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Posted By: Docta Thunda 101

Posted On: Feb 3, 2006
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what the h3LL how can you down halo 2 man that game is the ***t man what the heck i just got my level 20 in snipers and im carzy about my 28 team slayer rank man yall start playing halo 2 agin

Posted By: Dr0p3d

Posted On: Feb 2, 2006
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Halo Xrx

Halo is good But Too many Cheaters Eh! well im bak to school

Posted By: dR0P3D

Posted On: Feb 2, 2006
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I mean Wat the **ck do u people Think Of coarse halo 2 will be on the 360 Or they wouldnt make any money Dr0P3d mi game tag

Posted By: Chris Vieweg

Posted On: Jan 25, 2006
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Why the hell did 33% put thsi game in Rank 10!!!??

You pepel are ****ing retarsds HAlo 2 is the best game in history!!!!I dont get what its doing in Rank 5,but whats really disturbing is one-third of the pepel on this thread putting it in Rank10.****ing SHAME.Stupid ass noooobbbs

Posted By: CRAGLE

Posted On: Jan 19, 2006
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gd rep bad rep

y dya want glitches, dats as bad as cheatin really.

If you were a true xbox player, you would make your way through the rankings, an honorable player,

nobody likes glitchers and you will get yourself a bad rep on live


Posted By: andrey

Posted On: Jan 18, 2006
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Hey, wat up
any of ya kno any glitches for xbox live, halo 2?
not the 360 the home xbox n if ya do my gametag is ANDR3Y4I1F3 well c ya in the game peace.... but ill b on l8er cuz im in scholl right now lmao well peace out

Posted By: CRAGLE

Posted On: Jan 2, 2006
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wats it bout dude?

wat genre?

Posted By: rafa

Posted On: Dec 30, 2005
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the best

here in el salvador is the really best game for xbox is sosososo good is the cream of the cream or like we say is la verga en salsa

Posted By: Max_Ammo

Posted On: Dec 26, 2005
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If you want halo tips go to (

Posted By: CRAGLE

Posted On: Dec 25, 2005
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halo 1 and 2

i agree, halo 1 is better than halo 2 for campaign, however if you have xbox live, halo 2 is better as the multiplayer levels are much more detailed.

I also have ps2 but it is a load of monkey bollox compared 2 xbox.

xbox is a typical console 4 shoot em up games like halo, but ps2 is jus for crappy games like sponge bob square pants or the footy games.

halo 3 better come out for xbox as i do think that the 360 is 2 over priced atm, but by 2007 when it comes out the price would have lowered

Posted By: Grayple

Posted On: Dec 23, 2005
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Man if you guys call yourselfs gamers why do knock on PS 2 so much, its a great system i own xbox and xbox 360 and their both great to. HALO one is better than HALO 2, HALO 2 feels very cheap compared to HALO one which felt like a rich non linear gameplay experience. way better multiplayer for Halo one as well now theres a game that needs to be remade for 360 and have online HALO one for life

Posted By: chris fehn

Posted On: Dec 22, 2005
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halo 3

lets just hope they come out with halo 3 for XBOX i cant afford an xbox 360

Posted By: CRAGLE

Posted On: Dec 21, 2005
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best game

ye damn right chin,
i have had halo and halo 2 since they've bin out n i still fink der da best games i own
for both multiplayer and campain.
they must be 1 of these people who prefer **** RPG or ps games.

If u want a desent game u cant go rong wiv a 1st person shoot em up game, n halo is at the top of my list.

Posted By: chin

Posted On: Dec 20, 2005
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halo 2 is 1 of the best games ever. who ever says other wise just sucks at HALO 2(newbie)

Posted By: Craggle

Posted On: Dec 14, 2005
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Halo fans

hey dudes, it cragle agen, i am shocked to see how many people hate halo, i got confused with the number system myself, thinking that 10 was highest :@.
Neway all you halo fan heres my addy:
feel free 2 add me on msn.
halo film out 2007, along with halo 3, if any of you have any news or update about the movie or game, plz email me.
I have also read the halo novels so pls inform me if ne mor are coming out.

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