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Posted By: 8alot

Posted On: Feb 15, 2005
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Jason, I agree with you and I think we should be able to do/have other things. To understand what I’m talking about, look at my previous comments and get back to me.


Posted On: Feb 15, 2005
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ps2 sucks


Posted By: SolidSnake15

Posted On: Feb 14, 2005
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I will destroy you all!!!

halo 2 is the best game ever to be relased and **** all those punk ass bitches who dont like it and for any of you bitch ass mofos who think your sooo f ing good SolidSnake15 is my gamertag and ill be more than happy to rape you and shut your bitch ass up so bring your best and quit your bitchin!

Posted By: Jason

Posted On: Feb 13, 2005
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Halo 2 multiplayer unfair

Halo 2 multiplayer kicks ass but why cant you use fuelrod cannons or something.We, the people need more killing and action. POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!

Posted By: jefemagistral

Posted On: Feb 13, 2005
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ps2 sucks

ps2 shouldn't even be called a gaming console on how bad it sucks, I mean come on the Gamecube has better graphics just they havent pushed it until the legend of zelda

Posted By: killu

Posted On: Feb 12, 2005
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big mac what the hell is your problem u got sand in ur frikn pussy u little bitch go to hell where they play ps2 u gay little mo fo homo

Posted By: killu

Posted On: Feb 12, 2005
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rob ps2 stands for piece a **** 2 and now i here they have a game that is supposed to rival halo2 i think its called killarea how gay oh yeah their is something that i think no one knpws about when your about to go to the bomb kill all of the elites and go to where the mac gun loads the rounds stand thei8r and when you die you go through everythin and spin like a top

Posted By: -A-

Posted On: Feb 10, 2005
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--PSP, even smaller, you can put it through the paper shredder, whats next PS2KC (PS2 key chain, you could put those through the pencil sharpener!)
--Here is a true story that happen to a student at my school...The student and some of here friends where playing hide-and-go-seak. Someone hides behinde the T.V. (with a PS2 under it). So the person accidently knocks the T.V. over and if falls on the PS2 (which obviuosly breaks a part). So the put the new PS2 ( which they bought the day befor,forgot to mention) back in its box and returne it to the store. The store dude doesnt even open the box with the PS2 in it and puts it back on the shelf (I wonder how the guy who buys the PS2 will feel-"WTF KINDA STORE SELLS A SMASHED UP PS2!!"
--PS2, it acually stand for Penis Sucker 2, So only gay peaple buys PS2s. Multiplayer must be fun for those peaple using the PS2.
--My list of things to buy-(my mom made the list)-Toth brush, Pencil, Backpack, and...P..PS...PS2!..@#$%^&*()@#!!, im not buying that!
--Thats all the jokes for now, dont worry theyll be more later, :)

Posted By: Rob

Posted On: Feb 10, 2005
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No Topic

We already know that 32% of the people voted Halo 2 as the worst game becouse they thought 10 was the highest and 1 was the lowest.

Posted By: Ryro

Posted On: Feb 10, 2005
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Ever realize that about 38.9% of the votes "yes" were by accident from people thinking that 10 was the highest?

Posted By: Rob

Posted On: Feb 9, 2005
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BigMac-"oh, I looove PS2, it the best"
BigMacs reflection-"No it's not!"
BigMac-"Yes it is!, even my friend say so, aint that right buddies?
Guy staring through the window-"Why is that guy talkin in the morrir?"

Picture of bigMac:

( *!* )
( - )
( )
( )
( )
l l

Posted By: Rob

Posted On: Feb 9, 2005
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-The new skinnier PS2 came out, now we can flush it down the toilet!
-There's a rat running on a wheel inside the PS2, no wonder it breaks donw so much!
-Have you ever niticed the on/off button on a PS2 is at the back!
-M16 Caliber Machinegun...Check!Grenade Belt...Check...Bed...check...I mean not check...PS2...PS2?...Whats thay doing here, this is a consol war...(TO BE CONTINUED)

Posted By: Rob

Posted On: Feb 9, 2005
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Why Xbox Is Better

Here is a list of reasons why Xbox is better than PS2:
-The Xbox controller is way better than the PS2 conlroller, the PS2 conlroller is grey and lame, has no attachments, hardly has vibration, is a wierd shape, and now sonys copying Xbox controllers (well, some of them); on the other hand, Xbox controllers are better looking, have better vibration, are stronger, fits your hands juts right, and there are no more bulky controllers.
-The system itself is way better. Has everything PS2 does and more. Xbox is stronger, better looking and more inhance. Has four cantroller ports (oh boo hoo, you can get an attachment thingy for PS2 so you can have 4 players, but sereously, and you can't find those anywere).
Look, this list can go on forever and ever on why Xbox is better than PS2. And a fact, more people are starting to buy Xboxes. In the magazine it also proves that Xbox outruns PS2 in every yechnical turn. For those of you who have a PS2, do us all a big favour and trade it in for an Xbox. PS2 is a skinny piece of crap, all they care about is looks, "Hey, the new skinnier PS2 came out, now we can flush it down the toilet".

Posted By: Redcall

Posted On: Feb 8, 2005
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Halo 2

I gave a 2, only because for the campaign!!

Posted By: Joey manfredi

Posted On: Feb 8, 2005
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