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Posted By: Terry

Posted On: Feb 26, 2007
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Poobah and Biggy Rat

I found out Jim Gustafson also played in the band Biggy Rat, and I heard there is an album from that band.Will we see the release of that on CD? I would like to purchase a copy when available.

Posted By: HOOT

Posted On: Feb 23, 2007
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Play in Cleveland

I would like Poobah to play in Cleveland again. You guys rock . I heard your song Psychic Malfunction on the radio here.It is a great song.C'mon Poobah, get to Cleveland and rock us again.You guys kick ass.

Posted By: poobah fan

Posted On: Feb 23, 2007
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poobah live

Come see poobah this saturday nite(2/24/07) @ the OVERTIME in parkersburg wv.Starting time aprox. 9:30 pm !! Email Jim for details !I love these guys.....and I know you do too !!!

Posted By: Ragan"Son of the Drummer of POOBAH"Richards

Posted On: Feb 20, 2007
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What the Heck!!

This Connor guy needs a Diaper change badly. Listen, Connor it's very obvious you don't know your hindend from a hole in the ground, Cause if you did then you'd agree with Calvin Snider. POOBAH is music for all ages..... man I hope your not my age, Cause you'd give us all a bad Rep.

Now, I'd like to cuss you out, but out of very Deep Respect for Jim, Woody, & Steve (my Dad) I will refrane from doing so. POOBAH is the hardest working band around,& they sure as......HECK don't need some snott nose little p!ss ant that there too old. I'd like to see you do their work schedule, but here's the catch. You can wine or complain to anyone. Well, Never mind (lol) cause you couldn't do it. I know from experience. If anyone needs to get a life it's you man!

Posted By: Kimmie sue

Posted On: Feb 20, 2007
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I love poobah

I love to see poobah and I watch them every wed.@ the sixpence pub!I love all their songs and I think Jim is a great song writer and amazing guitar player !

Posted By: Thicker

Posted On: Feb 19, 2007
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Rock On

I dig Poobah and think they rock hard.I can't wait to get the new CD, and add it to my collection.
When will Poobah play in my area ,Warren ,Ohio)or nearby?

Posted By: Calvin Snider

Posted On: Feb 19, 2007
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Too Old to Rock

Geesh Mr Connor why don't you tell us the way you really feel? Don't sugar coat it.
Now why would it matter to you how old any body is? There is enough music to go around for all tastes and ages. Why would you feel the need to put someone down, are you a wantabee? Dream of being a big star yourself but don't have the talent? One thing's for sure you have some sort of problem with life itself. I urge you to get some professional help. Normal people who don't like bands base their opinion on the music not the age of the band members. If you don't like the web site why would you care if it is updated?

If you are lucky enough to live to be a little older you will find that there is no age limit in music, it is there for all to enjoy. Calvin Snider

Posted By: D. Alexander

Posted On: Feb 19, 2007
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Hail to the great Poobah

Poobah is my favorite band, and their music is as good or better than any rock band out there.Only a complete idiot would not love this band, and they would blow many bands off the stage.Hey Shawn ,the trasher with the bad grammar, nobody gives a **** about your moronic opinion, and you are probably a ****ed off fatass with no talent, and no future in the music biz.

Posted By: Shannon

Posted On: Feb 19, 2007
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Poobah rocks

I saw Poobah in the French encyclopedia, calling them one of the best bands ever to come from the USA. i also saw them in 2 other books,including Guitar World writer Martin Popoff's book. He said they were right up there with all the big names in rock, and said Poobah were the kings of indi rock. They are getting better with time,and proving the saying"practice makes perfect". I love Poobah and think they are fantastic, and only a musically ignorant moron would not love their CDs. You can't please everyone, especially a stupid ass with no class.

Posted By: Shawn Conner

Posted On: Feb 18, 2007
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Get a Life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You guys are too damn old to be playing music. Like leave the rock and roll for the younger crowd. Someone please up date the stupid web site or just shut the f#cker down. The only Rocking you guys should be doing is on a porch in a chair. You guy's are DONE. OVER WITH. STICK a FORK in you and just go away. Your too old. You guys are not the Rolling Stones HELL your not even in there league. So one more time GET a LIFE other then music.

Posted By: metal magnolia

Posted On: Dec 18, 2006
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Yes, finally Jim has put his own stuff on ebay with lots of cool bonus tracks and they are made from the master tapes, not some bootleg. You can email Jim, and get rare mixes and autographed CD's, T-shirts, posters, play bills ect...

Posted By: Hardman

Posted On: Dec 17, 2006
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I saw Poobah CDs for sale on Ebay

Posted By:

Posted On: Oct 9, 2006
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Where can I see POOBAH ????

I have heard all about Poobah from my friends,and diferent people as i travel.I can never figure out if they are anywhere close to where I work.I am a dzncer and I was wondering if they were gonna be anywhere near cleveland again? I will be there all of november and I would love to see what I have been hearing so much about!...........Vanya

Posted By: magnet

Posted On: Aug 25, 2006
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your so hot

Poobah your so hot. Rock and Roll cant get no better than the Poobah Band !!!

Posted By: trurock

Posted On: Jul 21, 2006
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I saw Poobah at the Cleveland Rock Hall last year, and I thought that they are the greatest rock band in America right now.The guitarist can sing as good as Sammy Hagar, yet plays guitar like Hendrix and Van Halen, and with their own sound. I am looking forward to Poobah's new CD. Truly an awesome band.

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