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Posted By: Phil

Posted On: Jul 29, 2003
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I thought it would be Hagrid for sure. But it could have been anyone, so I was really hoping it wasn't my fave character, Ron Weasley.

Posted By: Meg McGonagall

Posted On: Jul 28, 2003
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I thought for sure Arthur would snuff it, long before I ever got to the part in the book with the whole snake thing. I think it would have been really interesting - it would shake up the relations between the Weasleys. It either could have brought Percy back to the ultimate good side, or send him reeling into Voldemort's minions. Think of how it would affect Ron, the twins, everyone. Especially Charlie and Bill - one of them could have come back to take Arthur's place as the man of the house, watching out for all the young ones. It could have been a fascinating turn of events that could have led to even bigger, better twists. Whereas with Sirius dying, it's disappointing (and really maddening), but there really hasn't been any twist following his death. It just kind of... happened.

Oh well. *sigh* We can't have everything...

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