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Posted By: Britterz

Posted On: Oct 31, 2016
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I was introduced to FarScape by my fiances friend. And we've had every season since we discovered it. And we would most certainly love more. We wanna see the how John and his family grew. And now its time to see how lil D has progressed and see his story. Plus I my self am sure that we all wanna know if Jack meets his grandson.!!!!

Posted By: peter

Posted On: Sep 19, 2010
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Farscape my favorite escape

When I first saw the box for Farscape I thought it looked like a bucket of Dren. Then I borrowed it off my friend and I haven't given it back. He gave me series two, three and four as well and I can tell you I am not going to give it back. Anyway he's left the country and I can't find him anyhow.

Anyway, this is the most enjoyable show I have ever watched. I like it so much I wave watched the whole series and the ending movies at least a dozen times over. I just can't get enough.

So I spent a few Krendar's on the Farscape Wars DVD and when it's finished episode one goes back into the DVD player and I start again. I just thoroughly enjoy immersing myself in the fantasy.

We all assume Ka D'Argo is dead. He may have survived. There were many episodes where possibilities were left open for future explorations.

Whereas I thought Mr. O'bannans Alien nation and Sea Quest are frelling pieces of hopeless dren, I am of the view Rockne O'Bannons Farscape is creative genius of the highest order. I wonder if he'll be able to match this level of mastery ever again. If he does I hope it is as good as Farscape.

I am stuck at home unable to work due to injury and illness such I am an invalid beneficiary. I thank Rockne, Ben, Claudia, Gigi, Anthony, Virginia, Lani, Wayne, Paul, Johnathan, David, Richard, Justin, Lily and Andrew for countless hours of enjoyment that fill my days with such fun and pleasure I'm sure I would be in fits of depression were it not for the exciting, humorous, thrilling episodes of Farscape.

"This is Farscape one, I am free and flying".


Posted By: dd

Posted On: Jan 14, 2010
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Posted By: dd

Posted On: Jan 14, 2010
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Posted By: max

Posted On: Mar 25, 2009
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Farscape is the greatest series ever: in my opinon better then all Star Treks combined - not to belittle Star Treks - greater then Star Wars, the greatest sci fi ever produced. the greater series of all genre.

Surperlitive quality of ineffable genius.

Posted By: Ivan

Posted On: Mar 23, 2008
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the greatest serial

I love this serial. I`m from bulgaria and I can say that i`ve grown up with the best characters, that i`ve ever seen on the TV. The whole serial is so unique... I hadn`t had any words, when i understood that HALLMARK ends farscape. I hope too like all the fans all over the world.

Posted By: Curtis Lake

Posted On: Mar 18, 2008
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I miss John C. and Aeyrn Sun

Man why do good things have to come to an end?... I really hope they bring the series back. There is still so much that can be done, as a blessing of such a character driven show... the context/story is just the setting against which the richness of such great characters/actors can flourish.

Posted By: Santsia

Posted On: Feb 21, 2007
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Peacekeeper wars

The Peacekeeper wars was the best miniseries ever. Everything just clicked for me. I just loved it. I was sad when D'argo died but glad they named the baby after him. The ending left me in tears. Farscape RULES!!!

Posted By: Jimmy

Posted On: Feb 2, 2007
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Ka Dargo

I loved the whole series i hated how they chose to end it. the worst part was how Dargo was written out. it was so sad to see that happen

Posted By: raju gupta-chaudhary

Posted On: Apr 24, 2006
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I have all the scifi series pretty much that have been released. Farscape was different more of a family feeling carrying you so that you could not miss the next episode. Its the world we live in people unless they are going to make a buck will give something a chance. it is a shame star trek lived on from the start series ,battlestar galactica was just redone . farscape is a unique piece of work and they should continue if they have not ****ed of the actors by cutting them short in the middle of filming.

if anyone has news please let me know if there is a site for funding i will chip in why because i do beleive in this program it really upset me when it finished

Posted By: Michael

Posted On: Mar 23, 2006
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farscape pkw

It's just amazing.
It's funny.
It's great.
It's dramatic.
It's filled with action.
It's one big ride.

It's Farscape.

Posted By: Liz

Posted On: Dec 21, 2005
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what can i say it was amazing.they shouldn`t have stopped it.i loved the john and aeryn relationship,it was so tense and they had so much chemistry together.I`d love to have it on again who wouldn`t.i thought in the end someone would die but i didnt think it would be d`argo.he`s been in it since the begining.


Posted On: Dec 14, 2005
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feature film

The next step for Farscape has to be a feature film.I'm hoping that the syndicated reruns will capture an expanded audience.Locally the series
is being shown on Sunday nights at 10pm (not a great time slot) & is not being promoted much
(I actually found it by accident when channel surfing). Hopefully it is being promoted more in other cities.Perhaps another letter/email campaign is in order.

Posted By: Harvey

Posted On: Nov 19, 2005
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FarScape on Big Screen

love the show. I think it would be nice to see it on the big screen like star trek a couple of farscape one farscape two. you could base it on the return to earth episode and go from there.
peace keeper wars was great!!!! got something good now run withit for awhile.

Posted By: Liz

Posted On: Nov 18, 2005
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i love farscape. i watched it from the start.i loved john and aeryn together they had a lot of chemistry.i think this show and its couples have been the best in sci fi shows since well forever.In the mini-series i expected someone to die but not d`argo.It was so sad to see him die as hes been in it from the very beginning.I think they should bring it back so we can see what goes on with john and aeryns baby and to see if d`argo comes back.but it`s good to go out with a 'BANG'

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