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Posted By: Nik Ashmost

Posted On: Jun 12, 2003
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RE: Cigarettes?

Damn Gilly, talk about arrogant, selfish people. Careful what you call people from the deck of your glass condo hon.
And since when is it selfish to defend my individual right to enjoy a legal substance on my property?

I'll march with ya Daisy! Long as I get smoke breaks.

Posted By: healthy lungs

Posted On: Jun 12, 2003
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RE: Cigarettes?

damn, would you people support a neighbour dumping toxic waste in their own backyards too? That's an interesting attitude, if you don't like being exposed to crap that can kill you, stop whining, get a better job and move! Really?

Posted By: Potsi

Posted On: Jun 12, 2003
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RE: Cigarettes?

Youre missing the point about seatbelts and helmet laws and anti-smoking laws. They're not doing it to "protect" you. They don't care about you.

They're doing it because if you're in a car crash and get injured more seriously because you don't have a seatbelt or if you crack your head without a helmet. It costs the insurance companies more in lawsuits.

This isn't about people. It's about money and lawsuits.

Posted By: healthy lungs

Posted On: Jun 13, 2003
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RE: Cigarettes?

that may be true Potsi, BUT as a non-smoker, my position comes from concern for my own personal health.

I've watched my grandfather die a horrible suffering death CANCER all because of these stupid cigarettes. I wish that fate on nobody. But I certainly do not wish it on MYSELF because smokers feel that their right to pollute their air everyone breathes, and expose everyone to cancers and breathing disorders is a greater right than MINE to live a long heathly life. If smokers wish to smoke themselves to death, that's their right. Where is MY right to not die or suffer because of their habits?

Posted By: Daisy

Posted On: Jun 13, 2003
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RE: Cigarettes?

What's the gilly yo'? All I'm saying is that we're all too preoccupied with what our neighbor is doing (think fourth grade classroom neighbor, not grown up neighbor). I quit smoking recently because of the health risks and stink factor, but I don't believe in this elitist bullying of a group of people.

Wobbly pops, brews and cold ones are next. Careful kids, when you start to support this type of right wing politics your vice could be next to be voted off the island.

I'm from Massachusetts, BTW.

Posted By: healthy lungs

Posted On: Jun 13, 2003
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RE: Cigarettes?

It's not 'elitist bullying' Daisy. And congrats on quitting. All I'm saying is that there is a valid reason why non-smokers appreciate a smoke free enviroment.

In all honesty, MOST smokers are very considerate to those of us who don't smoke, and even refrain from doing so around non-smokers. They also do suffer the weather outside instead of imposing on those indoors. I don't HATE smokers, or feel elitist to them. I respect their rights, as they respect mine.

It's a dangerous habit, which affects themselves and others. It's not an overly 'right-wing' side I'm taking here. People can and will do as they please, but should keep in mind respect of others.

Posted By: Andreas

Posted On: Jun 13, 2003
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RE: Cigarettes?

Thats actually exactly the point, you have the right to not have anyone interfere with your health if you dont want them too. neighbours that fill your house with smoke shouldnt have to be endured. you dont have to condone people using drugs in your house when it starts affecting you in a way that you can either suffocate from heat or smoke. well maybe not suffocate. point: you cant force your **** on other people and then tell them to shut up because they're whiny. be a little considerate.

p.s. i love the new york anti smoking laws.

Posted By: labster

Posted On: Jun 15, 2003
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RE: Cigarettes?

My neighbors have a bed that makes a lot of noice when they have sex. They also make noise some times. Not only does this affect my physical health (due to lack of sleep), but also my mental health (because I don't get laid). Therefore I think that sex should be outlawed.

Also, here in Madison, WI . there are all these hot college chicks that have big boobs and butts. Due to the fact that this city is cold most of the time, whenever a hot day comes they walk around in small see-through skirts and tiny tops. This is also bad for my health, and maybe theirs also. So I think big boobs, see through skirts, and g-strings (the ones I can see under the see-through skirts) should also be out lawed.

Posted By: Toby

Posted On: Jun 23, 2003
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RE: Cigarettes?

Labster must not be too smart.
Noise ordinance laws exist to prevent specifically what you're talking about. Just because you don't have the balls to say something doesn't mean that making too much noise at night is legal.

As for revealing clothing, I don't see how it could possibly be bad for your health, unless, of course, you're a rapist with such tendencies, or a pedophile.

Perhaps your reply revealed more about yourself than this argument!

Posted By: Smoker

Posted On: Jun 27, 2003
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RE: Cigarettes?

Regarding smoking there is something else to take into consideration. There is a disease called MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) which is considered a disibility. Smoking around a person with such a disibility can really aggrivate the disorder...along with perfume etc... I am a smoker but I think we need to realize that we cant infringe on other people's rights. Its not about whining. I know that the smell of cigaretts isn't as strong to me as to others who don't smoke.

Posted By: fantabulous

Posted On: Jul 20, 2003
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RE: Cigarettes?

my thing is; do what you want, but if you smoke, you'll probably die before those that don't. Why be all self righteous about having the right to do something that will screw up your lungs, those of your loved ones, and probably make you die earlier. that energy could be put to better use trying to quit.
p.s. the manufacture of cigaretts is a huge cause of deforestation, the green house effect, releasing methane gas into the atmosphere etc., so not only are you screwing up your lungs, you're getting rid of the trees that make the oxygen to fill those lungs. kind of a downward spiral.

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