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Posted By: Daisy

Posted On: Mar 16, 2004
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Phuck, Janet! Phuck the FCC!

I'm on this anti-FCC kick as of late. They are preparing to oust my boy Howard Stern. It all plays out like an Oliver Stone film (eg. JFK). The people on clear channel who kicked him off their stations are all Bush whackers--ummm, backers. Sending big $$ to his campaign and such. It's friggin' scary--is this a free country? Why the fudge did we go to war to protect the freedom of Iraq when our freedom is being taken away piece by piece, silently, with all of us sitting around not realizing what's going on til it's too late? Creepy.

Posted By: fcc a joke

Posted On: Mar 16, 2004
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RE: Phuck, Janet! Phuck the FCC!

The FCC has been on a warpath since the whole Janet/Justin debacle. It doesn't help that it's headed by a largely ineffective and disliked chairman, Michael Powell. He's overseen some of the most dramatic changes in the broadcast industry, especially in the radio world. Clear Channel is a monster broadcast company, owning thousands of radio stations and essentially has the power to control what is heard in a majority of the radio markets around the country. The FCC should have never allowed this company to get so big. They also own music venues, TV stations and they use this leverage to get what they want almost religiosly. Clear Channel is based in San Antonio, Texas. Same state G-dubbs is from. It's no coincidence that they kicked Stern off the air and that Bubba Love Sponge guy after they both spoke out about Bush. It was also on the same day the chairman of Clear Channel had to speak before Congress to testify on "indecency" on the airwaves.

The best thing about the whole Stern thing is that it has caused more people to tune in. Hopefully his ratings will skyrocket and the six Clear Channel markets that kicked him off the air will lose lots of $$ from it. Stern is still on the air in top markets with Infinity stations (Viacom), who actually own the rights to Stern.

Posted By: Daisy

Posted On: Mar 16, 2004
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RE: Phuck, Janet! Phuck the FCC!

I realize that Janet is just a red herring in this scenario. The real crime isn't a lewd radio show--it's turning from a Bush supporter to a questioning voter. The buck isn't stopping here either. Now there's talk of letting the FCC regulate the internet and our email. I feel like Rip Van Winkle--did I fall asleep and wake up in Nazi Germany?!?

Anyone interested in flooding the FCC office email with protests should check out this link I got from a CT radio station WCCC. Blessedly, I'm still able to get my Stern fix by listening to them.

Posted By: Clear Channel is BAD

Posted On: Mar 16, 2004
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RE: Phuck, Janet! Phuck the FCC!

Clear Channel …
In 1996 the Telecomm Act was signed by B. Clinton.
If we had been listening clearly at that moment,
I believe we would have heard the exultant
screams of the damned from hell
as there plot to visit us with a new
wave of repression and conscience suppression
was now close to fruition.

With the voracious appetite of Pac-Man,
Clear channel gobbled up more than 1100
radio stations.

Well, you say, isn't that their right?
Yes, it is.

And, as owners, don't they have the right to
'air' the news that they feel is fit?
Yes, that is their right.

And, should we not, as a responsible puble audience, make them…the owners, responsible to the American people for their content?
Yes, we should.

Enter Janet Jackson and her wardrobe.
Clear Channel's President "John Hogan" is hauled up in front of a House Subcomittee that is charged with keeping an eye on 'indecency over the airwaves'. John Hicks, the Vice Chairman
of Clear Channel is worried also.

What to do , what to do ?
A Conservative government, called Clear Channel up in front of a House Subcommittee,
Clear Channel: "Sounds like an 'ass wompin'
"Me gots t'show em…
1. I'm your friend,…your good friend.
2. I'm for democracy,…
3. I'm against filth"

The Plan:
Pt 3: I'm against filth:
A. Howard Stern is for anybody except George Bush, (who controls the bark on that subcommittee,) and Stern is always stating that fact. Stern endorses Al Franken all the time too. Hmmmmm…. recently a viewer of his made
a nastry racial remark. I suggest zero tolerance for that Racist Stern bastard,
kick him off the air!

Pt 2: I am for Democracy.
a. Lets do our part in
contributing to the democratic process,
and donate through the vice Chairman's
(Hicks) law firm a total
of $225,000 dollars to George Bush.
And lets make sure that 75 percent of all political donations from our PAC, and our executives and their loved ones…go to the Republican party, who dominate that Subcommittee.

Pt 1: I am your friend…your good friend
(Remind them of who you are)
a. Lowry Mays, the founder of 'Clear Channel'
who was put on the governing board
of Texas University Instrument Mgt Co., by
none other than: 'George Bush'
b.Vice Chairman Tom Hicks who gave 225K to
George Bush, and also bought the Texas Rangers from Bush for 225 Million dollars

On a clear,quiet night,
if you listen closely
you can hear 'hell laughing'.

Maybe that will help drown out
the sound of Clear Channel's politically safe elevator music which is sure to be our main staple soon from now on.

Posted By: Daisy

Posted On: Mar 17, 2004
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RE: Phuck, Janet! Phuck the FCC!

This is generally the point where I'd say that I'm packing it up and moving to Canada. Eh? C'mon someone write something light-hearted--I'm getting depressed.

Posted By: Nik Ashmost

Posted On: Mar 17, 2004
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RE: Phuck, Janet! Phuck the FCC!

Everybody acts like ClearChannel is so evil. But frankly, with a lot more media outlets, it's only natural that the allowed percentage owned by a company increases. Currently media outlets are pushing to have the percentage they may own in any market upped to a whopping 39%. Is 39% really THAT terrible?

As for Stern. Yeah, I'm all for free speech & such. But if he's acting like he's going to be out of a job & unable to work because of the FCC. Isn't that the same as saying, "without lewdness, I'm nothing" ?

For Daisy.....
Happy St. Pats!
Interestingly enough, St. Patrick was Roman and lived in England. Where's Irish fall into all this St. Patrick's Day stuff????

Posted By: fcc is a joke

Posted On: Mar 17, 2004
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RE: Phuck, Janet! Phuck the FCC!

it's a little more complicated than that, at least in the radio world (depends on how many stations exist in a market, revenue, spill from other markets as defined by arbitron, ownership of other media outlets like tv, etc), but yes - 40% is a lot, epecially for one broadcast company. and when you add that up in multiple markets, thats a huge share of listenership. they can basically dictate the ad revenues not just in one market, but multiple markets...essentially squeezing out their competitors. very bad for radio. very bad for you.

Posted By: Nik Ashmost

Posted On: Mar 17, 2004
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RE: Phuck, Janet! Phuck the FCC!

Speaking from my experiences working in one of the top 2 Advertising agencies. I can say that yes, the ownership thing regarding ad revenue, is an issue, though it's not entirely an issue because as media buyers we can still use other outlets to advertise. Clearchannel(primarily radio) can't go nuts with their pricing because they know that other forms of media such as print, tv, & cable are easily considered options.

I can't say I'm a fan of the 39-40% thing, or clearchannel. But I think people are getting all angry about ClearChannel because of the actions/threats from the FCC and that's just misdirected frustration.

And the FCC itself is wishing it hadn't made such an uproar over the Janet Superbowl thing. But the ball is off & running on capitol hill and they are afraid of saying, "you know what, we kind of over reacted." So you really can't even blame the FCC for what happens next. It's more a Senate/Congress issue now.

Posted By: Daisy

Posted On: Mar 18, 2004
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RE: Phuck, Janet! Phuck the FCC!

Nik--don't know much about religion--but I do know it's a great excuse to drink green tap beer and have green poop the next day. Not a bit Irish. Not even on St. Patty's day.

Debating over how many channels a corporation owns is just a distraction for me. The real issue at hand is getting the everyday joes and janes to realize that free speech is being threatened. I'll be the first to say I will shut off the Stern show occasionally because it goes too far for my tastes. But I want to be the judge of what I want to and don't want to listen to.

In terms of the content on this show that's "lewd" some of the stuff being censored is simple bathroom humor that third graders partake in. What Stern's talking about is the fact that what's being censored isn't the f-bomb, or other X-rated antics, it's a fart joke and an anti-Bush comment. That's what's scary. They're (the FCC) just making new rules as they go to get him off the air for going anti-Bush.

Posted By: fcc is a joke

Posted On: Mar 18, 2004
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RE: Phuck, Janet! Phuck the FCC!

Nik, I agree that it's largely out of the FCC's hands now, and being dealt with by Congress. That goes back to the ineffectiveness of Michael Powell, the FCC chairman.

In any case, this whole situation is getting way out of hand. A media outlet can now be fined up to 500K for each instance a four-letter word is uttered. That's pure insanity.

Last night, the local news on the FOX affiliate showed some video of people getting into a massive brawl in the streets....a man was knocked out cold and kicked several times in the head after being unconscious. He was clearly bleeding profusely. It was an obviosly stunt by Fox to get people to watch, and it was cloaked in a "newsworthy" veil. The FCC has no problem with this, yet Howard Stern - they want to kick him off the air because he says the word "lesbians" on the air occasionally. Something very wrong is going on in our country right now, and people need to wake up to it. I totally agree with you Daisy.

Posted By: Nik Ashmost

Posted On: Mar 18, 2004
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RE: Phuck, Janet! Phuck the FCC!

Oh I've always been anti-FCC. Sorry If I came off sounding too much in their defense. That's the devil's advocate in me.

As for Stern. Yeah, he should have the right to say whatever he wants. It's a person's choice to listen.(almost impossible to refute that)

However, radios don't have V-chips. And parents may not want their kids listening to Stern. Would you want your 9-10 year old sneaking off to listen to Stern in the summer? I think that's what makes Stern's comments a debatable issue. If they could make a V-chip for radios, I think the FCC/govt. would have to back off a bit and let the parents use the ability to exercise their own censoring.

Posted By: Kiki Dee

Posted On: Mar 18, 2004
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RE: Phuck, Janet! Phuck the FCC!

You all raise very valid points that I totally agree with. And I think that where kids are concerned, it's the parents' responsibility anyway. The FCC can require all radios from this point out to be manufactured with v-chips, however not all tvs have v-chips in them now. Some families still have the same tv they had 15 or 20 years ago (before v-chips were common) and they could subscribe to basic cable with a couple movie channels. The FCC still allows Cinemax to air smut on the air late at night. (Isn't Howard on late at night? I'm not a listener. Sorry.) And have you seen the show on Comedy Central called Crank Yankers? It's pure potty humor and filth (complete with anatomically correct puppets), yet there is no talk on banning them or other Comedy Central shows. Also, Colin Quinn's show that airs late at night talks out largely against Bush.

Now that I've rambled, I'll get to my whole point: I think that Howard Stern threatens them because he has a following and his listeners put some stock into what he says. Colin Quinn doesn't have the viewer base, and no one really takes a bunch of comedians seriously. Howard, while funny, isn't a comedian. They're just running scared.

It's pathetic what this country is coming to.

Posted By: FCC is a joke

Posted On: Mar 18, 2004
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RE: Phuck, Janet! Phuck the FCC!

the FCC regulates cable/sattelite TV much differently than broadcast radio and tv...and that is a big problem in of itself. the FCC has too much of a range on what is appropriate for one and not another media outlet. the rules are vague, punishment for broken rules are not distrubuted's a crazy system.

It would be interesting if Viacom actually has to pull Stern off the air if they are levied huge fines. I think it will cause an even GREATER uproar. GW would surely be voted out.

Posted By: virago

Posted On: Mar 18, 2004
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RE: Phuck, Janet! Phuck the FCC!

the whole thing is completely frightening. i have to admit that historically i have not been a huge howard stern fan, but i started listening a few months ago (on Ct's WCCC- which is God's gift to Ct in more ways than one) and it has grown on me. even when i didn't listen, and even when i was teaching 9 year old children who were listening- i never wanted him yanked off of the air. kids are going to listen to whatever they want to in their free time, whether or not their parents want them to, but that's the point. parents need to take the time to spend time with their kids and raise them so that they are able to deal with the realities of the world we live in. the steadily increasing amount of graphic violence and gore on tv is shocking- comedy is more outrageous- times are changing. you can't protect your children from it by hiding it from them, they will find ways to see R-rated movies, play video games that are rated M and hack their ways into porn sites on the internet; they're kids, that's what they do- was anyone else sneaking cigarettes and r-rated movies after school with their friends when their parents weren't home? clamping a hand over howard stern's mouth won't stop our kids from accessing inappropriate materials. particularly when howard has been running the same show for years. ****? has anyone seen the Chapelle show? he says that all the time! it's different because he's black? because he's on late? all of these kids who are listening to Stern are probably watching comedy central in their rooms when they're supposed to be sleeping - watching the UNCENSORED SOUTH PARK MOVIE!!! if they're going to try to clean up the airwaves, they're going to have to put Brady Bunch reruns on every network, elevator music on every radio station, and will be the only website. come on, let's take responsibility for the kids we're raising and teach them how to conduct themselves responsibly and sensibly in the world we're all living in. you can't turn back time, but apparently, you can repeat the mistakes of the past. forget it, i'm going to start my own country. it'll be completely free where we can say whatever we want and not have to worry about persecution or censorship. anyone who wants to come is welcome. just come on down to the harbor and join me, i'll meet you on the boat; it's called The Mayflower.

Posted By: fcc is a joke

Posted On: Mar 19, 2004
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RE: Phuck, Janet! Phuck the FCC!

you raise some great points. I'd love to start that new country of yours...the only thing, in 228 years- the same sh*t will be going on

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