Two gorram thieves walk into a bar...

and steal the best caption in the 'verse! (Vote for your TWO favorites!)

Mal, you sure this is the right way to Comic Con?
Jayne: Are you sure all four got their "Monthly visitor" at the same time? Mal: They tied up Simon for running out of Midol and I haven't seen Book or Wash since dawn. Jayne: I'd rather have a gorram Reaver attack than this.
Jayne: Is it Reavers? Mal: Worse. Fanboys. You got those grenades?
JAYNE: What the smurf are they doing in this century? MAL: I don't know, but if it's blue, shoot it.
Jayne: Ahhh, what's up Cap? Mal: Be vewwy vewwy quiet, I'm huntin' weavers.
Jayne: uhhh.... Open, says me!?! Mal: Jayne, I think you mean... *whiiirrrzzz-kuchhisszzz* Mal: hunh, I stand corrected.
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