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Posted By: Solid

Posted On: Feb 23, 2005
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your gay

who ever said that only says that cause they suck ass at it and they probly versed me and got raped and went to there room and cryed like rob will

so just because i beat the **** out of you dosent mean halo 2 sucks

FAG 8======================================>

Posted By: no name

Posted On: Feb 23, 2005
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halo 2

halo 2 is super gay

Posted By: SolidSnake15

Posted On: Feb 23, 2005
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god is a fag and i will rule him and make him my bitch god and i will take over heaven turn it into halo god is a fag and xbox is the ****. but i do agree that me and thormx are the best
ps jesus sucks you gay pieace of ****

Posted By: god

Posted On: Feb 23, 2005
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god knows all....

rob, ur probably the worst halo player on the face of this need to get your ass out of ur xbc and quit being a pussy and buy a xbox live...solidsnake15 and thormx are def ten times better than you and any of yor little friends, who ever started it i am finishing it, you suck he rules

ps he is the god of halo (no ifs, ands or buts)


Posted By: SolidSnake15

Posted On: Feb 23, 2005
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dont think so

sirously listen to your stupid ass "but there is someone better than you in this world, It might not be me, but someone will beat you."

woow thats real funny but i dont think so!

Posted By: ThorMx

Posted On: Feb 23, 2005
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his name is john and he lives near me and he kicks ass so if you talk **** he will shut your stupid ass up so shut the **** up nobody can beat him and they never will so stop saying that.

Posted By: ThorMx

Posted On: Feb 23, 2005
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solidsnake is my friend and i play on xbox live with him and we toke up everyday after school. he is the halo master nobody can touch him he will rape you. ive played on xbc its gay like your face. dude you need xblive so he can make you cray like a little bitch (and he will and it will be so funny) he knows everything about halo and he has connections with bungi and knows halo 2.5 is the next game. hes also responsible for the halo movie thats coming out because he sold them the idea for it. hes the best and when hes rich he is going to smoke a **** load of weed with me and play halo all day until we die. u suck balls and so does xbc so be a real man and get XBlive so turbonegro can wup your stupid little ass you ****ing 12 year old piece of ****.

Posted By: SolidSnake15

Posted On: Feb 23, 2005
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i dont want to download xbc because its a waste of harddrive spcae and you suck for using it and thats how i know i can beat you because no one on xbc has ever beat me and they never will cause i wont download it again. xbox live is better and your not worthy of it. but if you do get it i will verse you and spank your ass like a little skanky biach. i will verse you on zansibar no time limit 5o kills to win and you might just get 2 if your lucky. i promiss it will be over quick and painfull (it always is) and you will get on your knees and beg to be in my clan but then i will boot you and you will go to your room and cry. and thats how it will happed (it always is)
you suck and so does xbc
ps tell your mom i want some ****in cupcakes for desert tonight because lasts nights desert sucked some huge ass balls! peace out 8=========>

Posted By: SolidSnake15

Posted On: Feb 23, 2005
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rob your a retard you dont allways have to have your game ranked you idiot thats why they made training matches. i think you just want to use that as an excuse for you being a broke ass bitch
so stop talkin crap i will destroy you and yes i am the best i know everything there is to know about halo and you suck get on xbox live so i can rape you you piec3 of trash

Ps your gay and xbc sucks and tell your mom ill be home a little late tonight so dont start dinner until about say.... 6 30 k
i will destroy you Peace out bitch

Posted By: SolidSnake15

Posted On: Feb 23, 2005
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rob sucks

i have played on xbc and it sucks no talking and lagg like a mofo, i used to have it but it sucked and i never lost im the best right now and maybe someone might beat me but not anytime soon. get xbox live so i can beat the crap out of you.

i also found somthing cool last night when i was messing around with the scarab gun. if you get the banshee after you get the gun and go to the place where those artificial waterfalls are and look around youll see a building with a broken window if you fly inside it and go up there will be a big ass soccer ball sitting in there you can get out of the banshhe and shoot at it with the scarab gun and just **** around with it

PS you suck XBC is gay and i am the best so f u f u in your stupid ass

Posted By: Rob

Posted On: Feb 22, 2005
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XBC is not gay, you sucking your balls are gay. XBC is something cool thay you couldn't think of. It is good for people who have modded Xboxes, want to practise for Xbox Live, or if you want to play without your stats being checked all the time, and there are tournaments on XBC too!. How would you know you could beat people you havn't even met or played yet? Seriously. Your good, you know a lot about Halo but there is someone better than you in this world, It might not be me, but someone will beat you. Now enough with this crap and lets talk about why Halo is fun and about cool glitches we found...exe.

If you ever do want to download XBC, go to and play me

Posted By: SolidSnake15

Posted On: Feb 22, 2005
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outside of burial mounds!

to get out of burial mounds get a rocket launcher and a sword and use up all the ammo on the rocket launcher. than get another person to jump on the rocks near the place where the bomb is on assult. then the person on the ground needs to stand back as far as possible until the rocket launchers crosshair can turn red. then you get out the sword swing it and change weapons and fire the r launcher and repeat until you start flying towards the other player. while flying towards them hold up so you wont kill them and you will fly out of the lvl now go and have some fun on xBOX live with it. and if you only have XBconnect then your gay and should die like rob. if you see me on xbox live your will be dieing or in the proccess of. i will be on this thursday as thormx not as solidsnake15 so if you see me i will be happy to show this glitch to you. that will be $500.000 thank you come again.
ps. rob is gay halo 2.5 is going to rock and it is the next halo game so shut the **** up and stopp doubting me i know what the **** im talkin bout and your gay. peace out!

Posted By: SolidSnake15

Posted On: Feb 22, 2005
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scarab gun

to get the scarab gun go to the matropolis lvl and after your done with the bride part grab a gost and lead a banshee down the tunnel and make sure it stays around or it will dissapear and you will have to restart. once youve killed all the covanent in the tunnel shoot off the banshees wings and letit follow you into the hall with the narrow tunnel. once in the tunnel u must jump in the banshee just as soon as the loding sign appears but if you jump in any time before tht you will explode and have to restart. once youve made it out of the tunnel with the banshee fly to the the left and go to the top of the lvl and you will see this bridge like thingy fly up there and you will see a plasma rifle (but its not) pick it up and go crazy. now that will be $500.00 please come again.

ps if you cant do this than your dumb except that and keep trying i swear this is the real deal.
rob when halo 2.5 comes out i will destroy you so shut up you cant beat me nobody can and its true im not braging its just the truth . peace out ****ers!

Posted By: solidsnake15

Posted On: Feb 22, 2005
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halo 2.5 is coming out as an xbox 2 launch title so shut the **** up and you will never beat me and i am the best on xboxlive right now so shut the **** up you dirty pieace of ****. XBC sucks balls and so do all the punk ass bitches that play on it. xboxlive is where the pros are and i will ****ing rape you if you try to fight me so **** you in your stupid ass you gay pieace of ****
and last night i found the scarab gun so who ever thinks its fake is gay like you so shut up. halo 2.5 is the next game and i will bet money on it cause i know tht for a fact you gay piece of ****.
so get on xblive so i can shut your bitch ass up
ps ur gay

Posted By: 8alot

Posted On: Feb 21, 2005
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