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Posted By: aoe3rules

Posted On: Apr 7, 2007
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I agree with smokodano.

Posted By: Smokodanko

Posted On: Apr 5, 2007
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Russia.. bah

Even with an extra unit on some of the games, it's impossible to play a strong russia in my opinion. You'll most likely always fight a very harsh war with England which you can easily lose, or you'll get a bunch of land in the balkans and then lose it when either Austria, Germany or Turkey betrays you. I'd much rather be Germany, or Italy. Heck, I've done better with Austria.

Posted By: Brandon H

Posted On: Mar 6, 2007
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Italy cant be fun

I played Italy in a FTF game, and the variant we used was F-Venice, A-Rome and F-Naples...
fun to begin, but it was nigh impossible to get anywhere without a co-operative Austria...
I'm sorry but it's kinda painful when your home centre is under threat from the start..
sure you can turn the tide in an East-West battle but i find that Italians arent usually allied with, nor are they trusted...
or maybe it's just me...

Posted By: Glenn

Posted On: Feb 26, 2007
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Turkey just doesn't have enough options. Most of the time you can't realistically go after Italy, so whether you ally with Russia or Austria they know you will probably stab them.

Even with a steamroller Turkey has to stab to have a chance.

Posted By: Chrispminis

Posted On: Dec 28, 2006
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I personally don't dislike any country in particular, but if I had to pick, it would be Italy. Simply, because if diplomacy is against you, you are in for boring or short game. It's hard to get the Italian ball rolling, unless you convince Austria to Lepanto, and then completely blindside them with A-Ven to Tyr and A-Rom to Ven, with some almost inevitable turkish support.

Italy's only advantages are an easy alliance with Russia, and the ability to play both theatres, but the big problem, is it's slow going with Italy, and you really have to get a good foothold elsewhere before you see any fast expansions.

Austria is my next, but I sometimes enjoy playing it, simply because of all the diplomatic possibilities. Most people see Austria as desperate for alliances, which is true, but never expect a huge Austrian stab early in the game, never anything in the dark anyways. Austria has the ability to contact every other country except England in the first year.

I enjoy playing all countries however, and find it rather boring if I draw the same countries repeatedly.

Posted By: alskdjfhg

Posted On: Dec 15, 2006
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in my opinion, austria is the worst country. a lot of people can attack you, and it's hard to get alliances. actually, it's easy to get alliances, but you can't keep allies for long because italy will think you're a threat, turkey will want the territories that you can get most easily (greece, bulgaria, etc.) and anyone who volunteers to play russia is the kind of person who will want to kill you for the fun of it. and germany will want to take advantage for all of thier efforts and steal your supply centers.

Posted By: Alex

Posted On: Nov 17, 2006
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Rules Question

No way to just turn an army into a fleet. If one of your units is disbanded you can rebuild it, and since you can't disband your own units, you'll need to let your enemy overpower a unit and just not retreat.

Posted By: Darragh

Posted On: Nov 11, 2006
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Austria can be quite effective but the only problem is you have to beg alliances with people, especially russia. its advisable to team with france if you are austria and then invade italy.

Posted By: Bob

Posted On: Nov 9, 2006
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Rules question

I am not sure if this is the appropriate place for this question, but I do not see any other message boards to ask it on. I spent the first few years in a land war, and thus built many armies. However, I now anticipate that in the near future I may need some fleets in order to convoy around a land based stalemate line. I have no access to new supply centers for creating more units. Is there any way to change an army to a fleet after it has been created? Thanks.

Posted By: KrazeKlown

Posted On: Oct 9, 2006
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Even though being Austria is risky because it is in the center and can be easily attacked, Having an alliance with anyone can be really helpful because one can attack anyone. For example, teaming up with Russia can bring the turks to their knees simply because they cannot go anywhere.

Posted By: Striker475

Posted On: Sep 5, 2006
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The Turks are very, very effective to play if you make the right moves initially. An initial alliance with Austria to get yourself Sevastopol and knock Russia back north is effective, then it is possible to use a Black Sea fleet supported from Sev to get Rumania off Austria and even take Greece with a second fleet out of the Aegean.

Posted By: Jasper dupuis

Posted On: Aug 24, 2006
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I like to be a mover and shaker. All powers can be one of these, but the wicked witches least. And of the two witches, Turkey is by far the least exciting to play.

If game dynamics work against you as Turkey, bringing the French down on Italy and E/G down on R/A, the Turkish role can become very dull. For any other nation, this is much less likely due to the multitude of fronts.

Posted By: Tim

Posted On: Aug 10, 2006
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Italy and Austria

It seems to me that whenever someone posts something as either one of those 2 they always mention how they betrayed the other. If you ask me, walking into that alliance just seems to be asking to die

Austria and Germany, on the other hand. Pimped out

Posted By: Brittania's supporter

Posted On: Jul 23, 2006
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England's the best to play

England is the best power to play because if she can get a strong navy you can go anywhere and stop anyone. She can control a lot of supply centers and then get a large army and invade Europe. If she can ally with France, and then later defeat her, then that keeps her forces not worried about cross-channel invasions.

Posted By: an only mouse

Posted On: Jul 12, 2006
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france kicks it

france is tight sauce to play. especially when you team up with germany, cause then you can get 3 more troops by the end of the 1st yr (portugal, spain, belgium). then you can easily defend against italy and kick britains ass, then proceed to backstab germany and kick their ass while allied w/russia who is also kicking germany's ass. man i love diplomacy.

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