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Posted By: BLH The Basher

Posted On: Jan 8, 2005
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This game is the single reason alone to get xbox live. Not including the many other great games online like ghost recon 2 and mechassault 2. Bottomline if u have online and dont play this great game u should be ashamed.

Posted By: Tommy

Posted On: Jan 7, 2005
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I think they need to restart the polls and make it easier to understand and who the hell made it 1 for highest.

Posted By: Rob

Posted On: Jan 6, 2005
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I thought 1 was the lowes and 10 was the highest, crap, thats also why i think so many people voted it as the worst game. Ill go back and vote for it as #1 though.

Posted By: kostka

Posted On: Jan 6, 2005
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a bit of an upset

halo2 was built up to be so amazing but was just really a small upgrade of the first halo. if you get it play it for its online games not its campaign mode.

Posted By: burdon

Posted On: Jan 5, 2005
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what a relief

that fatty was started to **** me off anyways

Posted By: killu

Posted On: Jan 4, 2005
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buy the way i think we drove Bic Mac off ha ha

Posted By: killu

Posted On: Jan 4, 2005
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Halo2 the best game ever has a seris of books and a seris so if youve beaten it on legendary then go and buy the bokks if you cant read go and buy Red vs. Blue i really dont know what the dvds are about

Posted By: MilitaryMan

Posted On: Jan 3, 2005
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Halo 2

it rocks what else can i say

Posted By: tyler

Posted On: Jan 3, 2005
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Halo 2

Everyone has a right to their opinion, but unfortunately everyone cannot be right. All of you people who say Halo 2 was a bad game needs to go to hell. It is the best game that has ever been created. The only reason the ending didnt end the game was because bungie didnt have enough time because us rabid fans couldnt wait any longer. So now we get a Halo 3. This means an even better campaign mode and multiplayer mode. Plus new weapons and vehicles. So if you ask me, im glad they didnt end the game with Halo 2.

Posted By: Peter

Posted On: Jan 1, 2005
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teh overhype of doom

yeah, yeah, halo 2 sucks eh? you wanna know whos fault it is? YOURS! you people overhyped the game, making bungie go crazy. i mean, look at halo. it introduced stuff that was pretty hard to find before that. Specular, soft shadows, quick in-level loading times. The game wowed us. but we all thought halo 2 would have all this cool stuff (which it does), but scince halo 2 had to go so far as to make us wonder in sweet, sweet glory, bungie pushed it too far and making people like you think the game sucks. halo 2 had to wow us at the same level of halo, which it was unable to do, in some peoples eyes...but thats just my rambling opinion.

Posted By: WHo gives a $&^*(&&)&(**

Posted On: Dec 23, 2004
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halo rocks

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Posted By: Spartan 626

Posted On: Dec 22, 2004
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Oh yes...

One more thing...

Big Mac for 2.99
You are a friggin retard that really needs to get laid.

Posted By: Spartan 626

Posted On: Dec 22, 2004
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what the ****?

Halo 2 was a true work of beauty. everyone in the world should be happy that the wonderful Jason jones made the work of art that is halo 2. People say that it was too short. they are morons. it is just because they were already badasses at halo 1 that it was pie to stream right through the entire game.the only problem I had with the game is that it taunts me with it's impossible Legendary mode.

Posted By: killu

Posted On: Dec 22, 2004
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best game

everybody who bags off Halo can go and fukin die and burn burn in hell u stupid mofos sure the ending was crappy but you still have legendary tobeat plus the fukin online besides they had to cut the ending short to meet the release date if u want a full version u wouldnt be playing it right now okay hoes so go and beat legendary then start whining

Posted By: guber

Posted On: Dec 21, 2004
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i think alot of people accidentaly put 10 thinking that it was the best score not the worst,halo 2 is like the best game ever

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