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Posted By: MadeleineGriffin

Posted On: Jul 7, 2013
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Posted On: Jul 2, 2012
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Posted By: WintyJenmem

Posted On: Dec 15, 2011
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Posted On: Jul 4, 2011
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Posted On: May 16, 2011
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Posted By: chanel sunglass

Posted On: Apr 17, 2011
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Posted On: Jun 7, 2010
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Posted On: Jan 22, 2010
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Posted By: Raptor

Posted On: Jan 28, 2004
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Dreamcatcher is most original mode I played. Things like dragon ride really impresed me. I tracked the creation of Deamon a litle and must say that Adam Miller must have really good imagination. Wich is really imortant to create a good mode so if his Deamon will become mode of the year 2004 I wount be surprised

Posted By: deadtoasted

Posted On: Jan 28, 2004
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In this case...

Well, sometimes we can say popularity does not what is right or better. But, come on, we´re all NWN players, we know what is better or not, and if Dreamcatcher is winning, it is just because most of people really liked it! Blah! :P

Posted By: Old Fart

Posted On: Jan 25, 2004
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My beer

Iwould just like to raise my brew to you fellas that brought a little joy to so many.

Posted By: Braindancer

Posted On: Jan 24, 2004
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Giant's right

Sleeping giant makes a very good point. Their just populair. Maye some are even good. But in the overall its just a popularity contest.

I played shadowlords , and it turned out to be just one of those mod that I end up quiting after a couple of hours(out of boredom)

and i have played lower ranked moduled that are way better and keep me entertained (mystery at noron) just read the review of that mod!

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