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Posted By: Joe S.

Posted On: Apr 5, 2004
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Eddie vs. Eric

I like this matchup because I remember hearing that Eddie idolized Clapton. All these musicians can play multiple instruments, which shows their talent. From a pure song writing standpoint - I can see why Paul Simon is there.

Posted By: Rachel

Posted On: Mar 30, 2004
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Eddie transfer?

As much as I love Eddie Van Halen, I'd have to vote for the UK group for overall artists. Can Eddie transfer? :-)

Posted By: lj

Posted On: Feb 8, 2004
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brits are too old

the british group is just too old. you need some younger guys that haven't completely dried up yet

Posted By: JM

Posted On: Feb 6, 2004
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Townsend doesn't outweigh Evil

Phil Collins AND Elton John on the same team as Pete? I'm afraid the US wins this one (just barely--Paul Simon is a worrying choice).

Posted By: MM

Posted On: Jan 18, 2004
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I think Townshend gives the UK band the edge in winning.

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