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Posted By: AB

Posted On: Mar 17, 2004
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Hai asur

Take it lightly. You said biharis dont want to be called as biharis. Well this is half truth. If someone say that you are biharis we feel proud. Scondly if somebody call you son of ravana how you will feel. I know many of my freinds who are from south when i refer them slaves of north they felt very bad. But it is a fact which they dont deny.

If you are proud of blind(one of your leaders wear black spects), actor and actress leaders. We have no objection. It is your choice. But dont compare with others. One more thing dont think your state developed on its own. If you analyse it you will find it the people from north who migrated from north most probably from bihar has developed the states. Over thousands of years they settled there and lost there identity. Dont ask how they came to south. If you want to know put you questions on this platform. I will reply.

At last dont be furious be calm.

Posted By: AB

Posted On: Mar 17, 2004
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Lets discuss Wisely

I observed that many of people on this platform starts commenting against one individuals comments. Giving him so much of importance. Be it Rajesh, karthikeyan or asur(GUNH). Though in previous i too wrote about such people. But i think we should not give much importance such insane persons. Lets we should talk on healthy, relevant and important topics.

Now it is election time and is right time that we should canvas and conveince our relatives and and freinds and thorugh them to their near and dear to elect right condidates. I belive if we all who want to see new era in bihar then all of us should do some thing for bihar. Those who are away from bihar should talk to nearest one over phone or thorough letters. I think if we all able to do this then the multiplication will be very huge and even least of 20% of such multiplication think of development of bihar it will have great impact in electing right candidate.

Lets start and start now.

What i have observed through on this platform that and I belive.. we discuss among ourselves for betterment of bihar but are not conveying it to people downline. We should not only convey our views here but we should convince people of bihar - who ever it may be or atleast whom we know.

Posted By: AB

Posted On: Mar 17, 2004
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Hai asur how are you. How is your helath. Have ate GUNH(Stain) today morning. have you drunk blood today. Is it ok. Dont mind. It is ausrs food.

If you think india is developing then one thing you should know that india will be developing and delveloping only and will never developed. definetly it will never be developed. You know why?

When asura are at the helm in past, life of the people were miselrable. We have ample of such examples from history. Now today too we are at such juncture. The rise of Ausras.

Now listen. India has not found any good leaders since 1000 of years not just today. Thats the reason we were ruled by foreigners. The reason Even though there were great warriors leaders born in india, they could not able to defend or they dont know how to rule. Even today our leaders dont know how rule how to develope nation.

It is because bihar has not awken. Only when bihar awakes india rise. You should know only a leader from land of bihar can march india to a propsperous india. Because biharis know how to rule and how to dominates others. You will find whenver biharis taken control in hand they defended india from outsiders. Be it Mauryas or Guptas or kunwarsingh of late.

Some one mentioned that what would have been happened if ashoka invaded south of vindhya. He better check his history knowlwdge. Ashoka ruled all over india. except some part of tamilnadu. But they also accepted his supermacy. Even Gupta though not conqured complete india, but all southern leader were paying royalty to him for protection.

And even today only bihar can make india a superpower.

Posted By: A. N. Pandey

Posted On: Mar 16, 2004
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Looks like you changed your title from SAVE_BIHAR_FROM_ITS_PEOPLE to SAVE_BIHAR_FROM_BIHARIS and I see some impact on your thinking.

First, you are absolutely right about Mr. Rajesh, who just does not understand a rational logic. He is prejudiced and his statements are filtered either through the prism of communist/naxal ideology or from the prism of caste. He still believes that communists and Naxals are good for the devt of society in general and Bihar in particular. My suggestion: Do not waste time on Rajesh. He has abnormal mental thinking.

The only suggestion I have for you that you change your title from SAVE_BIHAR_FROM_BIHARIS to SAVE_BIHAR_FROM_BAD_BIHARIS.


Posted On: Mar 16, 2004
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Rajesh you need some basic education

Mr. Rajesh,
I cannot underestand why you are so much irrational thinker. May be you were not educated properly. It seems to me that you missed a few good lectures while you were in school. You need to learn how to:
think positive and rationally,
look beyond caste considerations.

Posted By: Rajesh

Posted On: Mar 16, 2004
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Judiciary and politics

It is not only executive branch but also the judiciary which has become defunct. See this clips as an example of judiciary passing iresponsible comments. Everyone including judiciary has abondoned their primary jobs and indulge in cheap political gimmicks.

Nothing goes right in state, says HC


PATNA: "In Bihar, it appears nothing goes right," the Patna High Court on Monday remarked while directing the state government to release Rs 3 crore to Hindu Trust Board (HTB) within six weeks.
"The state government creates corporations, companies and boards and leaves them like orphans on roads .."
The court noted the state government has been giving annual grants to Muslim trust boards but, on the other hand, it is not ready to pay Rs 3 crore to the Hindu board despite positive findings of auditors.

Posted By: K.Subramaniam

Posted On: Mar 16, 2004
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Untill and unless you have the lust for something, eagerness, urge, you will not try and will not get that.
Every one in Bihar wants the people to learn the political teachings, no one wants them to be independent enough to think on their own, including the so called THE ONLY MESIAHAS of the down trodden. If you need them, you will have to make them educated enough, for that you , the people who are interested in development will have to come out and take the responsibility of the society, till then irresponsible people will lead the society and nothing good is going to happen.
I think better to remain an observer, players role gives more pain if you don't understand me.

Posted By: K.Subramaniam

Posted On: Mar 16, 2004
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I thought i should wait for some more time for some more comments but i could not stop my self. First of all thanks for reading my postings even with spelling mistakes as i don't go for spelling check, internet costs yaar. Thanks to those who praised me.
Time is running out. All ready you are minimum 25 yrs behind few states in our country, waiting, holding the development till the social changes to its top is not farsightedness. Few people like Rajesh are happy and satisfied, but can they reply one single genune leader born out of these yrs ? Mr.Ram Bilas Paswan, or any present leader; are result of congress rule. Present day leaders might be like Pappu yadav, not like Ram Lakhan Singh Yadav, Shyam Sundar Das, or the best of them Karpoori Thakur, leave alone Jag Jeevan Ram or other leaders. They too were trying for the development of the down trodden and were succeeding in it without any loss to the society. That is the Gandhian way. Surely ther were gross mistakes in politics, administration which has led to this large scale reaction. But leader has the responsibility to show the right way and not to simply follow what a mass says. There are lots of examples and lots of inspiring thinhs in this world. But the main thing lacking in the people is the feeling for development. Those who realy need it are opting for easier ways like going to other states, fighting out personally. Lots of thing can be told and written but probably we don't have enough space on this site.
What i feel is there is lack of seriousness on everyones part; otherwise you wouldn't have discussed cricket on this site, isn't it.
Specially for Rajesh, world is ever changing, even in those days of repression there were people who fought against that, at the same time there wrere people who excelled. I don't think that today or few decades ago conditions were as bad as during EKALAVYA, BALMIKI. I can wright two books on these two, different aspects of their of their lives. It all depends, how do you want to live your life, by complining, by seeing others, or by doing on your own.
Seeing the character of the people on this forum, i will be left with few friends after this.

Posted By: Rajesh

Posted On: Mar 15, 2004
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TISCO success

Unfortunately success in TISCO is depressing. If you go to Jameshedpur you will notice orderly town administration and exceptional roads and other infrastructure. But it is largely because the city is directly controlled by Tata company. It would not be possible if it was a democratically elected municipality.

Posted By: Rajesh

Posted On: Mar 15, 2004
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40 years ago and now

Mr Subramaniam's nostalgia for past and TISCO in particular are points to ponder.
Bulk of TISCO workers comprise of Biharis and the work culture in this company is unparallel in India and abroad. It is a proof that Bihari is can-do community. We shine in TISCO and we can do it elsewhere too.

I know many people of Mr Subramaniam's generation with engineering background and they are all nostagiac for those days when Nehru's industrialization was in full swing and the system was not so corrupt. But unfortunately this feel good thing affected very few people. Those were also days when feudalism and caste system were functioning unobstructed. In those days the elders in low caste community had to kneel down whenever high caste brats used to pass by. Ask those people if there were better off then or now.
40 years ago there were pockets of exitement, efficiency honesty, but it was eclised by sea of injustice and misery. It was the matter of "who is going to prevail". We now know that although feudalism-caste related injustice has subsided but civil service is also rendered ineffective and thoroughly corrupted.

Posted By: Aman

Posted On: Mar 15, 2004
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Cheers to Subramaniam saab

K. Subramaniam saab deserves utmost credit for speaking his mind. His comments were very refreshing and mature. Subramaniam saab I want to applaud you, and agree with you that what state today does not have its problems, but that does not mean that we should demean their people. Bihar was once a great place, and in my heart, it will become so again. Irrespective of the status of a state, it will always be my home, and therefore I will always be attached to it forever, Bihar, my home state.

Posted By: BihariNumberTwoInNewYork

Posted On: Mar 15, 2004
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K. Subramaniam

Three cheers to Mr. K. Subramaniam for candid and honest assesment of situation in Bihar. Hats off to you, Sir.

Posted By: A. N. Pandey

Posted On: Mar 15, 2004
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Respected K.Subramaniam:

From your comments, it is obvious that you have observed Bihar very closely and saw good days and how and when Bihar took the wrong road. You are very accurate in your opinion about Bihar and very nicely pointed out the changes that took place in Bihar in last 20 years or so. I sincerely appreciate your comments and giving your valuable time to this forum.
We are all also trying to point out the problems and try to find some solution if possible. I strongly believe that Bihar will change once the social changes has a stability. People will realise and hopefully come forward irrespective of caste and creed to make a better and vibrant growing Bihar.

Posted By: Akshay

Posted On: Mar 15, 2004
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Victory for both teams, and countries

Congrats to our boys for winning a very thrilling encounter.

But congrats also to spectators of Karachi's National Stadium who displayed exemplary behaviour and cheered both teams, including cheering for India when India won the match.

This is indeed a victory for both teams, both countries, and for cricket as a whole.

Well done!!

Posted By: K.Subramaniam

Posted On: Mar 15, 2004
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I have ben a silent observer for many days but my mind is itching now. Bihar is the place which gave everything to me. Although i am 70 yrs old now, probably too old for any one of you, but my imotions for Bihar still the same as it was in 1963, when i had joined TISCO, as an engineer. You see those days every day something good, constructive and developmental was hapenning. Slowly, after 1965, administration started weakening, the third grade morale started taking upper hand. As an outsider we had to watch all these helplessly. About castism, it might appear so, but the reality was that who ever was able at which ever place, used his ability, it all depended on the ability. No cast/group has ever been subdued for long and can't be, either in Bihar or anywhere in this world. Most important thing is that and the worst thing is that no one till date honestly tried to make the government and its administration, its institutions, strong. All tried to wash their hands in flowing Ganga, and it is continuing even now. Do as much as you can before the condition improves; is the basic instinct. Political leaders neither feel the need to work/ improve the situation, nor they have their own wish to do so. No one wins due to the work if so Indira Gandhi should not have lost in 1977, and so noneed to work, is the surprising logic for their inactiveness!
Friends, BABUS, do honestly what you can.

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