CT#14 for February 14...Coincidence or gorram Alliance conspiracy?

Okay, here's the top 5 as selected by our expert panel of judg--okay, by me. Vote for your 2 favorite anyway!

SHINY's: MAL: Shirt tail tucked in or out, you think? INARA: Please don't ask me to get involved with your fashion decisions; I'd hate to be held responsible for your wardrobe.
GUNRUNNER's: MAL: Hay Inara watch me squirt some of Kaylee’s moonshine out my stab wound!
KNIBBLET's: Nathan: I damn well could have been in Star Trek:TNG! The 'Picard Maneuver' ain't that hard! See! Morena: Don't tell me, tell your agent.
VOLSTOCK: INARA: Mal, I can't beleive you talked me into digging through trash for your caper... and it looks like I got some Cilantro stuck under my nail. You owe me a manicure.
VETERAN's: Mal: Man, I just can't think of anything really funny for this week's Captain Tightpant's contest Inara (smiling to herself): That's ok your usually not very funny anyway.
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