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Posted By: evilvet

Posted On: Oct 22, 2004
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of course d'argo's coming back..

everyone has died on the show at LEAST once..if not twice...jool may not come back because for some stupid reason people hate her...but i'm sure in some form they all will be back...of course in just movies maybe not, but a series or longer minis, yes.

Posted By: Pete

Posted On: Oct 22, 2004
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D'argooooo! Anyway, I don't think he will be coming back guys - That scene was very powerful, including his final scene with that dramatic score in the background. Bringing him back would cheapen that. I keep hearing that music in my mind, I'm gonna miss D'argo. He's John's buddy, and in some says it feels like he's your buddy too. I personally think the John/D'argo friendship was one of the best in TV shows, they had great chemistry :-)

Posted By: Mitch

Posted On: Oct 22, 2004
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It wasn't a bad thing

I don't think it was a bad thing to do. They killed of Zan and the show only got better. In fact Farscape has an amazing ability to bring characters in and out without ever losing its focus.

If they brought him back I would be disappointed, the whole planet blew up, hes got to be dead.

"if you're gonna go down, go down with a BANG!" - damn straight.

Posted By: Guts

Posted On: Oct 21, 2004
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Look at a different angle

I think, killing off D'argo wasn't exactly what most of us wanted. But again, this is Farscape, it's a cult tv show that expands and grows. And in every loss there could much more to gain by going to other venues or story archs. Frankly, I'd rather see new faces/crew than see all of the same cast together and losing their charm in front of us fans. As they say, "if you're gonna go down, go down with a BANG!"

Posted By: Butch

Posted On: Oct 21, 2004
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I didn't see him get killed, did you? He suffered from a self diagnosed mortal wound, but was it? We seen him blazing away but did we see him get wasted? I think he is far from being dead. He's waiting for the next mini series or.....could it possibly be'''''Hey, one could only hope.

Posted By: #1 farscape fan

Posted On: Oct 20, 2004
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y'd they kill off dargo??

the fact that they killed off dargo was the onley dissapointing fact of the mini series that was a dissapoint ment but i am intrested if seeing how they will bring him back they have to if they are going to contue like every one is suggesting it wont be the same with out him. all of moys crew if what made the show great and loosing one of her crew such as dargo i think would have a negitive affect on the contunied show

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