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Posted By: Tim

Posted On: Aug 10, 2006
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Italy and Austria

It seems to me that whenever someone posts something as either one of those 2 they always mention how they betrayed the other. If you ask me, walking into that alliance just seems to be asking to die

Austria and Germany, on the other hand. Pimped out

Posted By: Brittania's supporter

Posted On: Jul 23, 2006
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England's the best to play

England is the best power to play because if she can get a strong navy you can go anywhere and stop anyone. She can control a lot of supply centers and then get a large army and invade Europe. If she can ally with France, and then later defeat her, then that keeps her forces not worried about cross-channel invasions.

Posted By: an only mouse

Posted On: Jul 12, 2006
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france kicks it

france is tight sauce to play. especially when you team up with germany, cause then you can get 3 more troops by the end of the 1st yr (portugal, spain, belgium). then you can easily defend against italy and kick britains ass, then proceed to backstab germany and kick their ass while allied w/russia who is also kicking germany's ass. man i love diplomacy.

Posted By: rachel and boniface x

Posted On: Jul 1, 2006
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i luvvv

...2 da max

ok listen, i like austria-hungary because it is good. it is so good and when i play i wear a costume. !!! sometimes the ottomans can be nice but i stil think a-h is da bombb. one time i was with the ottomans and we had fun. (really had fun - like it was good to the maxamilian)

austria-hungary is great but germany is good too and if i could i would take germany to the cotillion.

Posted By: Sara

Posted On: Jun 19, 2006
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Russia Rules

By far Russia has been the best to me. especially after that sweet alliance with Turkey. Austria was easily taken out.

Posted By: jconway

Posted On: Jun 15, 2006
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Best alliances


Though triple alliances are by far the best and most fun

Italy is the hardest to play since there are no easy attack options, only through an early alliance can Italy survive.

Though the same could be said of Austria but I play Austria pretty well.

Posted By: evan

Posted On: Jun 7, 2006
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i LOVE turkey so much, im doing so good in my history class, i would want france, their pos. just doesnt look great

Posted By: Timothy

Posted On: Apr 10, 2006
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Italy attacks France

If I were to attack France with Italy what would be the best first two season moves.

Posted By: me

Posted On: Mar 23, 2006
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reply to tim's "best alliance" question/post

1 is the best alliance; here's how good i think they all are:
3)helpful.but mostly pointless
4)can be very useful, but the otperson is too likely to attack you
7)theres no one left to attack but russia and italy so it gets boring

Posted By: mike

Posted On: Mar 23, 2006
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i have to agree with whatever-that-last-guy's-name-was:greg's an idiot

Posted By: gjdfkljsd

Posted On: Mar 13, 2006
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!@#$%you greg youre an idiot

Posted By: Greg

Posted On: Mar 10, 2006
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The name of the Italian game is "Patience."
If there was a 2nd word, it would be "Timing."

Agreed, if you can slip AVenice into Trieste in Sp01, then go for it. Also, if you know that neither Venice nor Tyrolia will be attacked then slide your 2 armies into both on Sp01.
Whatever you do, KEEP TALKING. If you can't manipulate the game from the "weak" Italian position, then you can't do it from anywhere!!!

PS Breaking into the South of France is a lot easier than it looks... you just need the right friends.

Posted By: Timothy

Posted On: Mar 2, 2006
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I play Diplomacy in school and allying with Austria against Turkey is suiside. In my experiance moving to to Tyrolia and Venice on the first turn to attack Austria is the best move for Italt.

Posted By: Joe Yo

Posted On: Feb 23, 2006
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What country should i use and what tips can u all give me in how to win the game, it is for school, i need extra credit

Posted By: D Fernandez

Posted On: Feb 7, 2006
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I recently had the misfortune of getting Italy as my power for my very first game. I was new to Diplomacy but I had heard Italy was the worst power to be. I didn't panic and I decided to get help, and I fopund it. Turkey fell into my back pocket. I then persuaded him to let me convoy to Greece by Fall 1901. This left me Tunis for the next fall. I then attacked Austria from the south and then from the west. After they were finished. I turned West to France and Turkey turned to Russia. I then won by collecting 18 centers from the already defeaten Germans and the stuggling French and English. Basically, dont panic if you are assigned Italy. It has the unique advantage of being able to be involved in both the main theaters(West and East)

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