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Posted By: Christopher Largen

Posted On: Jun 18, 2004
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Civility? So painful it hurts...

Republicans advocate lower taxes while gobbling up corporate subsidies. They preach about responsibility while exploiting American workers and outsourcing jobs. They fight wars to "liberate" other countries while incarcerating a greater percentage of their own people than any other nation in the world. They preach sexual abstinence while passing sex laws that transform Big Brother into a voyeur with an erection and a surveillance camera. They preach "protect the children" while "liberating" pedophiles and murderers to make room for non-violent offenders. They rail against the evils of drugs while subsidizing tobacco and chug-a-lugging brew like it was communion blood. They preach smaller government while turning attack dogs loose on their own people. They excuse the torture of uncharged detainees in other nations, while whining if they suffer police brutality at the hands of their own government (which rarely occurs - most Republicans can afford justice). They preach patriotism while destroying our nation's natural resources and robbing taxpayers and shareholders alike. To quote the Bible (a tactic utilized by many Republicans), they are "whitewashed tombs" and "hypocrites."

Perhaps they should be exposed as the war criminals they are, as traitors to the very constitution our founding forefathers fought and died to preserve. Or perhaps we the people should simply boot these con-artists right out of the White House this November.

Posted By: rigmus

Posted On: Aug 3, 2003
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i guess props should go to bad man

Posted By: rigmus

Posted On: Aug 3, 2003
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so very true, curious

it's really to bad that the american people and press had to magnify and turn that into a huge deal... i could care less if my president was or wasnt gettin head from a cow of a white house intern. it's really a shame that everyone cared... but am i correct in thinking that that was his 2nd term's not like he could have done anything else...

Posted By: Curious

Posted On: Aug 3, 2003
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Bobby's thoughts

Bobby, I agree with you, you have a point. I think you had a good president with Bill Clinton. He was a good leader. It's a shame his leadership became all about his sex life. Personally I think the only people who SHOULD have been privy to those details was his wife. For the life of me I will never understand WHY or HOW on earth I was informed about the bjs the President of the US was or was not receiving. He's a married man, and leader of a powerful country........ I *assumed* he was getting some, just didn't need or want to hear about it.

Posted By: Bobby

Posted On: Aug 2, 2003
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Let's not attack each party. Some leftists seem to be elitest (like the joke says, "How many leftists does it take to screw in a lightbulb? SHUT UP, THAT'S NOT FUNNY!"), but not all of us are. Remember that it's the fact that people choose to sit down and not take action. Those that aren't able to take action too to be accounted for. Being under 18 myself may not give me credibility when I say these things, but then again, I do have an "outsider while being an insider" view. My mother was a very successful leftist president of our local unified school district, and my father is following pursuit.
If we're going to attack each party, let's look at the numbers. With the 3 or so presidents before clinton, we quadrupled out deficit, unemployment was at a high, inflation was at an all time high, and the nation was in shambles. While Clinton was in office, inflation was at an all time low, unemployment was lower than it had been in 30 years, home ownership was at a high, and our deficit was cut in half. Yeah, and the democrat ideas don't work...

Posted By: Kallisti23

Posted On: Aug 2, 2003
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So *hip* to be a lefty...

Dear Mr. PC,

Why is it that all lefty elitests seem to think of the general public as children? Who do you all think you are to be able to make the "right decisions" for us poor, helpless masses?

Free Choice, Liberty for ALL...NOT the "Nanny State" you seem to be in favor of.

Posted By: pinkpuffbuster

Posted On: Aug 2, 2003
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umm, seriously......

these are all really longass quotes and i woulda read them, but i dont have the attention span too. come on, seriously, we're at oddtodd, lets try to keep em short, or at least interesting?

Posted By: rigmus

Posted On: Aug 2, 2003
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im bored so im gonna keep babbling...

you know what i think is wrong with the country? no you say? f*ck you! im telling ya anyway. it's that we generalize too much. focus on the rich, focus on the poor, focus on the minorities, focus on the majorities, it's the democrates fault, it's the republicans fault. f*ck that. it's our fault... say it with's our fault... take some goddamn responcibility. ya back in the good old days when americans worked hard and tried their best to be honest, america was a great place to live.. why do you think we dont get any more boatloads of european immigrants?? now we just get these cubans that, if given the proper oppertunity, would work harder and be more trustworthy than any white man i can think of... but no! the government is worried that paco will turn around and invite all of his hispanic family to come over and they will pick all our fruit. get real.. stupid racists. america doesnt have it's white-bred, white collar image anymore... we're a country full of Jackass, the movie-loving, Girls Gone Wild-commercail watching, slack-jawed idiots, that'd rather sit at home and watch stolen cable and b*tch about the system holding us down, then get out there work and make something of ourselves... now for the disclaimer... im not better than prolly worse. i complain about my small paychecks from grocery kart when i shouldn't get paid $3 an hour for all the work i do... im working at $5.5 standing around most of the day in an air conditioned building and occasionally i make somethign beep... hell of a contirbution i am to the work force, but what do i care...cuz im an american through and through.

ok ima go b*tch somewhere else now
peace out

Posted By: rigmus

Posted On: Aug 2, 2003
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i gotta question..

why does the public even vote if the electoral college picks the president anyway?? or am i mistaken about something?

Posted By: MartianMolly

Posted On: Aug 2, 2003
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voting and stuff

I disagree. I believe there is room for improvement in just about every aspect of government. I could get started on a list of specific examples, but I'd never finish and wind up drinking myself to sleep toninght. Anyway, voting. The debacle in Florida notwithstanding, voting is quite an imperfect system. I can be manipulated in legal ways and the best candidate, the most popular candidate doesn't always win. Also, voter turnout is constantly manipulated by specific candidates (bring out the vote drives), specific parties (Labor vs. Christian Coalition), and on a systemic level, where voter districts are constantly being redrawn to favor incumbents. Change is supposed to happen slowly, I know this, and most of these things serve to smooth out fickle changes in popular opinion. But it's still imperfect and there's room for improvement.

Also, the way people use the system IS the system. There are many laws about how people can legally interact with government. Laws = system. Laws = legalese. Legalese = lawyers. Lawyers = money. Money = access to system. It always comes back to the fact that the system favors the rich. Always has and always will. Right now at this present time in history, we have the best system yet. But It's not the best system possible, and there are some obvious places where improvement can be made.

Posted By: Miss New York

Posted On: Aug 1, 2003
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Please vote Democratic

Dear All,

When you go to the polls in 2004, all I ask is that you remember what George W. Bush has put this country through and how many people he has left unemployed. Thank you.

Posted By: pc`

Posted On: Aug 1, 2003
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I would argue that the system can't get much better, we have the framework of goverment that allows free vote. I think that any improvement will be at the direction of the voters. We as the citizens have the abilty to freely vote, so the system is fine. Any change to policy would be directed by the voters using the system that is already set up. I don't feel there is any problem with the system. The problem is people using the system for personal gain or not at all. I don't know how or if that is possible to change.

Posted By: Dr. BOB

Posted On: Aug 1, 2003
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new setup.

i really dont like the new setup of the poll comments. i like the way it used to be, in the days of old. what say you todd, and change it back? whos with me?

Posted By: Martian Molly

Posted On: Aug 1, 2003
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No arguments there, except that falling back on the "can't have a perfect system because we don't have perfect people..." spiel is often (not in this case, granted) used as a copout excuse or a guilt salve by those who benefit from the system. Not everyone does, and in the present case, I believe that the system is skewed towards an influential minority. Anyway, that argument is often used as a discussion topper against those 'discontents' who'd always like to push for a better system. If we can't have a perfect system, we can always have a better system.

Posted By: pc

Posted On: Aug 1, 2003
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Martian Molly

I don't think most politicians have each person's interest in mind. I am glad that most of them don't. I think most of them have the interest of the community first and try to do what is right for the whole community. Sometimes for the individual it stings, because it is not what the individual wants. This is all part of living in society. I do believe that there are some politicians that are only out for financial gain, but you will get that element of person in any profession. It is always unfortunate when someone gets into a position of power that cares more for money than doing the right thing, but that is reality. There is never going to be a perfect system, because there are no perfect people. It is unfair to say most politicains are out for themselves as it is unfair to say all republicians do not care about the poor. I am a republician, I guess, but I work as volunteer at a homeless shelter and a hospital. I think the problem is most people only see what politics does to them rather than for them.

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