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Posted By: Big John

Posted On: Oct 30, 2005
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Hi just a note to say thanks to you all for the helpful comments with "Once And Future", We are happy and proud to be nominated best compilation Cd for 2005 by The LA MUSIC AWARDS, The Science of Sound Team Thanks all our new and old friends out there.All the best from Lynton, Mike, John, and James Guest Londons youngest record producer on his 16th birthday. S.O.S. Team

Posted By: Allen

Posted On: Apr 2, 2005
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New Songs

Great job on Wolly Bully! I that one best so it was easiest for me to see your work. It sounded like a fresh cut. I do not think RealOne player does the songs justice.

Rescue me and Martin & Son also came across as clean recordings with alot of dynamic range. Ohh how I wish today's music had that. More and more of my friends are either searching out 1960-1985 rock or are starting to go country. I think it is for the talent as much as for the music/lyrics.

Wish I had a song to suggest, just send my best wishes and that I look forward to your next post.

"Vision without action is just a dream, that passes as quickly"

Posted By: Bill

Posted On: Mar 11, 2005
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New songs added

Added three new songs: Wooly Bully, Rescue Me and Matthew & Son.

Posted By: Keith

Posted On: Jan 18, 2005
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great music makeovers


Posted By: Linda

Posted On: Sep 8, 2004
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Love Them All!

It was a hard decision for me to make the reprise of Everlasting Love is awesome, and I really enjoyed Reaper, but my personal favorite is and always has been San Franciso. It is such a beautiful song and is even more so now with the SOS treatment.


Posted By: Joe

Posted On: Aug 30, 2004
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Good version of my favorit song

Were is this song now

Posted By: Allen

Posted On: Aug 28, 2004
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All good - picked personal favorite

The dynamic range and clarity is good on all three songs. You really pulled the treable out - which I belive is easy to loose on analog recordings. I liked "Do not fear the reaper" and Sanfransisco best but had to go with my personal favorite - the reaper. I wish I had my old stereo system. The chimes and dynamic range sounded like freash recording. The chimes on "Sanfransisco" really came through.

"Long cool woman in a black dress" - the Hollies.
"Cherokee People"-Paul Rever and the raiders
"Scarborough Fair" - Simon and Garfunkle
"Moon Shadows" or "Cats in the Cradle" by Cat Stevens.
"Hold your head up" - Argent?

That's my two cents worth :)

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