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Posted By: That guy

Posted On: Jun 30, 2005
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What do U think of......

Mechassault, its great....better than Halo 2...a bit. Guys stop talkin' about Halo 2. It just gets boring after a little bit. Dudes Change the F***'in subject.With Plenty of.... Insults.

THAT GUY.(aka.Dead Squirrel in a sandwich with an Xbox)

Posted By: Rob

Posted On: Jun 29, 2005
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I don't no if you could play co-op in system link, but you probeble could if you know how to hack the xbox right. But most likely not. I also beat both games on ledgenday and read all the books (except the Halo 2 one). Later

Posted By: spartan overlord

Posted On: Jun 27, 2005
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co op

first of all i would like to say that anyone who doesnt like halo 2 is a heretic and can go die

secondly i have the location to all thirteen skulls for anyone who is interested you are welcome to ask

thirdly i have clocked both games on legendary a nd anyone who would like to know any hints or tips are welcome to ask

next i would like to know how you play system link co op on xbox and if your replying to me to say that there isnt a way dont bother

next anyone with any questions revoving around the history of the spartans or how johnson survived halo 1 are welcome to ask i have all the answars

and anyone who lives in melbourne victoria and would like to challenge me at a game of halo 2 just email me and i will come to you

and i ahve one more thing to say is there a girl out here who plays halo 2 cause i have always wanted to verse a girl at halo 2 to see how good she is

bye bye any one who wants to chat about halo2 or other toppics email me at

Posted By: Rob

Posted On: Jun 23, 2005
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How to do it

I've gotten on top of Zanzibar (only the buildings though), and I've gotten on top of Heatlong (completely on top, i mean past the invisible barrrier). If your interested in any of those, ask me.

Posted By: ftbllmvpten7

Posted On: Jun 20, 2005
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can any one tell me how to get on top of zanzibar coah burial mounds under ivory toweer or any thing else please help me

Posted By: Rob

Posted On: Jun 18, 2005
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Halo 2 Maps

You can only unlock 1 map; Foundation. The other maps are downloadable content on Xbox Live, but have to fear, for those who don't have Xbox Live can buy the retail disk that comes out June 28th (it come with all 9 maps and some extras). The extras on the disk inclue some video footage (which OXM said isn't so good), and weapon balance (highering the attack of the brute-shot, grenades, lowering the attack of other weapons, ect. To get Foundation you do not need to have Xbox Live, you get it the way I told you, you do not need to turn your Xbox off to make it save Foundatoin, but you do need to wait past the credits.

Posted By: Lil' Bunny

Posted On: Jun 17, 2005
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Your kidding right? Right? I hope so. Halo 2 was AWESOME (old for me now,though), and I give it a 1! But burned by a twelve year old? (Thought: me?)

Posted By: bigmansteveg

Posted On: Jun 17, 2005
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Halo 2 is da best!!!

**** you, dude! Everybody knows that Halo 2 is the greatest, so you can just go **** yourself, you fag!

Posted By: That Guy

Posted On: Jun 14, 2005
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Its true!

Can U tell me other maps I can unlock!!! If Yes U guys rock! If no STFU!!

P.S: U got burned by a 12 year old

Posted By: Spartan 114 137(that guy's bro)

Posted On: Jun 14, 2005
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After you play through the entire Single-player Campaign mode. Do you have to wait through the credits? and if you do, do you have to turn off the X-Box and turn it back on for it to save. I don't have X-BOX LIVE! Aww...crap! no!

Posted By: Rob

Posted On: Jun 14, 2005
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How to get Foundation

To get Foundation, you must make a completly new proflie that has no levels unlocked. Then, with the new profle, you must go to co-op and play with another person who has a profle whith the last level. You play the last level on any difficulty until you get to the end were you fly the banshees. The guy playing with the new profle must do a barrel roll left and right, and a roll up (all the moves the banshee can do). Make sure you did this, it deosnt matter how much moves u do with the banshee, just do them all. After that, keep playing the level normally until you beat it (you have to beat it, dont just quit in the middle). After you beat it, the new profle has the Foundation level. If you play with someone els who has the foundation in split screen or something, that profile will have it too, i think. If this did not make sence, you can go to and search for it, it on a lot of webs. If also says how to get it in one of the oxm magazines. I also think it was an auto live update. Tell me if you need any more help.

Posted By: your mom

Posted On: Jun 14, 2005
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Halo 2 ROCKS

Halo 2 multiplayer is £$%^ing awesome, if you disagree you must either
A- have never played it
B- be lame
C- be really lame

Posted By: That guy

Posted On: Jun 13, 2005
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How do all of you unlock Foundation!!!! I cant, I beat the Game in single player so much times!!! DAMN IT!!!WTF am I supposed do?

Posted By: Rob

Posted On: Jun 12, 2005
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I havn't tried that, but I dont have xbox live, i want it though. I play alot on system link too with my friends, except I use XBC (which is a free program u can download). It lets you play with other on it, its sorta like live.

Posted By: toenail of doom

Posted On: Jun 11, 2005
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live or system link???

Alright iget that xbox live is absolutely ultimate (especially Halo2) but lately im gettin totally bored with it. I used to have a system link with my mates everyother weekend and it was soo much fun. Im thinkin about gettin a wireless connector between the boxes (not by payin HEHE) has anyone else ever tried that???


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