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Posted By: Tony Garza

Posted On: Aug 4, 2004
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I'm 29, a minority, "poor", but I still have a place to live, a car, 2 televisions, and even though I was unemployed, I was over weight, go figure. I'm in this situation because of my only lazy ass. I never tried to do well in school and I bought in to the idea that white America was against me, so I figured why give a damn and did nothing. Those poverty pimp democrats screwed me because I bought into there lies. I'm voting for Bush because I reject democrat lies!

Posted By: Lou deBottari

Posted On: May 3, 2004
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President Bush-EEOC oversteps its charter

The FAIR (Fairness for Already Insured Retirees) Response To EEOC’s Recent Regulation

The idea that this regulation will encourage employers to continue providing generous health benefits to retirees, flies in the face of reason. The statement "groundless charges of age discrimination" is groundless. This regulation has no regard for those who are already retired and on Medicare with employer sponsored health plans. To these retirees it appears as a thinly disguised effort to eliminate coverage for those who need it most in their last years. These retirees can ill afford to seek another insurance plan to provide gap insurance. The cost will be prohibitive and the possibility of having existing conditions which will not be covered is much greater in an older age group.
There is a Third Circuit Court of Appeals decision that Medicare payments can not be included in determining that benefits provided to a retiree on Medicare are the same as those provided to a retiree not on Medicare. This court decision has resulted in employers reducing coverage for retirees not yet on Medicare. Retirees who are already on Medicare have always realized that their benefits depended on the support of those who retired early and enjoyed the health benefits of those who were working. This "lifeline" only existed as long as legislation required their benefits to be equal. Now Congress has cut that "lifeline”.
There is a simple and equitable way to solve this problem; Pass a regulation that allows the employer to include Medicare payments when determining the equality of benefits for those on Medicare and retirees not yet on Medicare.
To avoid significant financial impact to employers when baby boomers go on Medicare, limit this suggested change to those who were retired and to those within 10 years of retirement as of the date of the regulation. Employees who are younger than this realize that when planning their future retirement they will have to provide gap insurance. Obtaining gap insurance at an earlier age is far less costly. They can set aside funds in a new tax-free medical saving plan that is provided in a section of the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan. Retirees who have retired years ago do not have that luxury. They will have to spend a lot of their limited budget to obtain gap insurance and are placed in a financial hardship due to no action of theirs. Many will not be able to obtain the insurance because of existing conditions and thus are severely punished for being “old”.
Congress should “grandfather” all retirees who were retired and those who were 55 or older but not yet retired as of the date of the Regulation.

EEOC should rescind this regulation because it circumvents the objective of the ADEA (Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967).

Posted By: Monica F.

Posted On: Apr 27, 2004
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At the heart of the matter

Minority or not, decorated war veteran or not, most seniors exist on social security and VA incomes. Bush is expensive and has cut programs vital to all age groups to vamp our military. They are again looking to cut because countries are pulling out. We'll end up paying for this war. Half of American can barely put gas in their car & food on the table. We have a second Veitnam occuring & I'm glad to see that Kerry doesn't want us dumping millions of dollars into something, that in the end, won't be worth the lives that countries have lost.

Posted By: Daniel Hines

Posted On: Apr 9, 2004
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It is interesting that, even with a small number at the time of this note (April 9, 2004) that the percentages are basically the same as the national polls. Also, interesting that Bush will once again be a minority president.

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