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Posted By: mr. happypants

Posted On: Feb 26, 2005
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the worst ending ever!!!!!!!

the game was alright. Wish the game had more aoutomatic weapons like the assualt rifle in the first one. This game had the gayest. lamest , dumbest.etc..but at least you you there going to make another sequel

Posted By: Rob

Posted On: Feb 26, 2005
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Kool Hints

Has anyone noticed that when you'r close enough to a person and you hit them (melee attack)with a weapon like the Battle rifle you lundge a bit towards the person. If you hop in the passenger seat of a worthog with practically and weapon and get a person to come as close to you in the warthog as possoble so that the retical of the gun of the person in the warthog stays red, now, when the peson is in the right postition, the peson in the side seat presses "b", the other person moves back, the guy in the hog presses "x" to exit the hog and he lundges towards the person. And If you do "Sword Flying", you can hit and then switch your weapin in the hog. You can also get a hog intop of a hill, get someone to hop into it, get another person to get a rocket launcher, the person with the rocket launcher lock on the warthog ( you have to be right beside the hog to do this) with the rocket launcher and then quickly looks away and lets go of the trigger, the retical should still be locked on and the rocket with go flying around the hog ( it looks like a rocket barriar if you shoot enough rockets). Now go have some fun and find new stuff!

Posted By: Rob

Posted On: Feb 25, 2005
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Right on Haloman101!!!

Posted By: Haloman101

Posted On: Feb 25, 2005
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Punkass bitch

What kinda mother ****a names him self
after a ps2 Character yeah thats right solidsnake15 Im talkin and I'll whoop
your ass so bad you won't have one
anymore bitch

P.s. Solid Snake sucks dick

Posted By: Rob

Posted On: Feb 25, 2005
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Yo, reaoaa, do you have Xbox Live? I want to get it so bad, I can't wait for Xbox 2 to come out so i can get Live for it. And XBC only has lag if you have **** connection. So if you want to play me reaoaa, you can download XBC. Later

P.S. In the demo disk, when you play Splinter Cell, how do you get past the first part on the beach, I'm stuck there. Thanks!

Posted By: reaoaa

Posted On: Feb 25, 2005
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i like u

i like rob he seems like a really clever dude

Posted By: Rob

Posted On: Feb 24, 2005
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Reapaa could beat SoldisSnkae standing still!!!
While SoldieSnke would be humping some tree in Zanzibar reapaa would kill him, just multiply this by fify and reapaa wins!

Posted By: Rob

Posted On: Feb 24, 2005
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Yo, solidsnake stop making different names for yorself like thomax or whatever and saying you have firnends. You probably don't even have any friends you bitch, all you do is bitch about yourself all day,"oh, I'm so good", and saying your going to rape everyone, that's just sideways you little gay bitch. You say you have connections with bungie and what not, my ass you do, why don't you just quit now, your not fooling anyone. I bet you don't even have Halo 1 or even the Halo 2 collectors edition. And you keep telling me to get Xbox live, but I have a modded Xbox so I can't, do you even know what a modded Xbox is? XBC is not gay, lots of people use it! Now go home and suck you dick, aahh, no, sorry, your pussy. The only person you've killed is yourself!!!

P.S. Who els thinks SoldisSnake is gay?

Posted By: reapaa

Posted On: Feb 24, 2005
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u 2

u2 solidsnake15!

Posted By: reapaa

Posted On: Feb 24, 2005
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you suck i rule

oh and another thing thormsux or whatever your name is me and my bro would whup you on halo1 halo2 even halo2.5 any place any time so stop boasting cause we will FIND YOU AND DESTROY YOU!

Posted By: SolidSnake15

Posted On: Feb 24, 2005
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i am the best

i am the best and you all suck i will destroy you aallll

Posted By: reapaa

Posted On: Feb 24, 2005
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why why why

what sadasses voted HALO 2 as "10". Have they even played the damn game. theyre probably all loners cause they havnt played multipayer on it yet.

Posted By: cybersimran

Posted On: Feb 23, 2005
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This game is awesome and you can't talk any **** about this game becasue it has everything you need.
So F@%$ off

Posted By: White Wolf

Posted On: Feb 23, 2005
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Campaign is short because...

The campaign in halo 2 was short for two reasons:
1) We (the gamers) wanted the game so badly
2) They restarted the entire game two years into
production. Which is why the game to took so long
to come out. Also, like other people pointed out
Xbox Live is there to support multiplayer. If you
bash on something taking forever to come out bash
on Duke Nukem Forever.

Posted By: Person

Posted On: Feb 23, 2005
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Halo 2

great game kicks ass

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