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Posted By: some guy

Posted On: Jun 4, 2004
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RE: Should Todd Sue?

that's alright, dragonmaster. all of us here already know you're in desperate need of a serious beating. perhaps we'll throw in a few extra shots to the gut with that one.

Posted By: Dragonmaster

Posted On: Jun 4, 2004
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RE: Should Todd Sue?

lets go, or would you rather run your fingers all day. lol, run your fingers, not your mouth, lol

It's internet man, chill.

Posted By: you need therapy

Posted On: Jun 4, 2004
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RE: Should Todd Sue?

yea, you guys really need to calm yourselves. i find it extremely sad that you are talking about how each other needs to be severely beaten in a forum that is titled "should todd sue?", not "lets all try to prove our manhood by insulting and threatening eachother".

you all need to seriously chill out and take a real long, hard look at the sad lives you are living....

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