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Posted By: Beorn65

Posted On: Mar 13, 2004
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RE: Media makes Saddam look bad

Hmmm interesting cnn makes sadam look bad does it? Did you know that Uday (sadams son) led a state run rape team and wen taround and raped so called "traitors" wives and daughters? did you know that sadam had special cells for children of "traitors" by the way children means anywhere below 20 ie. 6-year olds got cells too or that "traitors" whole families were imrisoned raped tortured and most likely killed? Before you make a stupid comment look at the facts you loser. Sadam was a complete ^%^$^$^%#*^# and deserved what was coming to him. Really people dont pick and choose information just makes you look like a stupid dumb ^&*( Hans.

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