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Posted By: Jemma

Posted On: Apr 29, 2004
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Harry won't die

Harry won't die because of three reasons
one Harry is the hero of the books and the heros never die
two it is roumoured that the last words of the seventh book is "Harry where's your scar." How could this be the last sentance if he is dead.#
last so many people like these books so I don't think J.k Rowling would kill him off.

Posted By: Dave

Posted On: Apr 5, 2004
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Harry won't die

Harry won't die because J.K. Rowling, the author, is going to make 2 more Harry Potter books.

Posted By: Jasmin

Posted On: Apr 5, 2004
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Sirius can't be dead!

I think, Sirius will comeback in the next book!
He can't be dead?!
That was only a veil, what is the veil?!
Nobody said for what the veil is.
Lupin didn't let Harry go to the veil?!
If Siris doesn't comeback in the next book, somebody will explain us, were he is!

Posted By: emily

Posted On: Apr 4, 2004
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book six

I want to know if wormtail like.........dies and if sirius will come back to life. I loved the fifth one but if only sirius could stay alive! He was my favorite character. I hate that dum veil

Posted By: myna

Posted On: Mar 23, 2004
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harry potter

i really can't wait for the book six. i want to know who is going to die init


Posted On: Mar 22, 2004
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Posted By: why would harry die

Posted On: Mar 2, 2004
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possible book seven

A lot of people think HP will die, but why?

Posted By: Harry

Posted On: Feb 29, 2004
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Book 4

In book 4
when Harry and Voldmont duled Harry Shouldof finshed him off.

Posted By: moi

Posted On: Feb 20, 2004
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aaaaaaah! sucky voldermort

voldermort is sucky

Posted By: noneof yourbizzness

Posted On: Feb 17, 2004
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Lord voldermart is a freak


Posted By: HPfreak

Posted On: Feb 16, 2004
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book 5

yes, sirius is dead. sad to say it. but i do think that he'll be back. like LL said, "It's not like you'll never see him again, is it?....You could hear them, too, just beyond the veil..." i also think, after reading OP 5 times in a row in 2 weeks, that Harry might get with Luna. at least as friends. i ALSO think that some of you people need to definately get Grammar for Dummies!

Posted By: wint3r

Posted On: Feb 4, 2004
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it ain't right

I think taht rowling made a VERY big mistake by killing sirus... he was the best in whole serie.. and she killed him! not right! she could kill someone else... like dunno ;p

Posted By: Mandy Moore

Posted On: Jan 26, 2004
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I knew

My friend told me it was Sirius way before the book came out. Some how she had a friend who got a hold of a copy before it was released to the public.

Posted By: Speep

Posted On: Jan 24, 2004
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On the choices

When I heard the rumour "One of Harry's Fan's would die" I mentally crossed everyone but Ginny, Dobby, Colin and Hagrid out. Why aren't Ginny, Dobby and Colin choices?

Posted By: in_memory_of_sirius

Posted On: Jan 21, 2004
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poll thingy

at first when i was reading the book i thought it would be hagrid but then i'm wait i think it'll be sirius..i cried when i read that part. he was a kick ars godfather!!i loved sirius he was my favorite character..

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