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Posted By: Anita Choudhary

Posted On: Mar 10, 2004
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Thanks Kumar and all

I did what any proud and self respecting Bihari will do for his/her state. I just can not sit and read bad/dirty comments about Bihar and Bihari. Bihar is very dear to me. There is nothing wrong in standing up and fight for your beliefs and self respect and pride. History is full people who stood against the most powerful and brought the changes in his/her society.
It seems Rajesh is revolutionary in his own backyard. He talks big philosophy but does not have courage to stand up. Rajesh, wake up man and bring your power to change Bihar for better.
Thanks you all.

Posted By: Rajesh

Posted On: Mar 10, 2004
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Dravida invasion

It was known all along but now we see it. Davida's/south Indian's invasion did some good -IT UNITED US. For me it was a bit amusing as well.

Posted By: human being

Posted On: Mar 10, 2004
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i have never interfered, but am watching you people for long. you should remember that it is internet and whatever you type is going universal. first you people make your language descent, fanatics can't do any thing. few people have shown you mirror. tasted the air outside bihar at home!

Posted By: Kumar

Posted On: Mar 9, 2004
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Re : Ramayan Part 2

Salute to all those who defended Bihar in a decent manner. Special thanks to Ms Anita Choudhary & Mr Sarin for their invaluable contribution.

I missed the opportunity since I did not logged on yesterday, but Rajesh who use to write a lot did not commented at all except on short gun. Do you have any special relationship with Tamaru gang or you too settled in Bangalore or Chennai.

Anway We need this unity intact. With the help of almighty god and the progressive Bihari's we will be able to regain our lost glory.

Thanks again to all of you.

Posted By: Pravin Sinha

Posted On: Mar 9, 2004
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Ramayan Part-2

Going through overnight (for india) postings, looks like Ravanas (Asoors) again tried to attack on Rama, but as usual got defeated. Good show Biharis. Good to see that even though we fight among ourself but actually we have immense love for Bihar and we don't tolerate when someone tries to overcome on us.


Posted By: BihariNumberTwoInNewYork

Posted On: Mar 9, 2004
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Misses Anita Vatsayan

I pray to GOD for speedy recovery of Manish.

Posted By: BihariNumberTwoInNewYork

Posted On: Mar 9, 2004
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The Amma of Tamils

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha Jayaram -- who now has the dubious distinction of being the first person declared guilty under the Prevention of Corruption Act to become the head of a state government -- has a few headaches headed her way during the initial months of her tenure.

Twelve of them, actually -- in the form of 12 cases that have been slapped against her by the previous Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam regime headed by Muthuvel Karunanidhi.

Besides, Jayalalitha is in one way or the other involved in 33 other cases that have been filed against her various associates, including confidante Sasikala Natrajan.

Upfront on her agenda is the TANSI case, which relates to the purchase of land and buildings belonging to the Tamil Nadu Small Industries Corporation at prices below prevailing market rates. The real estate purchases were in the names of Jaya Publications and Sasi Enterprises, firms in which Jayalalitha and Sasikala were partners. And the estimated loss to the state exchequer was Rs 40 million.

It was Jayalalitha's conviction in the two TANSI cases and her sentencing to three years' rigorous imprisonment in October 2000 that barred her, under the provisions of the Representation of the Peoples Act, from contesting the recent assembly elections. While the Madras high court has suspended the sentence and granted her bail, the conviction stands -- and as long as it stands unchallenged, Jayalalitha cannot contest an election.

"There are many legal ways to get out of this conviction," says leading lawyer M P Gandhi. "She could approach the high court or Supreme Court, stating that the conviction be suspended, or reduced to less than two years. That will enable her to contest, since the act in question mandates that only people who have been sentenced for a period in excess of two years are debarred from contesting elections."

Legal opinion in the state is that Jayalalitha will swing it one way or the other in the TANSI case and clear the decks to enable her to contest a by-election well within the six-month deadline from her date of assuming office as chief minister.

But the same legal experts warn that she will need to expend considerable time and energy fighting the other cases. "The question really is whether having to constantly go to the courts, in one case or the other, will tarnish her reputation and image," Gandhi points out.

Other than TANSI, Jayalalitha's biggest headache is the granite quarry case. The crime branch of the state police, which investigated the allegations, named Jayalalitha as one of the prominent public servants who, together, allegedly collected Rs 390 million in return for the issue of granite quarrying licences to private companies in flagrant violation of government rules and regulations.

Former industries minister M Chinnaswamy and the chairman and managing director of Tamil Nadu Minerals Ltd, A N Dyaneswaran, are the two other prominent names linked to this case. Both were chargesheeted and have spent time in judicial custody. What remains to be seen is how convincing the case against Jayalalitha herself is -- and whether, and how, she can use her renewed political clout to wriggle out of it.

Further, the CBI is now actively probing the case relating to a donation of Rs 30 million received by Jayalalitha from abroad, in the year 1992-93. Her tax returns of the time had shown the figure as a gift, and no tax was levied. But when Tamil Maanila Congress leader P Chidambaram was finance minister in the H D Deve Gowda government, he is said to have asked the CBI to investigate the donation -- and the probe is still on.

Jayalalitha and a few of her erstwhile ministerial colleagues were, besides, convicted and sentenced for permitting the construction of a seven-storey luxury hotel in the hill resort of Kodaikanal, in violation of existing building laws. Jayalalitha appealed against the conviction, and the Supreme Court granted her a reprieve. The conviction, however, still hangs over her head.

Then there is the Rs 65 million coal import case -- again, still under investigation and yet to reach a denouement in court.

In the Rs 85 million colour TV scam, which was tried in a special court, Jayalalitha and Sasikala were acquitted. But some of her partymen, including former minister for local administration T M Selvaganapathy, are still fighting the case.

DMK leaders point out that Jayalalitha, thus, will have the dubious distinction of fighting a dozen serious corruption cases while heading a government. "With so many serious corruption cases against her, she won't be able to sustain a government for long," argues former DMK minister Arcot N Veeraswami.

"Jayalalitha is the Laloo Prasad Yadav of Tamil Nadu. But isn't it ironic that Laloo Yadav has been denied chief ministership while Jayalalitha has been given the post on a platter? The people of Tamil Nadu will not forgive Governor Fathima Beevi for the bad precedent she has created," Veeraswami told

AIADMK leaders admit that fighting so many corruption cases could be a hindrance to the smooth functioning of the new government. "But let the law take its own course," K Kalimuthu, chairman of the AIADMK, told "The DMK had claimed that the cases they slapped against Amma would destroy her political career. Now look whose political career has been damaged!"

Interestingly, Kalimuthu ended the conversation with a little teaser that pointed at a tit-for-tat battle in the offing. "The Jayalalitha government will weed out, and punish, the corrupt and guilty members of the Karunanidhi government," he warned.

Posted By: BihariNumberTwoInNewYork

Posted On: Mar 9, 2004
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Jaylalitha and disciples

During her five years in power in Tamil Nadu, Jayalalitha developed an extravagant cult of personality.

Huge cutouts of her figure dominated the Madras skyline, ministers prostrated themselves at her feet, and her supporters almost worshipped her.

Her arrest on corruption charges three years ago was accompanied by the seizure of 64lb of diamond-studded gold jewellery, more than 10,000 saris and 750 shoes.

She also attracted international attention for the lavish wedding she organised for her foster son, alleged to have cost many millions of dollars.

For her current three-day trip to Delhi, she was reported to have sent ahead 48 suitcases.

Source: BB News, Wednesday, April 14, 1999

Posted By: BihariNumberTwoInNew York

Posted On: Mar 9, 2004
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Karthikeyan & Doctors

Karthikeyan Bhai MBBS -- Atleast you cannot be a doctor. You are just a useless brat, who have nothing in this world to do. Probably you bought your MD degree from one of those umpteen third-grade medical colleges in Madras that produce 2000 doctors (or frauds) in a year. You know nothing of medicine or surgery or pathology. History is not your cup of tea. Please have a liter of Tequila from my side and get a good sleep.

Other friends of Manish -- What was it that offended Manish? Any personal attack on Manish? Any vulgar, obscene or unparliamentary gesture? There was nothing of that sort. If you are now up in your senses, please read the earlier posting by Amit Ranjan. Amit had commented on the quality of his posting. What made him feel offended? In any event, if he felt offended, it is Manish who needs your help and ideas, and suggestions; not we. Please leave us to our destiny and fate.

By the way, you Tamils are suing "Laloo" as an adjective. Let me tell you a better adjective, in every sense of the word, -- "Jaylalitha". Jaylalitha -- the real actress of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Jaylalitha -- the chief patron of Veerappan.


Posted By: a south indian

Posted On: Mar 9, 2004
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to bihar

i went across the postings. i don't know how it started, but you people as THETHAR like Laloo, will never understand. without accepting your wrongs, what good you will do?

Posted By: A K Verma

Posted On: Mar 9, 2004
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Where are you south Indians?

Got drunk enogh that lost control of your mind and body or got the sense of Bihari and their love for their state. We are fighting to make a better Bihar. Tell your friend Dr. Manish Kumar not to cry too much and behave like a baby. He is already married and he needs to rtake advice from his better half (who is better than him in real sense).
You are welcome to make constructive comments but do not try to downgrade Bihar and people of Bihar.

Posted By: Anita Choudhary

Posted On: Mar 9, 2004
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You South Indians are so Great then why you need Ganja and Bhang. If there is no customer, there will be no demand. We are better than you as we do not kill innocent people as you Tamil terrorists are doing in Sri Lanka and elsewhere. You guys are even worst as you can tolerate idiots like JayaLalitha and Karunanidhi, the two worst idiots and lunatics.

Posted By: Dr.Karthikeyan

Posted On: Mar 9, 2004
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fight among yourselves and .........get doomed

Posted By: Dr.Karthikeyan

Posted On: Mar 9, 2004
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we are not doing any harm to any one. cool down. you are always in a fighting spree, we can't help you

Posted By: Dr.Vijayanand

Posted On: Mar 9, 2004
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politics at patna

no one was telling any thing bad yaar. we came in good sense only. you feel it is your Patna, it is your restricted vision. you are habituated of abusive language, we can't use that, we thought that people from anywhere using internet must be some gentlemen. anita came from nowhere and started abusing. again it is your site, it is your bihar, we may come sometime for some conference, then don't kill us

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