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Posted By: Virginie

Posted On: Oct 2, 2003
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A few years back I was of the same opinion as Odysseus so I've really focused on playing Austria as much as I could. My conclusion is that although you can sometimes work you way out, your elimination is much more a consequence of being an easy target for your neighbours then of your lack of skills.
Every now and then you'll have a good game, Italy will be busy on the west side and Tukey/Russia would be wasting time together but this is *very* rarely (although not all the time) irrelevant to what you did or didn't do.

Just an opinion based on many attempts at proving that Austria had just as much potential as Italy.


Posted By: Aerendar Valandil

Posted On: Oct 1, 2003
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Austria and Italy are IMO very interesting to play, more so than Turkey. You're in such a damn corner.

Posted By: Odysseus

Posted On: Sep 29, 2003
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You are a bunch of pansies! Granted, Austria is nearly impossible to play for the average player, but you are in the center of the action. It is a true test of a Diplomacy player.

Posted By: Andreas H.

Posted On: Sep 25, 2003
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Could the outcome really be much different? Anyway, a grand idea to try and update the preferences in the 21st century.

Posted By: Yourfat Her

Posted On: Sep 20, 2003
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