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Posted By: Austria-Hungary, Spring, 1901

Posted On: Mar 8, 2004
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Austria-Hungary, Spring, 1901

Austria-Hungary, Spring, 1901
Army in Vienna: Advance to Galicia. (FAILED: The army in Vienna was unable to advance to Galicia because other units, with equal support, caused a standoff.)
Army in Budapest: Advance to Trieste.
Fleet in Trieste: Advance to Adriatic Sea.

Turkey, Spring, 1901
Army in Constantinople: Advance to Bulgaria.
Fleet in Ankara: Advance to Black Sea. (FAILED: The fleet in Ankara was unable to advance to Black Sea because other units, with equal support, caused a standoff.)
Army in Smyrna: Advance to Armenia.

Germany, Spring, 1901
Army in Berlin: Advance to Silesia.
Fleet in Kiel: Advance to Holland.
Army in Munich: Advance to Ruhr.

Italy, Spring, 1901
Army in Rome: Advance to Venice.
Fleet in Naples: Advance to Ionian Sea.
Army in Venice: Advance to Tyrolia.

England, Spring, 1901
Fleet in Edinburgh: Advance to North Sea.
Fleet in London: Advance to English Channel.
Army in Liverpool: Advance to Wales.

Russia, Spring, 1901
Army in Warsaw: Advance to Galicia. (FAILED: The army in Warsaw was unable to advance to Galicia because other units, with equal support, caused a standoff.)
Fleet in St Petersburg (South coast): Advance to Finland.
Fleet in Sevastopol: Advance to Black Sea. (FAILED: The fleet in Sevastopol was unable to advance to Black Sea because other units, with equal support, caused a standoff.)
Army in Moscow: Advance to Ukraina.

France, Spring, 1901
Army in Marseilles: Advance to Spain.
Fleet in Brest: Advance to Mid-Atlantic Ocean.
Army in Paris: Advance to Burgundy.

Posted By: Andrew Durso

Posted On: Feb 23, 2004
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In addition to Nick's comment, Germany also often carries the bad reputation of having initiated both REAL European world wars, as well as the Holocaust and Hitler - it's easy to convince someone that Germany's up to something - after all, they did it twice already, and were only taken down with help from the USA, a country which, according to the rules and unlike in real life, "will not intervene." Too bad GWBush wasn't president in 1901.

Posted By: Brendan Raftery

Posted On: Feb 13, 2004
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I do not see why so many people do not like Austria. If they ally with Russia, they pretty much automatically take over Turkey....

Posted By: dave miller

Posted On: Feb 4, 2004
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I fail to see why italy is so disliked, or why the winning record is so poor. You can join Austria (and sometimes also Russia) to take out Turkey, or you can join with one of Turkey or Russia to take out Austria. The only thing to fear is an alliance between Austria and Turkey. An unstable alliance and best, and when it happens you have an ally in Russia.

Personally, I enjoy the variety of possibilities.

Posted By: Nick Hayne

Posted On: Jan 20, 2004
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Least Like?

It depends on what kind of array of enemies you face...clearly, if your playing with nervous novices who are out to destroy whoever they see as winning, you have a different game to the more subtle tactics enjoyed by the experienced player...

Any and all countries can be a challenge, depending who you face and what your style is. But I least like germany, because it carries a stigma in most of the games i have played as "this blokes gonna win unless we kill him first" - a feeling that altogether ruins the game...

Posted By: Jakob

Posted On: Jan 9, 2004
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Turkey is the Best

Turkey is located remotely and right infront of i are no less than 2 stars. Therefore, you have time to build your army and gain a position on russia in the first couple of rounds while the others fight. Then, if you use this advantage wisely you will win almost every game

Posted By: Qwake

Posted On: Dec 18, 2003
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I dislike playing France for no other reason that I've played it in about half of my recent games... I'm ready for something new!

Posted By: Charles

Posted On: Dec 16, 2003
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I greatly dislike playing Turkey. I like playing centrally located Germany or Austria. With those two nations, Diplomacy REALLY comes into its own and is at its best. Turkey is such an unspectacular affair. Stuck in a corner or steamrolling. If find fighting from the centre to the edge simply more interesting than the reverse.

Not much of a fan of Britain either (for some reason called England by Calhamer...). Italy isn't really my cup of tea either.

Posted By: Matthijs van Staalduine

Posted On: Dec 15, 2003
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Italy isn't so bad

The way to play Italy is to do something unexpected. Work through the seas. While I recognize the fact Italy has little to bargain with, the suprise element it offers can turn the tides on many games.
But take a gamble. Very few people will attack Italy in the beginning, so use all your resources and start convoying to Turkey, Greece or Iberia.

Posted By: Sham

Posted On: Nov 27, 2003
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Austria, Italy and other forms of Certain Doom

The only country I've ever played where I haven't had reason to attack Austria early on (whether I actually did in the end or not) was Germany, who ends up constricted by Austria later on anyway. Clearly not a very nice position strategically, but hundreds of opportunities for the good diplomat ("help me, or X, Y and Z will all get more powerful...")

Italy, on the other hand, has less to fear from invaders, being such a painful shape to get anything into, but has two disadvantages where Austria only has the one. Firstly, it's also painful to try and get out of Italy, as most SCs, with the exception of Tunis, are easily stolen by others. Secondly, Italy doesn't have nearly as much diplomatic clout as Austria in the beginning, being nothing more useful than a barrier between France and Austria.

Posted By: Daryl

Posted On: Nov 22, 2003
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If Italy and Austria are the worst, they should (ideally) stick together from the off.
In my recent game, Italy was allowed a convoy into greece and looks set to dominate the Med with 3 fleets, the original in Naples, and 2 more from Tunis and Greece.
I concede that there may be problems with the Trieste-Venice border, but with a constant standoff between the two units there should keep both happy. I also recognise that they don't make perfect allies, but from what I've learned Austria is content to just survive with an ally whilsy Italy, more than happy to drag itself into the Balkans with 5 SCs instead of the dreaded, and boring, 4.

Posted By: Locke

Posted On: Nov 15, 2003
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Having won with Austria-Hungary (once) I am still of the opinion that it is more trouble than it is worth, having seen better players than myself completely dismantled. Often good players are in a worse position with AH than others because rivals see the opportunity to knock a dangerous player out of the game early.
On the other side, I quite like Italy. I think it is because I like the sunny Mediterranean beaches...

Posted By: carl majeau

Posted On: Nov 14, 2003
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RE: Austria?

i agree, im going to try a austria/russia alliance tomorrow

Posted By: carl majeau

Posted On: Nov 14, 2003
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I really like playing austria and hate france. i got 10 s.cs playing austria once

Posted By: Daryl

Posted On: Nov 4, 2003
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Otto's Turkey

I was amused to read Otto's comment of upon gaining 6 units "then who can stop you?!"
In saying this, i totally agree. Turkey's defensive postion at the start is superb and less liable and therefore less luring to an attack. The corner position is muh criticised on these polls, but initially, isn't safety all your after?
In my limited diplo experience, Turkey is strong and not a huge difficulty to move armies into central Europe. Perhaps anti-Turkey voters should explain what the corner position does to stop you winning the game?

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