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Posted By: Geodos

Posted On: Apr 16, 2005
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Italy as fine as long as you maintain some interest in the Balkans - Greece, maybe even Serbia. A strong Italian-Russian alliance can work wonders!

Posted By: Dan

Posted On: Apr 12, 2005
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I dont like the center of the action i prefer UK russia France or Turkey.

Posted By: NICK

Posted On: Apr 8, 2005
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Hey, man. You would have to consider local uprisings, like in France and Denmark and places like that. Besides the Vikings would return to Norway and kick some Nazi @$$...Maybe along with everything else while their at it.


Posted By: joe

Posted On: Mar 30, 2005
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I concur with tim

basically, tims right. Germany does kill everything, cmon theyre nazis! if it wasnt for that country you all call "USA" intervening, nazis would rule europe and its inhabitants, and the world would be a happier place for everyone, including Jews (mainly because there wouldnt be any left.)

Siet Hiel!

Posted By: Tim

Posted On: Mar 30, 2005
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Germany, kicks ass!

Everyone here is failing to realize that eventually the nazis will conquer all of europe so 1901 means crap! Hitler takes europe later, the crazy Turks lose their empire, and Russia becomes a bunch of crazy comie bastards. This all means NOTHING in the long run. Seit Hiel. Deutstchland ist die uber land in das welt. Oh and by the way, Austria Hungary and Jews would no longer exist in the world we know and hate today.

Posted By: john (czar)

Posted On: Mar 28, 2005
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austria fun but deadly

Austria is the country that is doomed because Turkey and Russia have only one way to go and that is right at Austria.An alliance with both win never happen and Italy is a threat at all times.I love Russia with a Turkish ally a north south alliance that sweeps west.

Posted By: Joe

Posted On: Feb 27, 2005
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Some explications as to why i beat my friends

People can putty in your hands so long as you know how to talk to them. Gosh it just makes me giddy thinking about all the ways I know how to get out of them what i want in Diplomacy. Some useful tips:

1. When you make an alliance, it is often good to tell the player you have allied against that your ally will be attacking them. Just don't tell them that you are allied. That way you'll get the better dividends when you and your ally have conquired them, as the opponent will have spent his troops defending from your ally's front.

2. People want you to promise them things. They want reassurance. It's remarkable how little you can actually promise, yet they will think you've given a lot. Just choose your words well.

3. If you have one big ally and the two of you are doing well together, keep talking to them even when its getting to the point when you will have to square off. Most people don't like to break alliances, and if you assure them everything is fine, they will keep trusting you. Keep proposing new strategies. Things stay on your terms then.

4. Offer losing players your 'protection'. Usually you don't have to do anything much, and in turn they will give you information because people often have loose lips around losing players.

5. Though geography obviously factors in, if you can, choose an ally who tends to annoy the other players with his style. He'll be the front man for your conquests and draw all the heat.

6. Make promises that require the other player to do something first, i.e. first make Turkey move his fleet out into the Aegean for your joint siezure of the balkans, then easily backstab with your Russian dreadnought while he's mucking around Greece.

7. Make your betrayals small and frequent, rather than rare and spectacular. The best thing in Diplomacy in my opinion is to recieve as little attention during board play and as much as possible during diplomacy periods.

8. Lastly, as i reached this page through my vote as to the worst country, i will declare it to be england england england. the supply centers just don't come in fast enough, and nobody profits from allying with you as much as they do from handily smushing you.


Posted On: Feb 25, 2005
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Aldolf Von Wilhelm

Being a central power is difficult, yes. All you have to do is have a non-agression pact with Austria (key to success). By doing this you only have to deal with 180, not 360, degrees of fire.
From here you have many options...
Kill Russia, go with France to kill England, go with England to kill France.
Also, if you find yourself on the French/German coast against England, dont worry. Just 2x support your men and D-day will never happen (I've been there before).

Posted By: Turkish survivor

Posted On: Feb 20, 2005
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Get along with Russia or die, attack Austria or get stuck. Don´t discuss with Italy (a potential Austrian ally) or you are out of the seas, and if Germany makes side with Austria your T-R is stopped.
But in the end, even if everything goes perfect, you are not gonna win: -Russia will get the 18 centers before you; you will not die neither win.
-or Russia will backstab you in the Balcans and you are out of the game; probabily no one in the West would come in your aid to face a strong Russia.

Posted By: patrick, 14

Posted On: Feb 18, 2005
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Why do people say Austria? its easily Italy. You only have one safe build, and if you dont attack a country, you will get squashed. it also takes a while to move out of your homeland with armies, and if people move into Piedmont, Tyrolia, and Trieste, you are trapped.

Posted By: Henry

Posted On: Feb 11, 2005
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France and the West Coast

It seems easy to make trough the game with France. But I think is really hard since you have to defend Spain&Portugal from England and Italy. Your only way out is to form an alliance with England&Germany to share the coast, and in the end you ´ll have to backstab one of them: either invade England or make a "sandwich" to Germany. And while this you need to make sure Italy keeps calm and that will cost you some "diplomatic favors".

Posted By: Aaron T.

Posted On: Feb 6, 2005
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france and england

I like France, ecspecially when teamed with England, Germany of course helps but you basically control the waters on one side and can dominate over italy and germany

Posted By: Duke

Posted On: Feb 4, 2005
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Why do most people not want to play Austria. Everytime I get the good fortune to randomly draw it I'm secretly ecstatic. As long as you can negotiate well and get a good feel for when you've used someone up, it's an easy one to use, I think.

Posted By: Alex Finn

Posted On: Dec 18, 2004
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Italy, what is the point?

Many people say that italy is a good country to play as and they are entitled to have their opinions, if they think it is good because it is easy to defend that is their decision, but I think that many others, as well as me think that by the time you escape from within Italy's borders the game has already been won by a person with a good aliance.

Posted By: Jon Widnall

Posted On: Dec 10, 2004
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Bad press

Italy gets a lot of bad press. Personally, I think a lot of it is unjustified.
It isn't disputed that Italy has excellent potential for survival well into the middle game thanks to restricted land access and the fact that its main naval threats (France and Turkey) usually have more immediate concerns for the first few years.
So, even if Italy is pinned on four centres, what is to stop it acting as what early 20th century Italian strategists called a 'makeweight'? Offers are bound to come from either the East or West, where Italian intervention could prove decisive in protracted conflicts. Skilful use of this fact can make even a supposedly "bogged down" Italy great.

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