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Posted On: Dec 14, 2005
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feature film

The next step for Farscape has to be a feature film.I'm hoping that the syndicated reruns will capture an expanded audience.Locally the series
is being shown on Sunday nights at 10pm (not a great time slot) & is not being promoted much
(I actually found it by accident when channel surfing). Hopefully it is being promoted more in other cities.Perhaps another letter/email campaign is in order.

Posted By: Harvey

Posted On: Nov 19, 2005
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FarScape on Big Screen

love the show. I think it would be nice to see it on the big screen like star trek a couple of farscape one farscape two. you could base it on the return to earth episode and go from there.
peace keeper wars was great!!!! got something good now run withit for awhile.

Posted By: Liz

Posted On: Nov 18, 2005
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i love farscape. i watched it from the start.i loved john and aeryn together they had a lot of chemistry.i think this show and its couples have been the best in sci fi shows since well forever.In the mini-series i expected someone to die but not d`argo.It was so sad to see him die as hes been in it from the very beginning.I think they should bring it back so we can see what goes on with john and aeryns baby and to see if d`argo comes back.but it`s good to go out with a 'BANG'

Posted By: J.J. DeRiomol

Posted On: Nov 10, 2005
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Simply irresistible

The better final what i never seen for any show on tv.

All cast is fantastic. Ben and Claudia are amazing and the best couple of the Sci-Fi.

I'm very impatient to see them next work.

Sorry for my english, and thank you to all the farscape's team.

A greeting from Barcelona

Posted By: HHH

Posted On: Sep 17, 2005
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Posted By: James Capers

Posted On: Aug 16, 2005
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I, too, loved FarScape and consider it a SUPERIOR show to most of what is currently on all channels. It is definitely superior to most of the very, very poor fare now running on SciFi!

Everyone of the cast of FarScape were just excellent. I agree with everyone who says they had a tremendously powerful chemistry between them.

The set was exquisite along with the technology. Computer simulations and animations were top notch.

So, why are we being driven from the SciFi channel by all of the current low-grade fare being fed to us? What idiot that cancelled this most excellent series has not yet lost their job? Someone fire that fool. Let's get back this work of art, warmth, and enjoyable fantasy!

I admit that I am enjoying Claudia Black as Vala Mal Doran on Stargate SG-1. Conversely, I am disappointed with Ben Browder as Lieutenant Colonel Cameron Mitchell on the same show. Claudia has tremendous charisma, photogenicy, and personality--enough to dominate the screen. Yet, I find her chemistry with Michael Shank as Daniel Jackson better than her chemistry with Ben Browder as John Crichton. It is . . . possible . . . that could simply be the result of her role as Vala being a better fit for her than that of Aeryn Sun.

Don't get me wrong, I was very pleased with Ben as John Crichton and Claudia as Aeryn Sun and I want very much to see them back in those roles in new episodes for seasons to come. So, let's get them back. Please!


Posted On: Jul 18, 2005
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I miss I show alot and I hope the Farsacpe show back very soon and I love John C. alot.

Posted By: Kate

Posted On: Jun 30, 2005
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I've watched the show from the beginning. I missed a lot during season 4 due to my work schedule. I have enjoyed Farscape and was frustrated that it was cancelled, not being allowed to complete the producer's 5 year mission. Peace Keeper Wars definitely did answer a lot of "unanswered" questions, but why haven't we heard about what new questions are being posed to further this series. I live in the U.S. and watch the SciFi Channel. They are playing a lot of "D" quality shows; intermixing them with the elite shows. I cannot figure out why Farscape Re-runs are not in their line-up? I want to see more Farscape.
Attending a convention would be absolutely fabulous and would like to see the convention promoters expand the stops to include a few more cities/stops in the U.S.
Farscape was well written and produced to such extent, that I just don't understand why it could not have had the lengthy run that Star Trek:TNG enjoyed. Perhaps a Big Screen movie could promote a return of the series as I have heard others mention.
Lastly, I am 41 and didn't find Farscape to be "age restrictive" as some have posted in connection with other series on the SciFi Bboard. And, now that I took a medical retirement from the police department, [yes, there were a lot of cops on my department that got into Farscape! "Go Figure cops watching a show with puppets in it-" is what my Lieutenant would snidely say. I'll save my opinion on him...] I am bored --itless with what's on or not on TV. And Netflix is the place to go rent Farscape DVD's. Amazon is the place to go if you want Farscape music. I just wish they'd made a soundtrack by the season as BSG has done. I thought the music score on "Into the Lion's Den" was outstanding and definitely would love to get my hands on that!

Posted By: Steven

Posted On: May 4, 2005
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I loved this show. I do not watch television much anymore. My brother gave me the disc's to watch. I was so caught up in this series. I watched the whole 4 years worth in about 10 day's. I think I'm in withdrawls because I really miss the character's and the chemistry. I would love to meet all of them. I'm even thinking of going to see them at a convention, if I can. I am 41 yrs old, but this show was hot!!

I loved the romance between John and Aryn. It was awesome the way they teased each other!!

PLease think about bringing it back. I would pay to help suppoet the show. Once againb I relly miss the show.

Hey John or are awesome, and so are the rest of the crew!!

Posted By: NuDan

Posted On: Mar 29, 2005
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The perfect end for the perfect series.

Posted By: jacko

Posted On: Jan 26, 2005
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in the last episode of farscape i thought crighton and aren where dead and when i saw they where not i jumped for joy i dicede to buy a video tpe and watch it over and over again but i found upsetting was dargos death i think he should of survived

Posted By: Kovie

Posted On: Jan 10, 2005
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thanks everyone

i was mortified wen a fot farscape was finished because iv watched it from the very beginning and it was like being there with the characters it was great but thanks to everyone out there there is a bit more to enjoy


Posted By: James

Posted On: Dec 16, 2004
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Peacekeeper Wars

OH...MY Frellin...God!!!!!

The Peacekeeper Wars were the epitome of a mini-series. Watching it was arguably the best four hours spent in front of my television. The battles between the Scarrans and PK's were absolutely spectacular and the acting was also top-notch. I would no doubt have cried at the end of the second-parter if I were a more emotional kinda guy. I will never be able to thank the cast/crew, Jim Henson Company and above all, the fans, enough.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted By: Dans

Posted On: Dec 8, 2004
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last 10 minutes? I was crying like a baby for what seemed like the last half an hour, but there was laughter too, i cant even begin to sum up how great it was, mind blowing, the cgi, the costumes, the acting, the script, the battles, just wow. I have to say that was the best 3 hours of tv I've seen in a while and it was everything that farscape always has been and should be. Other tv shows should watch it and learn a few things.



Posted By: Chelsea

Posted On: Nov 4, 2004
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Thanks for the escape

I can't even begin to say how much I adore Farscape. There aren't enough great sci fi shows, so im very grateful when I find one. I LOVE being sucked into the Farscape world. The story line was really good, and kept me interested. The characters kick ass. I feel for the actors for wearing all that make-up for my enjoyment. SO thanks!!!!! I just wish there was more. The Peackeeper Wars, was excellent!! I was defnitly satisfied. Made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

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