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Posted By: I GOT WEED!!

Posted On: Oct 24, 2005
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****en halo rules comon!!

man anyone who rates this game low is retarted..i smoke myself stupid(pot)and i recognize the greatness...comon dual needlers busting some pnk lights into the covies...tossing plasmas into a swarm of flood..and those gay ass poppers:P...**** man all in all this game is sick...and banshee's in multiplayer was the greatest idea on the look out for me..i got weed..and a rocket launcher pointed at you...peace out...go on the lookout for HALO3 comming soon.

Posted By: pussssssssssssssssssssssssy

Posted On: Oct 24, 2005
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i dont know

im fukin high on weeedd.Got the cronic call me

Posted By: halo2 kicks ur a$$

Posted On: Oct 12, 2005
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hey evry1 say wut lvl they are in halo 2 live.

(this is optional) giv ur gamertags if u want 2

ps bungie kicks ass screw song microsoft kicks ass(except billgates)

Posted By: rob

Posted On: Oct 4, 2005
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Im not writing any more poems.

Posted By: rob

Posted On: Oct 1, 2005
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Halo 2 poem comming

I've also got a Halo 2 poem im going to post here too, soon.

Posted By: rob

Posted On: Sep 26, 2005
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A PS2 sucks and Xbox rocks poems

PS2 Sucks Poe

PS2 smells like poo,
who would buy it? Who?

PS2 sucks,
waste of your bucks,

Only people,smucks,
would buy it.

Yes, PS2s crap,
You'll throw it out in a snap

So don't buy a PS2,
Yes. Yes you.

PS2s a piece of ****
But you can't blame it

Oh but it just sucks, yes, Sony
You could only expect a PS2from it.

Xbox rocks poem

Xbox rocks,
It don't smell like dirty socks,

Covered in a sexy black hood

Its amsome sleek design,
It's not a waste of time

You should get an Xbox,
It rocks!
Say these poems to someone els!!!

Posted By: rob

Posted On: Sep 24, 2005
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the comment below was actually suppose to be a couple beauliful pictures; Halo 2 in big writing at the top, then a pic of a battle rifle, then a pic of an arrown flying at a sick person.

Posted By: rob

Posted On: Sep 24, 2005
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Go Halo 2!!!

___ ___ ____
| | | | | | | \
| | | | | | | )
|---| |---| | | | /
| | | | | | | /
| | | | |___ |___| /____

___________// \|\__________
| _ ___________/) >>BAM!!>>
|_______/ |_____|]
_______/ [[]]

>----> )*)
/ \

Posted By: livesubscriba25

Posted On: Sep 19, 2005
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hey yo, anyone who has xbox live, and plays H2 say ur lvl in matchmaking.

i am a lvl 25. anyone who thinks halo2 sux can go 2 hell

Posted By: zanzabarrade

Posted On: Sep 17, 2005
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well that conferms it for me. 100%

Posted By: rob

Posted On: Sep 17, 2005
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Rob: Hi
PS2 Owner: Yo
Rob: You got an Xbox?
PS2 Owner: No, Xbox sucks!
Rob: No It doesn't, it's the best
PS2 Owner: Yeah..a...the bes loster
Rob: You suck...SMASH!!!(punch in the face, PS2 owner on the ground with my foot on his head!)
PS2 Owner: Aahahgrggrrrl, PS2...
Rob: What's that you say!
PS2 Owner: Ok ok, Xbox rules!!!
Rob: Yeah that's right, now go buy an Xbox, and when it comes out, get an Xbox 360 (I take my food off his head, and he runs away)

PS2= >--(**)-->

Xbox= :)

Posted By: zanzabarrade

Posted On: Sep 16, 2005
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noob is a cool name for a pillow biter

LoneWolf is sloppy.. could have been alot better. i say stop production on that pile of dirtyass... havnt been here in a while and its amazing, rob is still a chode. way to go rob!!
hey, whats up with that nentendogs game.. i mean isnt it soo cute that like, i can have a dog and play with it and stuff. and call it my handsom man and let it lick my lips.. im still waiting for the redrocket mod? tee hee tee hee.. oh now i have to go cry. all hail Satan

Posted By: Mike

Posted On: Sep 16, 2005
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Gotta love Halo II...WTF???

Yes, we all know Halo and Halo 2 (mainly the latter) both kick ass. I, as well as anyone that's played the game, know that there'sno rush like when you hear that stern voice say "Double Kill" then "Triple Kill" then you struggle to get that last shot off in time to hear "KILLTACULAR!" Yeah, Halo II rocks!

On a different note...I love being able to leave my input on what I think of these games, but why is the voting board all backwards? Isn't 10 supposed to be the best? The only reason I'm saying this is because I just figured out that I voted the lowest score for Halo II, as well as SC:Chaos Theory, Riddick, and many other games on the board. WTF???

GT: EmoteFlux
High Rank: 24 in Team Slayer/Double Team

Posted By: a human

Posted On: Sep 13, 2005
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hello this is a guy who owns his own website. I'd like anyone who is on here too come too it if u want too. Me and my friend run it.
it is ok u can go too it now.

Posted By: EHrin

Posted On: Sep 12, 2005
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do u ppl know how to double a ball

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