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Posted On: Feb 12, 2009
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Posted On: Nov 16, 2008
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assembly line

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Posted On: Sep 13, 2008
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Posted On: Sep 12, 2008
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Posted By: kimberly

Posted On: May 13, 2007
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when i was rape in augest

in augest of 2006 my ungole two friend's came over and we where out in the shid hanging out playing video game's my ungole dident lut me play aney game becuse of his gril friend so he went to bed and i staed up playing video game's and my ungole two friend's took turn rapeing me.

Posted By: kimberly

Posted On: May 13, 2007
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when i was rape in augest

in augest my ungole two friend's came over and we where out side hanging out playing video game's my ungole dident lut me play aney game becuse of his gril friend so he went bed and i staed up playing video game's and my his two friend's took turn rapeing me

Posted By: poohbaby

Posted On: Jan 25, 2007
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so bad

when u feel like i do it is hard i was 9 and so small then by my own dad rapes me i am so mad and sad at the same time pepole say it would be ok but i know inside it wont

Posted By: L

Posted On: Dec 3, 2006
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Surviving after 11 yrs.

Someone I did not know raped me 11 yrs ago. The rape was a horrible experience for me and i did not tell anyone until many years later. Meanwhile i found myself to be pregnant by the person who raped me. At the time, i told no one of my rape just that i was pregnant. It was not until my seventh or beginning of my 8th month that i started to show. I stayed thin and slim the whole pregnancy. I knew around 4 months that something was not right and could feel the baby kick at that point. However, i continued to hide the pregnancy and rape. Years after my daughter was born, i told my partner who i was in a relationship with for about 3 years. At that point, they suggested that i get help and therapy for the sexual assault. Thank god, this person was so caring and loving about this matter because at the time i do not know where or how i got the strength or energy to go through with the therapy or talking about it, reliving it. Thank god, they were my rock at that time. I made the choice to keep the child, which is now my beautiful 10-year-old daughter. She is amazing and is now my new rock for all of this. However, i do still at times have flashbacks and at this point in my life, it is hard for me even to mention the word rape let alone talk about it. I have never really been able to talk freely about it or with out feeling as i am reliving it as i speak about it. I went through a lot of self-blame and guilt and from others also. i still to this day have people tell me that i am at fault and make me feel as if i am to blame or that i deserved it. i Have grown over time to lesson that guilt and blame feeling but at times it does arise. I have more strength today to know that i was not at fault or at least i feel 90% of the time that i a not to blame. i still though after all these years have difficulty talking about it....i am kind of glad that i can type it out here it does make it a bit easier to hide behind a screen then to talk to someone live about the rape. if anyone has any suggestions for me on dealing with the issue of talking about the rape or have some ideas for where i am in this process of coping with my assault after all these years please feel free to email me ( thanks for listen all of u and take care my hope is with you....L

Posted By: lana

Posted On: Nov 27, 2006
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it is too hard to deal with

i was raped when i was 12 by my aunt's husband and coz i was so tiny and he was too big i couldnt push or even scream i froze he threatened to kill my mom if i told anyone he kept raping me for 3 years , now im 19 but ill never get over it !!!if anyone has aidea of what i can do plz say smthn

Posted By: susan lake

Posted On: Nov 17, 2006
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I've had a nervous breakdown due to rape

No one will believe me....because it was a friend that i let in my door....he was kind and attentive at thing led to another...and he hurt me so bad....i co-operated to save myself....he wouldn't stop when i begged him to..i told him he was hurting me...i cried and screamed but he paid no attention...only his needs counted....i said stop! dont!...i thought he had ruptured me because i was so tiny inside....but thank God i was just badly brused....i am a nurse, so i treated myself for the brusing and much pain and was am blamed by everyone that i have told but one woman friend that understands....i can't go on...everyone tells me to just forget it..that i was stupid and to blame...that i deserved it....but i know that i didn't i have shut down...and just sleep in bed alot...with pills that the doctor gave me for sleep....i have a disorder called has gotten much physical pain...terrible pain all over....but it is nothing compaired to the emotional pain that comes in waves over me....i can't go another step...i can't pretend that i'm ok anymore and that i can still go on...i can't go on another step...not one step...everyone pulls at me...wants something from me....but i have nothing left to give...i almost put myself in the hospital...but instead...because i am a nurse...i've decided to have a nice quiet breakdown here at my lil house ...where everything is a normal surrounding...i shut off the no one will pull at me anymore....take from me...blame and shame me anymore...i am empty...just the pain for company....i can't go another step...and must stop..withdraw...till i can resume my life and hopefully pick up the pieces...or start a new life....i have no idea how long this will take...I freaked out all night till i realised that i had had a nervous breakdown...i know the symptoms...i have no one else to tell...forgive me...and i hope i can forgive myself....much love to you all...pray for name is Wren...and I a Cherokee woman....bless you all...i am praying for each and everyone of you....

Posted By: Emma Walker

Posted On: Nov 14, 2006
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how do I move on

I was raped over a year ago and i dont know how to deal with any of it...I have just started to tell people and they dont seem to get it. I told my best friend and he jokes about it. when I tell him Im scared or have a hard time sleeping he asks why like its something I should be over.....he wants me to tell him who but than I know he will want to press charges and if he does than my family will have to know...and they have been through to much pain already. and I dont want to have to face it in the courts. i dont want the man who did this to me to do t to anyone else but i dont thin i have what it takes to stop him. I cant prove he did it even though at the time I was black and blue because he punched me in the ribs but I was afraid and didnt tell anyone, I told someone I had been hit but thats all and now I have no way of proving it so why bring it up when they will only say I am lying and it will hurt me more. I hate this! how do I deal with this! How do I move on?

Posted By: Christie Palmatier

Posted On: Nov 14, 2006
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I was raped on May 6, 2006

I was raped by my best friend's ex-boyfriend. I said no, but he kept going. I know I was raped, but I haven't faced reality yet. I'm looking for help. I'm too afraid to face reality. I'm only 15. Does anyone have any advice?

Posted By: johnnny

Posted On: Nov 11, 2006
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to much 4 me

iwas raped at thirteen by a guy i knew then at 14 by my b.f.s brother in law of course she isnt my friend they all still tell me its my fault he was 30 at the time i still feel like i could have stopped himor some thing but now i am 21 and cannot tell my husband no when it comes to him wanting me even if i am hurting or whatever i just zone out untill he is done i wish someone could help me counselors have been no help i start to get to know them then theyswich me to another and i have beeen forced a lot more times than this so it must be me that has the problem

Posted By: little one

Posted On: Nov 7, 2006
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I was eight years old when a fellow classmate raped me while his mom was supposed to be babysitting me, that was 11 years ago and it still hurts, will it ever stop hurting?

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