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Posted By: chochoyee

Posted On: Aug 25, 2008
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comment on ielts

An important threshold to the open-world

Posted By: vineet kumar pandey

Posted On: May 29, 2008
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How can i sucess in IELTS examination bec i have to enough knowledge of writing ,listening and reading but i am not good in speaking everytime i hesitate to speak in english so may i humble request to pls advice me how i learn good english .

Posted By: santanu Das

Posted On: May 25, 2008
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IELTS Speaking & listening

How to be success in ielts examination . I am not a native english speaker so How can I pass in speaking & listening.

Posted By: hameed alizai

Posted On: May 6, 2008
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dears readers the IELTS(international english language testing systems)it offers your abilities to examin and let your selves to be the most tilented i wish you prosperities in your life

Posted By: manibal

Posted On: Apr 20, 2008
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The IELTS reading passages are often not carefully chosen.Just for the sake of raising the level of difficulty, often business English
extracts are included.Business English or any specialised English is unfair in a general examination.This is especially a burden for takers of Academic Test.

Posted By: maya maharani meta bawana

Posted On: Feb 27, 2008
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listening IELTS

i think that after i did this test, i have my own conclusion that when the speaker will read the part of the answer in the text, that part usually is read unclear. Is it done in purpose or not? or the writer just want to make the candidates of the test will miss that part, so they will get many mistakes. i just want to know the reason why the writer design that kind of format.

Posted By: NGOC

Posted On: Dec 28, 2007
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Learning IELTS

Posted By: Hasan Siamian

Posted On: Oct 4, 2007
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How to be success in IELTS examiantion?

we believe that in non-native english people, we have some difficulty for taking part in IELTS examiantion. it is very bad for us, that we have no chance for taking part and we must go to the capital of the country for attending it. In, Iran, we want to have IELTS Score, but How can we registrate for Ielts Examination?

Posted By: gellie

Posted On: Sep 2, 2007
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band 7 is so difficult to achieve in speaking and i dont know what exactly the interviewer it another money again?????????? come on!! They should change they style and be considerate

Posted By: rana arouk

Posted On: Aug 24, 2007
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ielts listning

i cosider the IELTS listning is unfair , because listning has nothing to do with spelling , but you will loose marks if you misspelle any word,it is ok in writting to look for that , but if i misspelle a word it does not mean that i can not recognize it ,
thank you

Posted By: deep

Posted On: Aug 4, 2007
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ques paper

hiiiiiiii how are you

Posted By: Rajesh

Posted On: Jul 23, 2007
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curious to attend

Its been more than a decade I left college.Nowadays, I am complettly a family man, working abroad but when I wanted to apply for immigration, I needed to take an exam for ielts.
Though I am not so bad in Enlgish,its been suspicious whether I could get good mark or not.But I am excited to take the exam and know what my grade is.

Posted By: Saw

Posted On: Jul 10, 2007
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ielts exam

For writing exercises, we couldnt find much, and reading is tough.

Posted By: Yogeshkumar Patel

Posted On: Jun 19, 2007
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IELTS as a Base of Life in english country

I don't know what are others opinion about IELTS test but as per my opinion if you wanna live and enjoy your life in english speaking countries than IELTS definitely increase your confidence about your english knowledge, so let's have a one experience!

Posted By: arif

Posted On: May 29, 2007
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they design the reading portion totally rubbish.because different people of different age groups give the ielts..and how can they judge equally

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