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Posted By: Friends ROCKS!

Posted On: May 6, 2004
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RE: friends sucks

Obviously the people that say "Friends" suck does not have a life and does not have any friends. Therefore they do not understand the "jokes" and only wants to watch Star Wars. Get a life.

Posted By: Dave

Posted On: May 6, 2004
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RE: friends sucks

No I am afraid your mistaken. Instead of sitting around watching fake people on TV read Q-cards or lines we prefer to go out and make our own jokes with our real friends. We dont need to step into the lives of fake people to get amusment. But I guess you do so whatever floats your boat

Posted By: Beerliquor

Posted On: May 6, 2004
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RE: friends sucks

I feel really out of the loop, as usual...what is OC? I hardly ever watch t.v. I have never even seen an entire episode of Friends, but I think the actors are pretty cool in real life! Jennifer Aniston gets more beautiful every year,which is weird, but maybe that is what being married to Brad Pitt does for you!!!

As far as MTV, I hear ya, bring back the music, man! I remember the good old days of MTV and HBO!

Posted By: bill

Posted On: May 6, 2004
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RE: friends sucks

The OC....it's the 90210 of the 2000's. The show in a nutshel:

Boy gets into trouble. Boy is adopted by rich lawyer who lives in Orange County with his hot wife (MILF) and nerdy kid. Boy turns nerdy kid into cool kid. Boy dates hot next door neighbor after hot next door neighbor and jock boyfriend break up over boy. Jock boyfriend starts having sex with hot next door neigbor's MILF mom, who recently separated from hot next door neighbor's dad, who got into lots of trouble with the SEC over fraud, but never goes to jail for it. hot next door neighbor finds out her mom is having sex with her old jock boyfriend, and has nervous breakdown in mexico. Boy finds hot next door neighbor girlfriend and rescues her. Nerdy kid turned cool kid is dating the popular girl in school, whom he used to love and get teased by.

You know, typical show on FOX.

Posted By: Sure

Posted On: May 6, 2004
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RE: friends sucks

Dear Friend's Rock's,
you know if you are a fanatic of either friends or star wars it's all the same, and it makes you seem like a low life to seperate the two addictions. Then again maybe you just want to start some controversy, either way you seem in need of a life.

P.S. I didn't really like friends, nor did I like the OC, then again I do not watch a lot of television, so maybe my opinion is biased slightly.

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