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Posted By: Big Brother

Posted On: Jul 21, 2003
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Fear the Government

The Government has taken over this poll.document.images(15).width = 150;

Posted By: Monica

Posted On: Jul 21, 2003
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None of the above...

I'd actually spent about 7 years getting over my fear of spiders, so that's no longer a factor. I really don't have any FEASABLE fears... my fears are rather rediculous.


and this one is the stupid one ^_^

-Bald men in wheelchairs weilding sniper rifles.

Posted By: rigmus

Posted On: Jul 21, 2003
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well sh*t

i wanted to pick spiders, but i didnt see them, so i picked small spaces... spiders have it in for me... they secretly gather and plot my demise just like the ninja poo-throwing monkeys...

Posted By: Curious

Posted On: Jul 21, 2003
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Fear of failure?

I chose swimming alone because I guess it came closest........ I completely freak out swimming in a pond, lake, ocean or whatever and I feel something brush against my leg........ especially if I don't have a friend right next to me.

I think the movie Jaws really affected me as a child. It's retarded to be afraid of a shark in a pond...... but I still get the heebie jeebies

Posted By: Mr Nyo in Ohio

Posted On: Jul 21, 2003
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Big Bugs

Big bugs are the hands down winner. I was on the fence between spiders and roaches. The Praying Mantis is another bug that freaks me out. I once had one I was brushing off the side of my house, land on my face. Freaked the livin' crap outa me. Between roaches, spiders, and the bug ugly people we should be afraid of, bugs are pullin' a full one third of all votes.

Posted By: Daisy

Posted On: Jul 21, 2003
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Bacteria's the worst. The other stuff (save ghosts) can be hidden from or run from. What can you do about something you can't see with the naked eye that can change forms so quickly? Eeew...just too creepy.

Posted By: Mart

Posted On: Jul 21, 2003
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Fear of being broke?

If I were afraid of being broke, I wouldn't sleep at night my life would be an extended stretch of paralysing fear. I have more pressing fears to worry about in my life like ... rogue mimes and clowns!

Posted By: me

Posted On: Jul 21, 2003
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i'm afaraid of worms and crowded places...neither of which are on the list

Posted By: lL

Posted On: Jul 21, 2003
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Big Spiders Winning Over Public Speaking!

This might be a groundbreaking poll!!! Public speaking always wins out!

Posted By: kameronesdiablo

Posted On: Jul 21, 2003
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my husband is deathly afraid of needles..actually if he sees a needle he will pretty much pass out...his whole family is pretty much diabetic and he runs from the room when it is time for them to shoot up...actually he hates needles cuz when he was like 4 this nurse who had no freakin clue what she was doing was trying to take blood for him and stuck him like 30 times and still didn't get it right...I actually seen him turn white as a sheet (or maybe that is because he is he sees needles

Posted By: AcidTone

Posted On: Jul 21, 2003
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AHHHHHH needles!!!!! I cant even think about them with out getting uneasy. If I see some one getting a shot on tv i have to look away or leave the room.

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