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Posted By: Raymond L Warren

Posted On: Aug 26, 2014
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2012 Dodge 3500 truck

At 35,000 miles the front end had to be rebuilt. It took two weeks to get it in the shop and by the way it had a death wobble and couldn't be driven. They looked at it for two days and then called to tell me what the problems was. Then stated that it would take ten days to get the parts. The parts arrived in nine days but then it stayed in the parking lot for over a week before it was worked on. I use my truck to work so I had to go buy another truck just to continue working. Thanks Dodge you really value your customers. They called to tell me it may be ready today 8-26-14 we will see.

Posted By: Kevin Murray

Posted On: Dec 8, 2013
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2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee Lemon

I bought my Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.0L new from the dealer. It has leaked oil since the day it was purchased and even after warranty repairs. It has leaked water through sunroof drain and fried the amplifier once under warranty and once after. It also leaks water through the rear hatch window which had shorted and corroded the lock so I can't open the lift gate at all. I wonder what else will go wrong with it?

I hope Chrysler goes out of business they deserve it for making a terrible product and will just be better for Consumers everywhere. Never buy a Chrysler, Never buy a Chrysler, Never buy a Chrysler, Never buy a Chrysler, Never buy a Chrysler!

Posted By: Jeep Lemon

Posted On: Sep 12, 2012
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2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland Diesel

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Posted By: steve

Posted On: Feb 21, 2012
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More Chrysler Crap!


On 1/16/2012 I took my 2005 Dodge Ram 1500 with 45,000 miles to Huntington Beach Dodge. The transmission was causing my truck to lung forward and/or stall when coming to a stop. Grinding going into reverse and problems downshifting properly. It is to my knowledge that these transmissions from several legitimate sources have issues at low mileage, my problems being some of them. My sources also informed me that when I take my truck to the dealer to cover this problem under my $1,800 extended factory warranty, that they would make some excuse/diagnosis and insist it just needs to be serviced at a cost to me of $283.83 which they did and I paid! My invoice shows that they did a 75,000 mile service on a vehicle that only has 45,000 miles. Why, because they tried to flush the contaminates, compromising the other transmission functions from the deteriorating converter which is only a band-Ade fix to a warranty issue that I had to pay for.

Now on 2/18/2012 I took my truck back to Huntington Dodge because my transmission is again grinding before finding reverse, and makes a loud clunking noise going in and out of any gear including park and neutral positions. Now they are trying to say there is absolutely nothing wrong and charge me $129.95 diagnostic fee on a truck under warranty before they release my vehicle. Please HELP!!!

Steve Forrai

Posted By: George Simmons

Posted On: Feb 11, 2012
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300m ; great car!

The Chrysler 300m is a great car. The only bad years they made were the 99 and 2000. The rest are amazing cars.

Posted By: Sheila

Posted On: Apr 15, 2011
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2007 Jeep Liberty

OMG U joints and CV in trouble, only 58,000 miles. This is my daughter's in college car. What a POS. I also have a 2006 Jeep Liberty no problem, YET, but makes me want to get rid of. Scared to drive it even to get fixed. What a scarry ordeal. ONLY 58,000 and she could have been dead on the road because of this. How scarry! Thank you! Both Jeeps are going to be 4-Sale soon, once we get this one fixed.

Posted By: Omar Anabtawi

Posted On: Mar 30, 2011
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Transmission failure at 14K miles

I wrote to Chrysler the lengthy email below. Their response was a simple two liner that they have to decline my request because of their "policy". You be the judge.

Dear Chrysler,

I bought a 2010 Chrysler Town & Country limited van back in June of 2009 from Los Angeles, CA. Vin# 2A8HR64X09R627277. I bought the van brand new with only 5 miles directly from the dealer. At that time I was finishing my work contract in the Middle East and was moving my family back to the US; the van was a gift for my wife. Unfortunately, a couple of weeks after I purchased the van I got forced into renewing my contract for three more years. My family was no longer moving back to the California. It was too late for the van, I either had to sell it and loose an arm and a leg, or ship it to Amman, Jordan where I am currently residing. I loved the van and bought it to keep, so I decided to go with the later and shipped it by ocean freight in August of 2009.
Everything was fine till then, I took the van to the one and only local Chrysler dealer, Advanced Automotive Trading Co. They received us warmly and assured us they’re well trained on this Chrysler vehicle, and that most of the parts were in stock because they imported similar vehicles. We regularly maintained the van at their shop and nowhere else including all oil changes, they even processed the recalls issued by Chrysler for our van with no hesitance. They were great and serviced the van promptly and professionally. My wife and the kids absolutely adored that van, and it somehow became an essential part of the family.
But last month things started to get weird. We sent the van for a scheduled oil change, and as usual we asked them to check whatever else the van needs. The dealer notified us that the breaks need maintenance, which we of course approved. I however was shocked when the bill came out to over $600.00 I then found out that they replaced the brake discs and not the pads. They said it was because we drove on it for too long. I could not understand as they had the van 2K miles previously and they did not instruct for break maintenance then. Anyhow, I’m not complaining about the charge I already paid, but the real shocker is that the garage manager told me that what happened is absolutely normal, and that I should expect to change the discs every four months or so. Not the pads, but the discs. As ridiculous as that sounded, I chose to not complain about it for the time being, and decided to wait for the next time they tell me I have to change the discs; in about four time. Something is not right there, but this is not the issue I have on hand for now.
Our van suddenly started to die on the road. The engine was running, but the transmission seemed to be slipping. We called the dealer and they told us we could drive it down to them, but I chose to tow it instead to not add on to any existing problems. They’ve had the van for two weeks now, and we’ve been going back and forth with them. They could not figure out what was wrong with the van, but after running all tests they tell me the transmission needs overhauling! They gave me a quote of over $6,000.00 and said they cannot cover it under the warranty because I did not purchase the van locally. They still have not opened the transmission, and are waiting for me to approve it. I complained, they contacted UAE, and still nothing they can do about it. They’re telling me I have to pay that amount to fix the van. The van is still under warranty and only has about 14K miles on it. It’s obviously a manufacturing fault if it indeed turns out to be a transmission failure. I can’t see how I would be liable to re-build a transmission on a brand new car that only has 14K miles on it and that has only been driven for six months. The van is still practically brand new; what else should I expect in the coming years. I drive a 2004 Ford F-250 which I also purchased brand new from the US. The local dealer honored the initial warranty on the truck, and further honored the extended three years warranty I purchased from the US. Why would Chrysler be so different?
The local dealer is telling me I have to contact Chrysler in the US because they can not honor the warranty on an exported car. Please help. It could be a very simple problem that they don’t know how to fix but decided to overhaul the transmission instead. They got the following code when they tested.


The Dealer’s workshop manager contacts are:

Please HELP.

Best Regards,

Omar Anabtawi

Posted By: Clew

Posted On: Mar 23, 2011
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2005-Dodge Caravan

When the warning light went on in my 2005 Grand Caravan, I took it to Ourisman Dodge of Alexandria, VA. They told me a pump was broken and they replaced it. Three weeks later, the light went on again. Took it back in -- same pump was broken. The explanation was that the replacement was defective. One month later, the warning light came on again. Another trip to the dealer and another replacement of the same pump. The service manager told me they had been having problems with the pumps, to which I asked why they kept installing the pumps they knew were defective. About a month later, the warning light came on again. My children were treated to a barrage of foul-language from me at that point. This time, Ourisman told me the computer needed to be replaced. Note that this car had only about 58,000 miles on it. The part needed to be back-ordered, so I left the car there for a few weeks. I picked up the supposedly repaired car on 3/18/11 and immediately drove it to CarMax, no longer wanting to drive such an unreliable car. About half an hour away from Ourisman, I noticed the speedometer wasn't working. CarMax then confirmed that the odometer also was not working, thereby lowering the price they could give me for the car considerably. I sold it anyway. I then contacted Dodge customer service to request they reimburse me for the lost money I would have gotten for the car. I sent them all the documentation. They denied me -- saying the dealership claims the odometer was working when I picked it up. Great of them to take the word of this obviously incompetent service department. Don't EVER take your car for service to Ourisman Dodge of Alexandria! Better yet, Don't buy a Dodge in the first place!

Posted By: tasleeper

Posted On: Mar 22, 2011
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98 plymouth minivan

I have always had one rule when shopping for a car, never buy a dodge. I have broken the rule twice and paid for it each time. The first time was in 2007 and I bought a jeep compass, later to go one and win 10 worst cars ever which bottom out it resale value leaving me stuck with it until I could get out of being underwater with my loan. From day one the electrical was spotty but would never do anything while I took it to the dealer. I finally get rid of it and what do I do? I go buy a 98 Plymouth grand voyager minivan for the kids. I went used because I didn't want to buy a new van and not like it. So i broke my rule again and bought a dodge, after one week of ownership the electrical system is completely f***ed. It only starts acting up for a couple of days then when I call a mechanic it stops, like it knows I am going to fix it so it stops doing what it is doing. I looked on the internet and this is a common problem with the BCM, If it is such a common problem you would think there would be a recall or something, nope just another 800 repair bill with no guarantee the problem will go away. I think I should torch the piece of s*** and collect the insurance. I am pretty sure the insurance guy would believe me if I said the thing just started on fire.
Never Never Again
Thanks for letting me vent
Tom S.

Posted By: Rick

Posted On: Nov 14, 2010
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2.7 Chrysler engine gone

My 2006 Chrysler 300 2.7 engine have out. Need a New engine still owe 8000. Only 40 thousand miles!! Chrysler wont help. Heard that 2.7 engines are no good. I feel cheated.

Posted By: Raymond Warren

Posted On: Oct 27, 2010
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Ram 3500

I have a 2007 Ram 3500 truck. I had a motor kock while traveling with my RV. I stopped at 10 dealers and stated that I was traveling through and needed for someone to check out my truck. They all stated almost the same thing. How about the end of next week or the middle of next week. So I pulled my RV home and drove my truck to the dealer that I brought it from. After 8 weeks chrysler gave the ok to install a new motor. So now it will have been in the shop 9 to 10 weeks before I can get it back. I wouldn't be paying insurance and truck payments if I didn't need a truck.

Posted By: Joy Finch

Posted On: Sep 27, 2010
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No help from Chysler

No wonder my part for my 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee has not been delivered on Sept 23 as promised. Apparently the workers are having more fun on their lunch breaks drinking and smoking illegal substances than doing the work their getting paid for. Now Chrysler can’t even find my part. And after finally getting them to pay for a rental, they won’t even give me a vehicle comparable to the one I have. Called Customer Service and keep getting switched from one department to another with no results. Was told my part was High Priority. Have been waiting over 48 business hours for someone to call me back and let me know where my part is. How long does it take to find a part that should have been shipped. Customer service sucks. They don’t care to return your voice mail messages. They don’t care if the date they give you for delivery comes and goes. You’d think a 3 yr old vehicle still under manufactures warranty would have parts available and not have to be manufactured. Don’t bother trying to say anything on their face book page because it apparently is only for people who love Chrysler.

Posted By: Eva

Posted On: Mar 3, 2010
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Posted By: Carter

Posted On: Jan 7, 2010
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2010 Jeep Liberty

I purchased a 2010 jeep liberty in october. A week later the auto lights wouldnt work and the A/C stayed on one temperature (cold). Also my wife noticed a chip in the paint one that didn't have a dent to show that the cause of the chip was anything other than a poor paint job or batch of paint used on that vehicle. When we went in to buy the vehicle initially we were very pleased with their courtesy. Every day after that they treated us horribly. When we took the jeep in to get fixed they acted as though it was our problem and we were somehow at fault for the problems. They fixed the electrical problems but werent happy to have to do so (come to find out later they didnt put them on file) and the paint would have to be dealt with later when there was someone there to fix it. This was an extreme inconvenience for us considering the dealer was in Georgia (carl gregory in columbus) and i was supposed to go to Fort Carson Colorado with in the week on new orders. Amongst this i later learned they talked my wife into making 650 dollar payments when we agreed on 400 dollar payments and that is what we talked about the with the salesman before the purchase along many other things we found in the contract that werent covered with us before the purchase including many extra charges. Upon ariving to colorado the auto window wouldnt work on the passenger side of the car for 2 weeks, the "premium" infinity speakers soon began making a cracking noise, the right rear digital tire pressure gauge reads 2 lbs higher than the other 3 and the transmission continued to make a grinding noise when put into drive or changed from drive to reverse that my wife began to notice. We began attempting to get our colorado licence plate to find that the dealership was withholding the information we needed until we payed near 400 dollars in taxes that they neglected to add to the amount we financed because they added the taxes wrong. In short they wanted us to pay out of pocket for their mistake 1 week from Christmas or we would not be able to get plates and the temp. tag would expire (keeping me from getting to work on base). After speaking to customer service and not only addressing the problem with the dealer but the problems small but numerous on the jeep and helping them to understand that i am leaving in august of 2010 for afganistan and dont want to leave my wife and soon to be child in a vehicle that i cannot trust in the snow covered mountains of colorado when i have enough to worry about. This began the longest process to get a problem fixed i have ever witnessed after 15 calls including a regional manager who refused to allow me to speak with his manager because he was convinced he solved my problem in assuring me i had nothing to worry about (something i asked and he was not willing to put on paper), I was left with a vehicle that was only almost 4 months old with electrical problems and a week to pay money i dont have on hand to the dealer for a mistake they made. In desperation of getting rid of this vehicle because of the stress it has caused, and the problems it has had that we should not have to deal with in a vehicle this new, that is in turn leading me to believe it is not safe considering it is nearly entirely composed of electronics we are willing to severly damage our really good credit by allowing the financing company to repo the jeep because chrysler would not buy back the vehicle and the trade in value is poor i would rather take this hit than worry about my family while im recieving fire and these people are unknowingly taking advantage of a country they dont appreciate behind their desk safe in their offices. I suggest never buying a vehicle from Chrysler not just due to the uncertainty of the purchase working but their lack of understanding and care for their customers there after.

Posted By: Tom Henricks

Posted On: Sep 23, 2009
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Chrysler Complaints

I am doing a little work at my own website and while researching more complaints, I found your website.
I am afraid it is - "same old - same old" but if interested my issue and others can be read at

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