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Posted By: Victoria Lawrence

Posted On: Jul 12, 2004
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Glad You Like The Message Board

Hi all - glad you like the message board - i will keep it up and running as long as it stays active.

Nice to see so many people interested in the programme still. Hopefully series 2 is not too far away.
Victoria Lawrence

Posted By: elaine

Posted On: Jul 12, 2004
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star sign

emma natasha's star sign is virgo. monica your insight is terrific i am just home from work and can't wait to watch the show now i've read your message. i will email you the article from mail on sunday and also the one from daily mail today if you want

Posted By: Rachel

Posted On: Jul 12, 2004
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Body Language

Susie you said in one of your comments that "Natasha did say Brendan is the only one who I would let lift me up, she trusts him completly"

When did she say this?

Posted By: susie

Posted On: Jul 12, 2004
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I agree

what monica has picked up on is fantastic, they do seem to be really close friends lets hope it is more than that, or devolps into more. I love hearing about body language and stuff like that, I always believe your body language says an awful lot about you, Brendan and Natasha can't hide it.

Posted By: Carys

Posted On: Jul 12, 2004
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Body language

Wow! Monica that was fantastic! You've managed to pick up on things i would have never even noticed, and reading over your (in my opinion) very accurate analysis, it shows how close Brendan and Natasha have actually become over the recent months!

Let's hope for their sake that what has possibly begun thru SCD may continue!

Posted By: susie

Posted On: Jul 12, 2004
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body language

did also notice when they were talking about the free dance and Natasha was worried about being dropped. Brendan squeezed her and said we won't drop anything, reasurring her again, how lovely.
How could she not feel safe in those arms.
Natasha did say Brendan is the only one who I would let lift me up, she trusts him completly

Posted By: Rachel

Posted On: Jul 12, 2004
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Body Language

Hi Monica

I would definitely agree with the things you picked up and I also managed a bit of lip reading during their dances ie just before they go to do the Dirty Dancing lift he says "ready" and she nods. A definite sign to me of reassurance.

I think my two favourite dances up to the final have to be their waltz in the semi, it was so romantic!!! and their first samba, wonderful from beginning to end.

Posted By: Monica

Posted On: Jul 12, 2004
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Body Language

Thanks Pat for the email address. I will be in touch.

Well as for my 'report' on body language, here goes. First of all I am not an expert, but I do have an interest in this subject.

I have only recorded the final SCD programme, and the programme shown on BBC3 on the Sunday. We only got Freeview in our house two weeks ago, so I have missed out on all the behind the scenes activity up until that point.

If anyone is willing to make a copy/copies of previous recordings, I would be willing to pay. My email address is

So here goes:-

FIRST DANCE: Quick Step.
In the introduction, when they were discussing why Brendan had chosen the Quick Step as opposed to the Foxtrot, he called her "sweetie" and looked at her lovingly, and said that the Foxtrot was not attractive enough to beat Chris.

Just before they went on to the dance floor, Brendan looked at Natasha and said "it will be OK" and then when they got on to the dance floor, and were just about to do the first move, he said "you can do it". At the end he applauded her proudly. Waiting for the judges comments, they held hands - both hands held by the other.

Togetherness - more than in a professional capacity. At the very least, very good friends.

"Love is in the Air" song - when they were spinning early on in the dance, Brendan sang "Love is in the air, I can see it your eyes". Both smiled, threw their heads back smiling. Part of the dance I know, but also you can imagine lovers doing just that. i.e, being in love and not having a care in the world.

At the end, when standing by Bruce, talking about the microphone incident, Brendan almost went to put the microphone back into Natasha's cleavage, or at least help her to do so. He seemed to suddenly remember where he was, and that officially their relationship is "platonic", and stopped himself. (Just before Bruce asked if she wanted any help). I would say that this indicated "familiar territory" i.e, cleavage. Again, held hands, tightly. Both of Natasha's clasping Brendan's right hand. Hanging on to her man, so to speak.

Constantly looking at each other.No need to talk about the dance itself, I think that was self explanatory, both in words and in body positions/movements etc. At the end, Natasha asks "was that alright?", he says something, and then says it was "fantastic" and gives her yet another kiss.

When asked by Bruce at the end "was it good for you", watch Brendan's face - no words necessary.

Just before the first judge's comments, i.e, Bruno, Brendan kisses Natasha's left shoulder, and she rests the left side of her face to the right side of his, briefly. Indicates, reciprocated love, togetherness and mutual support.

By the time Craig gives his thoughts, they are holding hands again. Again, both hands.

Emotional Brendan, trying to be professional, but his feelings clearly getting the better of him.


When they first arrive at the sofa, as they go to sit down, Natasha reaches out for Brendan's right leg, and rests her left hand there. When she talks about Brendan dropping her in training, Brendan stroked her right shoulder (his right arm was behind her throughout the interview), as if he was saying sorry, and making it better, so to speak. Natasha moved her right hand to right shoulder at various times throughout that interview afterwards. An unnatual pose, except for the fact, it allowed their fingers to touch briefly from time to time. Also, watch the exchange of glances throughout.

When they finished the Paso, look at the way he kisses her, just before they join Chris and Hannah. Love over flowing I think, as well as pride.

When the result is announced, watch how Brendan and Natasha hug, and then he says to her "well done you". When the other dancers come forward to congratulate, watch how Brendan is never far away from Natasha. Even when she is caught up in various hugs and kisses, Brendan continues to touch her, via various pats on the back/shoulder, whilst he too is being congratulated by others.

On the one hand it is reassuring Natasha that he is there in support/togetherness amongst all the frenetic activity, and on the other hand, it was letting all the others know " we did this as a couple". At one point Camilla did come forward and congratulate Brendan,but it looked like someone who had accepted defeat (in the love stakes) and was letting go.

the whole scene at the end, reminded me of a bride and groom at their wedding reception.

All this with what appears to be his mother's blessing.

Well, there it is folks. For what it is worth. My amateur analysis. Hope it managed to pass a few minutes of fun, and for anyone interested, think of some of these comments when you next watch your video/s.

Posted By: Rachel

Posted On: Jul 12, 2004
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Brendan and Natasha

Hi, this is my first time on the message board. I just wish I had found it before the competition had finished.

I have watched the final so many times on tape that it is beginning to crack up.

I can't believe it is over.

I would love them to get together but I think it is highly unlikely as they both lead very busy working lives. But it would be the perfect end to the fairytale.

I still find it hard to believe that Natasha has done so much in 3 months when she gets up at 3.20am!!!!!!!

I have heard rumours that there is going to be a Christmas special, so here's to hoping that we haven't seen the last of them.

Posted By: emma

Posted On: Jul 12, 2004
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what is natasha's starsign

Posted By: Pat

Posted On: Jul 12, 2004
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I love it too!

Hi I have to agree with everyone about how good it is to be able to read and chat about Brendan on this message board. It is difficult at home, everyone thinks I am mad when I keep putting the video on! I have to decamp to the bedroom!

Brendan is great, no matter what he does, and it is exciting waiting to see him again and wondering if things are happening. Anyone got any new gossip? I missed the Mail on Sunday yesterday, I went out to my local motorway services at 11pm last night to try to get a copy, but no luck, all sold out! I must be mad!!!!!

Monica my email address is, would love to hear from you.

Posted By: susie

Posted On: Jul 12, 2004
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body language

it will great tomorrow to read monicas notes on body language, as all the little looks and touches must mean something, it will be very interesting.
Also now I know Brendan's star sign is Taurus, I find myself reading his stars, even though I don't particlarly beleive them. I must be going mad.
Really love this board its great being able to talk scd and who know who.

Posted By: Sara

Posted On: Jul 11, 2004
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I love reading how addictive people have got to Brendan (including myself!). He's a star! Hopefully we'll see him on TV soon.

Posted By: Carys

Posted On: Jul 11, 2004
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This board

Lol, i have to say that i really love this board - it's great to be able to discuss and share things with people who feel like I do! During SCD i thought i was going slightly loopy because of how much i loved watching Natasha and Brendan dance, but i'm glad to see that i'm not alone!

How the second series will live up to the first i will never know...

Posted By: Monica

Posted On: Jul 11, 2004
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Body Language

Yes Pat, I would love to hear from you about body language.

I will set some side tomorrow (I work from home) to make a few notes, to get the discussion started, and will post on here some time tomorrow.

I would be interested to see what other people have to say.

I think Brendan is do doubt a very good teacher, but I am sure that people are more receptive to new ideas/thoughts/practices when they are in love.

When the other couples danced (even those others who are reported to be "an item" as well, none of them look like our Brendan and Natasha. When they dance, she NEVER takes her eyes off him. Never. She never looks at the audience or the camera (i.e, not interested in how she looks or is performing - in their opinion anyway) but she constantly looks and smiles at Brendan for direction and reassurance and approval. Sign of true, intense love?

Natasha appears to have ultimate confidence in her 'man', and as such, believes that she can do anything with him along side her.

If they are not an item, they are on the brink, or at the very least they are thinking about it. In my mind, they are already.

Having said all that, it must be no fun to commence a relationship in the full public glare, let alone split from former partners at the start. My excuse for my thoughts and opinions is that is appears to have happened before our very eyes - something that I am not sure either or them intended.

Pat, as I am fairly new to these Boards, I am not sure if my email address appears when you submit a reply. If it does not, then we can find another way.

So, for anyone who is interested, I will come on the Boards tomorrow, with a few thoughts on body language.

Gosh, I am so glad these Message Boards are here. It means, that I can slowly go mad, in good company.

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