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Posted By: Brian

Posted On: Dec 24, 2006
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lol, i can play anytime i want, i just have to do my routine which would take me about an hour.. and then theres the hwk to do (only if its handed in tmr) and then lunch and dinner of course

Posted By: James c.

Posted On: Dec 19, 2006
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I only get to play 30 mins a day, lol =]....but s your game a rpg? anyways, I ferl bad for you...

Posted By: ace of games

Posted On: Nov 26, 2006
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i also play at night

I also like playing games till about 3 in the morning. like just yesterday i got this new game for the PS2 and it was the coolest game i got since i played Socom 3. of course it wasnt as cool as Socom but it had to be cool if i played it till 3 in the morning. then my mom came in and yelled shut the ****ing game off its 3 in the morning!!! then i got grounded for a week and she hid it, but i found it easily now when she goes away for a few hours i'll sit back, grab a soda and play until she calls me that shes coming home and i put it back.

Posted By: super gamer

Posted On: Nov 17, 2006
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my dad 3(the final chapter)

my dad finally lightend up about gaming for the last few months and now i can play as long as i want and hes gonna buy me the nintendo wii the very first day it comes out he finally kicks ass

Posted By: uihujuiu

Posted On: Nov 10, 2006
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I ****ing got id bak bitchs now to waste my ass playin it

Posted By: Brandon

Posted On: Nov 9, 2006
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Im a butter-ball!

My dad got me a X-box from Iraq [And it was super cheap to!] and over 100 games. So the first day I have it I'm up untill three in the morning and my dad walks in because he was getting raedy for work and screams "Get the **** off and go to bed!!!!" So for the next two months I'm grounded. But I still get up arounnd one and start playing untill my eyes bleed. And I never get caught!

Posted By: Cameron aka Pac-Man

Posted On: Nov 6, 2006
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This is my story...

I remembered when I got my 1st own system. It was a SNES! I loved that system to death, I remembered what awesome games I had (Super Mario World 1 & 2, Megaman X!) And I was only 6 years old when I got it! I played all day with that and couldn't resist!! Amazinly, I was like 9 years old at the time and I got to the VERY final part on Megaman X (Sigma)!! I'd forget a chore and get grounded by my step-dad!! I'd get so ****ed off and mad (cause I would get grounded by my system)!! Then whenever he's gone for work, I'd play right back on my system!! Video Games was life to me when I was little, it taugh me hand-eye cordantion, subtitle reading, and how to hook up a game system to my TV!! Video Games = Life to me man!

---Cameron (Pac-Man)

Posted By: Bakalakavaka st.

Posted On: Nov 5, 2006
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I want to learn how to animate sprites.

Randy, please help.

Posted By: uihujiuiu

Posted On: Oct 28, 2006
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i got damn caught

i ****in caught dammit **** u bastards i dont know where the hell it ****in is

Posted By: uihujiuiu

Posted On: Oct 28, 2006
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i ****in caught dammit **** u bastards i dont know where the hell it ****in is

Posted By: Master Jayson

Posted On: Oct 25, 2006
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I am 11 years old and I really hate Randy Solem and his movies.

Posted By: Jayson

Posted On: Oct 25, 2006
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Video Games

How you make video game flash movies? I really want to make the "Super Mario Bros. Shine Sprite Rescue!". I have most of it planned out in my head. So I hope Randy would teach me.

Posted By: uihujiuiu

Posted On: Oct 15, 2006
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yo i play der ds at night and no gid caot yed
yall MOTHER ****ERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted By: James

Posted On: Oct 3, 2006
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game punishment article

Awesome i did that so many F!@#ing times with the NES, sNES, And My PC

Rofl ive been doing that for about 8 years (im 15 right now)

Posted By: Bakalakavakastreet

Posted On: Oct 1, 2006
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Not me, but a freind

Even though it sucked for me and the N64 situation (see below), my freind has it worse. He only gets to play one hour a day, AND his father is a b*tch about it. He cant get a system out of a holiday/money/out-of-the-blue, he hast to f*cking "earn" it. When I say "earn" I mean that he has to do sh*t that everyone does every day, AND get his fathers respect to get it. It's a good thing that his his blood father is better though.

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