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Posted By: spartin daily news

Posted On: May 5, 2005
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i cant help but shake my head.... so are
these the people i am playing on LIVE?

Posted By: 8alot

Posted On: May 2, 2005
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I was look n’ around on the web & found a site where this guy has posted his ideas for Halo3. He suggested the idea that you could tell the marines simple commands like "follow," "hold position," "suppress," "cover me." Your probable saying “What the F*** Halo isn’t a squad game,” wrong. If you want to read more on this here is the site.

Posted By: Killer Klown

Posted On: May 1, 2005
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All hail Halo 2

Hey if your reading this now and dont love Halo 2 you have some serious issues. And if you dont love it just play it. Its like a disease it takes over you body until you completly consumed into is all mighty power and fantastic awesomeness.

Posted By: Killer Klown

Posted On: May 1, 2005
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Halo 2 is the best ever.... wanna talk about it email me at :)

Posted By: Killer Klown

Posted On: May 1, 2005
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who would give this game the highest rank ever. Halo 2 is the best game you can find around and not to mention the multiplayer,hells ya!

Posted By: Ruiner

Posted On: Apr 28, 2005
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halo 2 is the best game ever. If you think its not, need a new brain. The single player is awesome and I love co-op.

Posted By: Rob

Posted On: Apr 28, 2005
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I Dare You!..

I dare you to list agame that got you more excited than Halo, you can't. HALO Rocks!!!!

Posted By: Rob

Posted On: Apr 28, 2005
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Best Game&Mag

Befor Halo was the only game that got me extreamly exceted for its sequel, its a great game! No other game gets me this excited! Seriously! And OXM is a really good mag, i just don't like some of the ratings, but who cares? If i hadn't gotten a subscription for OXM, then nither me or my friends would have known the things we have now. HALO 2 ROCKS!!!


Posted On: Apr 28, 2005
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Posted By: Marc-Antoine

Posted On: Apr 27, 2005
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This is THE BEST game ever

look at the title...

Posted By: Max

Posted On: Apr 26, 2005
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i think the ranking system is flawed. If u get 49 kills for example and the other team gets 50 then u get no credit for what u did even if u got 22 kills for example. I think it should b ranking individually or changed so your ranking wont go down if u lose by a small amount. O and if u have live tell me your gamertag. I wanna see how i compare to the writers.

Posted By: i got the bombme

Posted On: Apr 25, 2005
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to kill or not to kill that is the quistion...
well **** the quostion.
halo2 is tjhe ****ing bets game ever could use better WEAPONS!!!


Posted By: some jerk

Posted On: Apr 22, 2005
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snipers are stupid.

i just wanted to say that i grind up pages of the Xbox mag and inject it into my system to fule my gaming needs. indeed!

-Long live the raid!

Posted By: zanzaberraid

Posted On: Apr 21, 2005
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spartin daily news

What about OXM? how dare you...
rob, really man.. i mean come on, i know if it wasnt for your mom then you might have been sleeping during the time you posted that comment.. so i dont hate you. come on man, even jesus reads OXM.

Posted By: Rob

Posted On: Apr 19, 2005
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Ok, whoever doesn't have xbox live for halo 2 probable has a build installed onto thier computer that lets them play with other for free over system link, like me, I use XBC (xbox connect), its like xbox live except not as good. And OXMs ratings are screwed, just screwed, I maen did you ever look at all your mags and compared the raing, I maen splinter cell is not the best xbox game ever, lots of people hate it, it should deserve a 9.6 or lower, and area 51 deserves a higher rating, the games pretty good, but there are more screwed up ratings than that, I mean how could Chess Master get a better rating than the incredibles, they should get the same rating or lower. OXM should have two ratings for each game, their own personal and the average rating. And did you check out the forms, i read that 46 out of 98 pages in OXM are adds. And the rvies for the game should be more detaild and say more.

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