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Posted On: Sep 5, 2003
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I think it's gay how sirius is 'gone' because he didnt do nothing. And how could he be the first person to escape nearly being at hogwarts and all I would have giving the dementors head to get out

Posted By: Fleur Delacour

Posted On: Sep 4, 2003
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Cho, Luna, Sirius

well frist of all i think that it totally sucks that harry and cho aren't going out anymore harry needs some kind of a girlfriend in his life which brings me to luna lovegod remember at the end of the book she was the only one harry felt comfortable to talk to could this mean more than it seems or could it just be a start of a good friendship

o.....and about sirius i hate that she cut off harry's most fatherly figure in the book and its makes me really mad.

Posted By: hagger

Posted On: Sep 4, 2003
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poor harry

harrys had to put up with so much, its such a sad life, i think i would have gone crazy.

Posted By: hagger

Posted On: Sep 4, 2003
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i was reading an artical the other day about how j.k was discovered by her husband crying while she was writing the scene were siris died :^( so does that mean hes gone for good.

Posted By: DracosDramaQueen

Posted On: Sep 3, 2003
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Sirius NOT dying

I'm too lazy to read this WHOLE board and see if ya'll have written stuff about what I'm about to say, but whatever.

The almight One (JK) said something in an interview like "...the next I will have to write, or, shall I say, REWRITE, will be very hard."

Either James/Lily isn't dead, or Sirius is getting deader.

Also, Luna says something to the affect of "'but they're not dead! Couldn't you hear them? Behind the veil?'"

Another indication Sirius isn't dead.

For a third reason, Sirius's body wasn't retrieved. Therefore, perhaps he's dead in body but not in mind, and is just trapped behind the veil. Just like the others behind the veil. But that's a stretch compared to the other two.

One way we'll know for sure is that in the next book, some of the people present should be able to see the horses, since they saw Sirius die.

Posted By: Anna

Posted On: Sep 3, 2003
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Grrrrrrrr! Bellatrix Lestrange, I will KILL you!! *sniffle*

Sirius Black, you will remain in my heart forever. And to my grave you shall be my love, my light, my hope. I raise my glass to you, Sirius Black, the only true hero.

Posted By: mavee

Posted On: Sep 2, 2003
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pucha! patay na pala si sirius! bakheet??!

Posted By: Jen

Posted On: Sep 2, 2003
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Nooo!!i cant believe that siris dies. he was lyk one of my fave characters in the harry potter books. he was so nice and funny!!i just cant believe that he dies. i hopefully hope that he will come back alive sooner or later in the book 6.

Posted By: Nelly

Posted On: Sep 2, 2003
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sirius is dead????? he cant or i die whit him!!!

Posted By: Ilvia

Posted On: Sep 1, 2003
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there is a possible chance that sirius will back and there is a big denination THAT HE WONT B BACK and some ppl will hafta xcept that like me but...i dont know hopfully he will

Posted By: iluvsirius

Posted On: Sep 1, 2003
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i can't believe he died

I can't believe that Sirius died but i believe it is true...I bet Harry finds a picture of him somewhere that he can talk to...I'm soo mad that he died tho I mean he really wuz my favorite character...but it sorta fits with the story but i sill wish it had't happened.

Posted By: Holly

Posted On: Aug 31, 2003
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he's dead

He is dead. If there was any chance he would come back Dumbledore would know or find out and tell Harry. I think JKR wants Harry to fell more alone and hes going to start trying to be a loner

Posted By: Harry's Girl

Posted On: Aug 31, 2003
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He'll be Back!!

He was probably stunned or something like that be cause the Killing Curse is Green ant that spell was red. So he'll probably be back

Posted By: Felicia, Sweden

Posted On: Aug 31, 2003
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Of course he died!

Sirius is dead! In the interviu JK said that she cried when she had to KILL a character. She said it herself. And we dont know if Bellatrix just stunned him. It say┬┤s in the book that "The second jet of red light hit him squarely in the chest." Not that it was a stunnig spell! Just because stunning spells have red jets of light it dont mean that any other spell can't have it to!
Bellatrix is evil, if she was dueling with sirius she would like to kill him, not just stun him.
But i think there's going to be somthing about the mirror Harry got from Sirius. But what, i dont know.

Posted By: Elizabeth

Posted On: Aug 30, 2003
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Lots of people are saying Sirius is going to come back, I think so too.
Bellatrix only Stunned him so it wasn't the spell that killed him, he just disapeared through the veil when he was falling.
So when Sirius recovers from his Stun, maybe he will some how be able to come back?
I read in a magazine that JK Rowling started to cry when she wrote the part when Sirius dies.
Maybe she was crying for Harry and his reaction?
All Ican say is that the closest thing to a parent that Harry had was Sirius and why would
JK Rowling kill him off?

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