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Posted By: James

Posted On: 10 days ago
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Amazing work

Amazing website work for such an important cause - we will beat this virus.

Waste Away

Posted By: Drei

Posted On: September 12th
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face mask

Most of the country allows people to remove their face masks outside. But for chimney repair Delaware, It's best if people initiate to still wear masks not only for the protection of themselves but also for their families who are immune compromise.

Posted By: Jean A. Harrison

Posted On: September 1st
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Posted By: Agatha

Posted On: August 31st
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Don't let your guard down. People here in El Paso still practicing social distancing and we still avoid crowded places.

Posted By: Tony Williams

Posted On: August 31st
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Posted By: carlhammond hammond

Posted On: August 22nd
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Posted By: Vuul

Posted On: August 16th
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Please take Covid-19 seriously. Follow the health protocols and be more aware of your surroundings. A lot of people keeping their guard down, and then getting infected. Wishing you and your family safety! Retaining Wall Pros

Posted By: Marco

Posted On: August 12th
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Wear your mask outside and follow the covid 19 safety protocols. Obtain a vaccination. There is overwhelming evidence that immunizations are safe and effective, lowering the risk of severe illness or hospitalization. | Go here

Posted By: Kadan

Posted On: August 8th
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Covid Concern

Thank you for the advice. I am vaccinated and got covid. Just self-quarantine myself on my house. Never got hospitalized. But still being cautious is still the best thing to do. Vaccines are not meant for you to be IMMUNE to covid. Science deniers in the 21st century btw. omegalul
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Posted By: Aaron Ramsdale

Posted On: August 8th
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I am surprised about this post. It has a nice presentation, and clear layout and the information is meaningful to me. fall guys & wordle unlimited

Posted By: Amber Brion

Posted On: July 28th
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Thank you for the information, will be really careful regarding that.

Posted By: Norman Redwood

Posted On: July 26th
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I don't know where you live but this so call vaccine is bull and it doesn't work. Hospital are still overrun with Covid-19 patient. I caught it twice and it was someone who was so call vaccinated I caught it from.

Posted By: Bvue

Posted On: July 13th
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Covid 19

Practice covid 19 safety protocols and wear your mask outside. Get vaccinated. There's an overwhelming evidence that the vaccines are safe and effective and reduces the risk of severe cases or hospitalization.
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Posted By: gisinfomedia

Posted On: July 8th
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I'm unvaccinated and it's been 2 years, I feel fine!

Posted By: gisinfomedia

Posted On: July 8th
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I'm unvaccinated and it's been 2 years, I feel fine!

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