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Posted By: i-an

Posted On: Sep 14, 2008
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yeah !

wla ko pki-elam kung sinu man ang third bzta mzya kmi kc nanalo c laarni at yan ang tama at dpt mangyari gogogogogo laarni we will support u until d end nyahnyah!!!! god bless s bagong career!

Posted By: flor cruz

Posted On: Sep 14, 2008
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d ko lang gusto n c Miguel ung masama sa top3 c liezel sana un. . ok lang kung laarni o bugoy kc may talent naman sila. . un nga lang may topak c laarni. d naman talaga ako nanonood nyan nong 1st day kc nakita ko c liezel at nagandahan me sa boses nya kaya inabangan ko n lagi. kya nkakainis na d sya masama sa top 3

Posted By: grace

Posted On: Sep 14, 2008
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i dont agree with the result

i am disappointed with what happened to Liezel. She is supposed to be one of the top three. Text voting in my opinion is not morally good because somehow it promotes corruption. Ano nalang ang matutunan sa mga kabataan ngayon na puede pala akong manalo, though i am not deserving? Like what Miguel had done. He is supposed to be the no. 6. Liezel had been the star for many weeks.

Posted By: Concern

Posted On: Sep 14, 2008
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I don't totally agree

We were disappointed that Liezel did not make it to the top three. She deserved it! We are also disappointed that Miguel made it to the top three because he was way down when it concerns talent.

This is another proof that people who have can always have their way. One can buy honors though they don't deserved it. If you only have sheer talent and that's all you have, you will be sidelined by those who have.

Maybe if it was not Miguel who was week after week on provision, it would have been a fair playing field but to have him on the top 3 is starkly unfair.

Posted By: joy

Posted On: Sep 14, 2008
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bat top 3 si miguel

miguel dapat top 6 or dapat nun pa naevict n yan. sobrang mayabang. Nung nirirate nila sarili nila cya daw no. 1 tapos sabi pa tingnan nalang natin s final. hmmmm yabang mo.

Posted By: ralph

Posted On: Sep 14, 2008
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PDA Winners

I am happy that my bet,LAARNI won. Actually, my bet were laarni,bugoy and liezl but not in that order. Although Liezl shine on earlier part of the show (i am not impressed though!), she cannot sustain it on the later part. Liezl,like Bugoy has a monotonous voice....from day one to the end....same voice ang maririnig mo sa kanila.Laarni on the other hand can play with her voice in so many ways. Actually, si Louie Ocampo lang and avid fan ni Liezl since the beginning. I do not like what Bugoy told the crowd that puso ko, ako ang PDA grand winner.......well, bugoy, i think Channel 2 do no like their winner to be homosexual...ok...and the winner must have star value....for your case..i doubt..i am sorry.Miguel is not a surprising winner.....kasi between cris and van...ok siya. but between liezl and him....Liezl is a better choice. It would have been good...if the result is laarni, bugoy and liezl.

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