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Woman for Uzbek PresidencyJun 12, 2006Results Comments  
Союзник УзбекистанаJun 12, 2006Results Comments  
Parliamentary elections in UzbekistanJun 12, 2006Results Comments  
Topic of your discussion with friendsJun 12, 2006Results Comments  
Uzbekistan for foreign businessJun 12, 2006Results Comments  
Quality of life in UzbekistanJun 12, 2006Results Comments  
Responsible for Andijan massacreJun 12, 2006Results Comments  
Level of Education in UzbekistanJun 12, 2006Results Comments  
US base in UzbekistanJun 12, 2006Results 
US base in UzbekistanJun 12, 2006Results Comments  
Gay IssueSep 17, 2004Results 
Form of governance in UzbekistanSep 17, 2004Results Comments  
War in IraqMay 12, 2004Results Comments  
Uzbekistan. War in IraqMay 12, 2004Results 
OppositionMay 12, 2004Results Comments  
БудущееMay 12, 2004Results Comments  
Currency ConvertibilityMay 12, 2004Results Comments  
Your originMay 12, 2004Results 
The President's knowledge of the situationMay 12, 2004Results Comments  
Uzbekistan's main problemMay 12, 2004Results Comments  
Unified TurkestanMay 12, 2004Results Comments  
SeasonsMay 12, 2004Results Comments  
Aral Sea SalvationMay 12, 2004Results Comments  
Uzbekistan's closest allyMay 12, 2004Results 
Ваш полководецMay 12, 2004Results Comments  
Your favorite sportMay 12, 2004Results 
Referendum on presidential term in the officeMay 12, 2004Results Comments  
Виновные в терактах в США-Responsible in US terrorist actsMay 12, 2004Results Comments  
LoveMay 12, 2004Results Comments  
Your DrinkMay 12, 2004Results Comments  
Friendship between man and womanMay 12, 2004Results Comments  
FootballMay 12, 2004Results Comments  
SalaryMay 12, 2004Results Comments  
Our search engineMay 12, 2004Results Comments  
Sanctions against TalebanMay 12, 2004Results Comments  
Best Internet SiteMay 12, 2004Results Comments  
New Year StatementMay 12, 2004Results Comments  
Your countryMay 12, 2004Results Comments  
Soviet anthemApr 11, 2004Results Comments  
Palestine-Israel ConflictApr 11, 2004Results Comments  
Service in the ArmyApr 11, 2004Results Comments  
Sex in your life-Секс в вашей жизниApr 11, 2004Results Comments  
RamadanApr 11, 2004Results Comments  
BribeApr 11, 2004Results Comments  
Knowledge of EnglishApr 11, 2004Results Comments  
Our site visitors-Посетители нашего сайтаApr 11, 2004Results 
U.S. ElectionsApr 11, 2004Results Comments  
Your News SourceApr 11, 2004Results Comments  
Your GenderApr 11, 2004Results Comments  
CheatingApr 11, 2004Results Comments  
Your AgeApr 11, 2004Results 
Drugs-НаркотикиApr 11, 2004Results 
Central Asian PresidentsApr 11, 2004Results Comments  
Man of the CenturyApr 11, 2004Results Comments  
Favourite SingersApr 11, 2004Results Comments  
Central Asian PresidentsApr 11, 2004Results Comments  
Independence ShowApr 11, 2004Results 
Independence DayApr 11, 2004Results Comments  
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