groups as "realhighmaintenance."

The gals who were always able to kindle my wood were
From the old days:
Triumph: Sheri Whitlow, Jolanda Ambersfoor, Hana Vick, Barbara Wilder
Dulong: Liz Meles, Desiree LeBeau
Cal. Supreme: Kari, tall, long-haired brunette whose name escapes me
Sundance: Amanda

More recently:
Joan Wise: Jackie, Simone, Treena
DWW: Vera, Andrea
Video Sports: Carla, Whitney, Jolene